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Thomas and first
His political opponent and lifetime friend, Thomas Jefferson, achieved immortality through his authorship of the Declaration of Independence, but equally notable were the legal and constitutional reforms he instituted in his native Virginia, his role as father of our territorial system, and his acquisition of the Louisiana Territory during his first term as President.
His son Thomas, aged fifteen when he entered Oxford in 1582, married as his first wife Margaret, sister of Sir Edward Greville.
There's more reading and instruction to be heard on discs than ever before, although the spoken rather than the sung word is as old as Thomas Alva Edison's first experiment in recorded sound.
As to relative frequencies of competing roots ( 7 - 1 vs. 4 - 4, etc. ), Thomas with his ' weighting ' seems to be the first to have considered the significance this might have.
In early 1776, Thomas Paine argued in the closing pages of the first edition of Common Sense that the “ custom of nations ” demanded a formal declaration of American independence if any European power were to mediate a peace between the Americans and Great Britain.
* 1817 – Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and Laurent Clerc founded the American School for the Deaf, the first American school for deaf students, in Hartford, Connecticut.
The first recorded English antitrinitarian was John Assheton who was forced to recant before Thomas Cranmer in 1548.
The Baptist movement originated with Thomas Helwys, who left his mentor John Smyth ( who had moved into shared belief and other distinctives of the Dutch Waterlander Mennonites of Amsterdam ) and returned to London to start the first English Baptist Church in 1611.
The lawyer Thomas Egerton was praised through the anagram gestat honorem ; the physician George Ent took the anagrammatic motto genio surget, which requires his first name as ".
* 1888 – An audio recording of English composer Arthur Sullivan's " The Lost Chord ", one of the first recordings of music ever made, is played during a press conference introducing Thomas Edison's phonograph in London, England.
Throughout European history, philosophers such as Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas, among others, contemplated the possibility that souls exist in animals, plants, and people ; however, the currently accepted definition of animism was only developed in the 19th century by Sir Edward Tylor, who created it as " one of anthropology's earliest concepts, if not the first ".
* 1897 – Thomas Edison patents the Kinetoscope, the first movie projector.
While Aristotle likewise identifies the first two characteristics, St. Thomas conceives of the third as an appropriation from principles developed by neo-Platonic and Augustinian thinkers.
Due to mutual agreements with foreign clubs, the youth academy has also signed foreign players as teenagers before making first team debuts, such as Belgian defensive trio Jan Vertonghen, Toby Alderweireld and Thomas Vermaelen ( now with Arsenal ) and winger Tom de Mul ( now with Sevilla ), all of whom are full internationals as well as Dutch youth international Javier Martina and Vurnon Anita of the Netherlands Antilles.
The BWF organizes several international competitions, including the Thomas Cup, the premier men's international team event first held in 1948 – 1949, and the Uber Cup, the women's equivalent first held in 1956 – 1957.
John Wesley consecrated Thomas Coke a " General Superintendent ," and directed that Francis Asbury also be consecrated for the United States of America in 1784, where the Methodist Episcopal Church first became a separate denomination apart from the Church of England.
The first, most important and successful was The Beggar's Opera of 1728, with a libretto by John Gay and music arranged by John Christopher Pepusch, both of whom probably influenced by Parisian vaudeville and the burlesques and musical plays of Thomas D ' Urfey ( 1653 – 1723 ), a number of whose collected ballads they used in their work.
He was the first Jesuit to teach at the university, where the subject of his course was the Summa Theologica of Thomas Aquinas.
The term " Bayesian " refers to the 18th century mathematician and theologian Thomas Bayes, who provided the first mathematical treatment of a non-trivial problem of Bayesian inference.
The work of producing English-language books for use in the liturgy was largely that of Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury at first under the reign of Henry VIII, only more radically under his son Edward VI.
President Grover Cleveland appointed Thomas M. Cooley, a railroad ally, as its first chairman and a permit system was used to deny access to new entrants and legalize price fixing.
