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Thomas and Mason
The character of Monck Mason was not a real person, though he was based heavily on Thomas Monck Mason ; the story borrowed heavily from Mason's 1836 book Account of the Late Aeronautical Expedition from London to Weilburg.
* Maskelyne is a supporting character in Mason & Dixon by Thomas Pynchon.
A phony funeral is staged, and Gull is imprisoned under a pseudonym " Thomas Mason ".
They were John Allen and John Edwards ( both from Bourbon County ), Henry Lee ( Mason County ), Thomas Kennedy ( Madison County ), and Robert Todd ( Fayette County ).
A Brief History of the Pequot War: Especially of the Memorable taking of their Fort at Mistick in Connecticut in 1637 / Written by Major John Mason, a principal actor therein, as then chief captain and commander of Connecticut forces ; With an introduction and some explanatory notes by the Reverend Mr. Thomas Prince ( Boston: Printed & sold by.
A Brief History of the Pequot War: Especially of the Memorable taking of their Fort at Mistick in Connecticut in 1637 / Written by Major John Mason, a principal actor therein, as then chief captain and commander of Connecticut forces ; With an introduction and some explanatory notes by the Reverend Mr. Thomas Prince ( Boston: Printed & sold by.
Large-scale ( hundreds of miles ) lateral movement along the fault was first proposed in a 1953 paper by geologists Mason Hill and Thomas Dibblee.
Postmodern novelists such as John Barth and Thomas Pynchon operate with even more freedom, mixing historical characters and settings with invented history and fantasy, as in the novels The Sot-Weed Factor and Mason & Dixon respectively.
* Thomas Pynchon's three novels Gravity's Rainbow, Mason & Dixon and Against the Day are historical, and they variously contrast outrageous personal, subjective, hallucinogenic or even supernatural events with very real, well-researched accuracies from the past.
Mason & Dixon is the title of a 1997 novel by American author Thomas Pynchon.
* Thomas B. Mason, U. S. attorney for the Western District of Virginia appointed by John F. Kennedy
The land on which the town is built was originally conveyed from Thomas Lord Fairfax to George Mason in 1749.
Most of the leaders of the Democratic party, Thomas Hart Benton, John C. Calhoun, Herschel V. Johnson, Lewis Cass, James Murray Mason of Virginia and Ambrose Hundley Sevier were opposed and the amendment was defeated 44 – 11.
Like his fellow County Durham savant John Bird Emerson makes an appearance in Mason and Dixon by Thomas Pynchon
In Thomas Pynchon's Mason & Dixon, set in the 18th century, the Mason-Dixon line becomes increasingly confused with the idea of a ley line and with feng shui.
Thomas was appointed to the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, in 1836 by Congressman John Y. Mason, who warned Thomas that no nominee from his district had ever graduated successfully.
Mason & Dixon is a postmodernist novel by American author Thomas Pynchon published in 1997.
Triangulating Thomas Pynchon's Eighteenth-Century World: Theory, Structure, and Paranoia in ' Mason & Dixon.
Immanence and Transcendence in Thomas Pynchon's ' Mason & Dixon ': A Phenomenological Study.

Thomas and Odiham
Thomas Burgess was a founding member of the Odiham Agricultural Society and was instrumental in establishing the Royal Veterinary Society.

