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was and be
The easiest thing would be to sell out to Al Budd and leave the country, but there was a stubborn streak in him that wouldn't allow it.
He didn't think it was possible for this couple to be pretending.
Evidently this was a precaution so that mounts would be available in an emergency.
He might tell her how sorry a spectacle she was making of herself, pretending to be blind to the way Julia Fortune had taken Dean's affections from her.
It was pitiful to see the thin ranks of warriors, old and young, wheeling and twisting their ponies frantically from side to side only to be tumbled bleeding from their saddles by the relentless slam, slam of the cruelly efficient Hawkinses.
The coyote was calling again, and he hoped that this time there would be no other sounds to interrupt it.
Its front was windowless, but irregularities in the masonry might be an indication that windows, now blinded, had once looked out upon the street.
She regarded them as signs that she was nearing the glen she sought, and she was glad to at last be doing something positive in her unenunciated, undefined struggle with the mountain and its darkling inhabitants.
Having persisted too long in deliberate ignorance and denial of the forces that threatened her, Pamela was relieved now to admit their potency and to be taking definite steps toward grappling with them.
she must be poised and proud and unafraid in order to prove to the mountain that she was in earnest.
There was a peculiar density about it, a thick substance that could be sensed but never identified, never actually perceived.
The herd was watered and then thrown onto a broad grass flat which was to be the first night's bedground.
It was to be nothing more than that.
There was to be no gunplay.
If you don't leave this country within 3 days, your life will be taken the same as Powell's was.
Probably his horse would be close to where he was hiding.
Carmer himself was nowhere to be seen.
There was a feeling that this mission would be canceled like all the others and that this muddy wet dark world of combat would go on forever.
Visibility continued to be limited, and Greg was never able to get above a thousand feet.
It was going to be dangerous.
Forced to realize that this was the end of a very short line I scanned a road marker and discovered what the end of a slightly longer line would be for the old Mexican: Moriarty, New Mexico.
Over the rapidly-diminishing outline of a jump seat piled high with luggage Herry's black brushcut was just discernible, near, or enviably near that spot where -- hidden -- more delicately-textured, most beautifully tinted hair must still be streaming back in cool, oh cool wind sweetly perfumed with sagebrush and yucca flowers and engine fumes.
Mrs. Roebuck thought Johnson was a `` sweet bawh t'lah lahk thet '', but her Herman was getting to be a man, there was no getting around it.

was and based
A recent editorial discussing a labor-management agreement reached between the Southern Pacific Co. and the Order of Railroad Telegraphers has been criticized on the grounds that it was not based on complete information.
The editorial was based on a news association dispatch which said that the telegraphers had secured an agreement whereby they were guaranteed 40 hours' pay per week whether they worked or not and that a reduction in their number was limited to 2 per cent per year.
With minor exceptions, this expansion was instituted either by firms based in Rhode Island or out-of-state manufacturers already operating here.
Petitioner knew that the Department's recommendation was based not on the hearing officer's report but on the statement of the local board in his file.
The recommendation of the Department -- as well as the decision of the appeal board -- was based entirely on the local board file, not on an FBI report.
The suggested course of the A.I.D. was based on the usual course offered and on the opinion of many educators as to curricular necessities.
Our last joint venture, Sainted Lady, a deeply religious film based on the life of Mother Cabrini, and timed so that its release date would coincide with the beatification of America's first saint in November, 1938, was a fiasco from start to finish.
It was possible to make estimates of the quantum yield by observing the extent of reduction of a uranyl oxalate actinometer solution illuminated for a known time in a typical reaction cell and making appropriate conversions based on the differences in the absorption spectra of uranyl oxalate and of chlorine, and considering the spectral distribution of the light source.
The Taylor Scale was adapted from the Minnesota Multiphastic Personality Inventory, with item selection based upon clinical definitions of anxiety.
The European customs on which international law was based were to become, by force and fiat, the customs that others were to accept as law if they were to join this community as sovereign states.
Government itself was based upon contract ; ;
trade was based on freedom of contract, and money was lent and borrowed on contractual terms ; ;
The average sludge age based on displacement of solids was calculated to be 14.5 days.
Smith's first workout with stresses, pitches, and junctures was based on mother, which spells, in our culture, a good deal more than bread alone.
This recommendation was based on the fact that the hymen was not the only barrier to smooth consummation of the sex act.
Not included was the value of seed oil in paints and varnishes or the value of the coffee and chocolate industries that are based on imported seed or seed products.
Disapproval of the meeting was based largely on the belief that the timing could hardly be worse.
The Chinese world view during the Han dynasty, when the Lo Shu seems to have been at the height of its popularity, was based in large part on the teachings of the Yin-Yang and Five-Elements School, which was traditionally founded by Tsou Yen.
A year ago it was bruited that the primary character in Erich Maria Remarque's new novel was based on the Marquis Alfonso De Portago, the Spanish nobleman who died driving in the Mille Miglia automobile race of 1957.
Lincoln's father-in-law was based in Lexington, Kentucky ; he and others of the Todd family were either slave owners or slave traders.

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