A first exception to this rule arose in an 1852 case by New York's highest court, Thomas v. Winchester, which held that mislabeling a poison as an innocuous herb, and then selling the mislabeled poison through a dealer who would be expected to resell it, put " human life in imminent danger.
Thomas Aquinas wrote in the 13th century: " the rule and measure of human acts is the reason, which is the first principle of human acts " ( Aquinas, ST I-II, Q. 90, A. I ).
Beaux received her first introduction to lithography doing copy work for Philadelphia printer Thomas Sinclair and she published her first work in St. Nicholas magazine in December 1873.

Thomas and married
Thomas the elder married twice, had seventeen children, and died in 1615.
Nancy Hanks married Thomas, who became a respected citizen.
The marriage, however, caused a stir within St. Thomas ’ small Jewish community, either because Rachel was outside the faith or because she was previously married to Frederick's uncle, and in subsequent years his four children were forced to attend the all-black primary school.
She did write for a few television shows under her married name, but upon marrying Thomas Reggie ( who was not a writer ) in 1963, she ceased writing entirely.
She married British bartender turned Los Angeles bar owner Jeremy Thomas on March 20, 1994, and filed for divorce less than two months later.
Brewster married second time in Nice, on 26 ( or 27 ) March 1857, to Jane Kirk Purnell ( b. 1827 ), the second daughter of Thomas Purnell of Scarborough.
On May 30, 1966, she and Carl Thomas Dean ( in Nashville, Tennessee ) were married in Ringgold, Georgia.
While living in London, Thomas met Caitlin Macnamara whom he married in 1937.
Catherine Parr, Henry's widow, soon married Thomas Seymour of Sudeley, Edward VI's uncle and the brother of the Lord Protector, Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset.
Born in Boston, Colony of Massachusetts, to David Yale ( 1613 – 1690 ) and Ursula Knight ( 1624 – 1698 ), Yale was the grandson of Ann Lloyd ( 1591 – 1659 ), who after the death of her first husband, Thomas Yale ( 1590 – 1619 ) in Chester, Cheshire, England, married Governor Theophilus Eaton ( 1590 – 1658 ) of New Haven Colony.
His great-grandfather Charles Blair was a wealthy country gentleman in Dorset who married Lady Mary Fane, daughter of Thomas Fane, 8th Earl of Westmorland, and had income as an absentee landlord of slave plantations in Jamaica.
She married Thomas Delano in 1667 and had nine children.
Together they had seven children, three of whom became noteworthy artists: Walter and Arthur Severn, and Ann Mary Newton, who married the archeologist and Keeper of Antiquities at the British Museum, Charles Thomas Newton.
Cagney's daughter Cathleen married Jack W. Thomas in 1962.
He married Marion, daughter of Thomas Boyd, 6th Lord Boyd, and left nine children:
In 2010 Jamison married Dr. Thomas Traill, a cardiologist and fellow faculty member at Johns Hopkins.
In early 1533, Henry married Anne Boleyn, who was pregnant with his child, and in May Thomas Cranmer, the Archbishop of Canterbury, formally declared the marriage with Catherine void, and the marriage to Anne valid.
* His niece Lucy Grymes married Virginia Governor Thomas Nelson Jr.
Initially agreement had been reached for him to marry Margaret of Geneva, daughter of William I, Count of Geneva, but the young bride's journey to Paris was interrupted by Thomas I of Savoy, who kidnapped Philip's intended new queen and married her instead, claiming that Philip was already bound in marriage.
She was married to Captain Thomas Bradbury of Salisbury, Massachusetts.
Thomas married Hannah Harrison Ludwell ( 1701 – 1750 ).
By Elizabeth he had four children: David II, John ( died in childhood ), Matilda ( who married Thomas Isaac and died at Aberdeen 20 July 1353 ), and Margaret ( who married William de Moravia, 5th Earl of Sutherland in 1345 ).
* Matilda ( Maud ), married first to Thomas Isaac, secondly to Richard de Kelso, fifth feudal lord of the Free Barony of Kelsoland.

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