Thomas and Hampshire
The original Dartmouth BASIC was designed in 1964 by John George Kemeny and Thomas Eugene Kurtz at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, USA to provide computer access to non-science students.
On 11 December 1695, Bellomont, who was now governing New York, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, asked the " trusty and well beloved Captain Kidd " to attack Thomas Tew, John Ireland, Thomas Wake, William Maze, and all others who associated themselves with pirates, along with any enemy French ships.
In May 1941, Thomas and Caitlin moved to London, leaving their son with his grandmother at Blashford in Hampshire.
He was the son of Thomas West, 2nd Baron De La Warr, of Wherwell Abbey in Hampshire, and his wife, Anne daughter of Sir Francis Knollys and Catherine Carey.
Around 1850, two enterprising Scottish brother, Alexander and Thomas Gimmel, organized the Hampshire and Baltimore Coal Company.
Two Scotsmen, Alexander and Thomas Gimmel, organized the Hampshire and Baltimore Coal Company and opened a mine behind what later became Midland School.
A descendant of Thomas Leavitt, one of the first English settlers of New Hampshire, Hazen Leavitt was born in Percy, Coos County, New Hampshire.
It was granted by the New Hampshire legislature to Thomas Cutts of Maine in 1810.
* Thomas Wiggin ( 1592 – 1667 ), the first governor of the Upper Plantation of New Hampshire which eventually became the Royal Province of New Hampshire in 1741
On January 28, 1760, New Hampshire Governor Benning Wentworth chartered Pownal, which he named after his fellow royal governor, Thomas Pownall of the Province of Massachusetts Bay.
The name honored Thomas Fairfax, 6th Lord Fairfax of Cameron, who was proprietor of the Northern Neck, a vast domain north of the Rappahannock River ; his territory was then defined as stretching from Chesapeake Bay to what is now Hampshire County, West Virginia.
Highclere Castle, Hampshire, ( c. 1842-50 ) with its large tower was remodelled in Elizabethan style for the Henry Herbert, 3rd Earl of Carnarvon, externally the building was completely altered, the plain Georgian building virtually rebuilt, although little of the interior is by Barry, his patron dying in 1849, and Thomas Allom completed it in 1861.
Thomas Jefferson's earlier commiseration with New Hampshire Governor William Plumer stated essentially that the earth belongs to the living.
While in France, Leland kept in touch with his friends and sponsors in England, probably including Thomas Wolsey ( d. 1530 ), Cardinal and Lord Chancellor, who made him rector at Laverstoke, Hampshire.
He was born in Dunsfold, Surrey, England, but his family soon moved to Hampshire, where his father, the Reverend Thomas Warton, became vicar of Basingstoke.
Anthony Checkley was appointed by Governor Phips to replace Thomas Newton as the Crown's Attorney when Newton took an appointment in New Hampshire.
* Thomas J. McIntyre, United States Senator from New Hampshire
George was the second son of Robert Puttenham of Sherfield-on-Loddon in Hampshire and his wife Margaret, the daughter of Sir Richard Elyot and sister of Sir Thomas Elyot.
The party originally used Thomas Hardy's definition of Wessex as consisting of the ancient counties of Berkshire, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire ( which includes the Isle of Wight ), Somerset and Wiltshire, but recently accepted a proposal to add Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire to this list, bringing their definition into line with that used by the Wessex Constitutional Convention and the Wessex Society.
Passing through Otford is the Pilgrims ' Way, the historic route supposed to have been taken by pilgrims from Winchester in Hampshire, England, to the shrine of Saint Thomas Becket at Canterbury Cathedral.

Thomas and ;
In both the farmer's tale in Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man and in Thomas Mann's The Holy Sinner, the incest hero rises above the myth by accepting the wish as motive ; ;
Others who wrote of low characters and low life included Thomas Bangs Thorpe, creator of the Big Bear Of Arkansas and Tom Owen, the Bee-Hunter ; ;
In September '76 Thomas Huxley, Darwin's famous disciple, came from England to speak in a crowded auditorium at the formal opening of the University ; ;
For the aged horses: Mr. Budlong, p, 2:00.2, Lottie Thomas, p, 2:04.2, Mighty Signal 2:03, Clever Braden, p, 2:01.1, and Glow Star, p, 2:02.3 have been in 2:35 ; ;
Thomas Davis, an uncompromising Garrisonian ; ;
Arnold Hayes, Mary Ann Shay, and Lloyd Satterfield of Thomas Jefferson ; ;
The earliest recorded use of this term in English is in Thomas Hacket's 1568 translation of André Thévet's book on France Antarctique ; Thévet himself had referred to the natives as Ameriques.
The lawyer Thomas Egerton was praised through the anagram gestat honorem ; the physician George Ent took the anagrammatic motto genio surget, which requires his first name as ".
Throughout European history, philosophers such as Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas, among others, contemplated the possibility that souls exist in animals, plants, and people ; however, the currently accepted definition of animism was only developed in the 19th century by Sir Edward Tylor, who created it as " one of anthropology's earliest concepts, if not the first ".
; Thomas More, Utopia
These include Word of God ( established in 1967 ), a charismatic inter-denominational movement ; and the Thomas More Law Center ( established in 1999 ), a religious-conservative advocacy group.
As of 2011 the Atlanta Falcons Executive Committee consisted of ten people: Arthur Blank, Owner and Chairman ; Rich McKay, President & CEO ; Thomas Dimitroff, General Manager ; Kim Shreckengost, Executive Vice President / Chief of Staff for AMB Group, LLC ; Greg Beadles, Senior Vice President-Chief Financial Officer ; Jim Smith, Chief Marketing Officer ; Danny Branch, Vice President of Information Technology ; Dave Cohen, Vice President of Sales and Service ; Reggie Roberts, Vice President of Football Communications and Tim Zulawski, VP of Sponsorship Sales and Service.

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