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Thomas and was
Time's editor, Thomas Griffith, in his book, The Waist-High Culture, wrote: `` most of what was different about it ( the Deep South ) I found myself unsympathetic to.
A popular belief grew up after the war that the only time during the Civil War that Thomas ever put his horse to a gallop was when he went to hurry up Stanley for this assault.
Sherman was responsible for the story when he said in his memoirs that this was the only time he could recall seeing Thomas ride so fast.
While the final combat of the campaign was being worked out at Jonesborough, Thomas, on Sherman's instructions, ordered Slocum, now commanding the Twentieth Corps, to make an effort to occupy Atlanta if he could do so without exposing his bridgehead to a counterattack.
The cautious Thomas re-examined the note and then, making up his mind that it was genuine, snapped his fingers, whistled and almost danced in his exuberance.
This system was dependent upon identical maps and Thomas supplied them from a mobile lithograph press.
Every recorded request by Thomas for a delay in a flank movement or an advance was to gain time to take care of his horses.
Thomas tried hard to have his cavalry ready for the test it was to meet, but his plans were wrecked when it was forced into a campaign without optimum mobility and with its commander stripped from it.
It was the hard way to fight a war but Thomas did it without making any disastrous mistakes.
In his absence, the rifle regiment was under the command of Major Thomas Posey, another able Virginian.
Bridges, a son by his second wife, was christened at Pebworth in 1607, but Thomas the younger was living at Packwood two years later and sold Broad Marston manor in 1622.
The fifteenth name was ( Thomas ) Baldwin, admitted to Christ's 4 March 1625 under Alsop.
The third list was selected by the research team on a random basis from the Thomas Register.
The control sample was selected by taking the bottom name of each of the two columns of names on each page of the alphabetical listing of manufacturers in the Thomas Register.
The medieval was the most important to Chambers because he sought to place Thomas More, the author of Utopia, in some intelligible relation with St. Thomas More, the martyr.
The fourth and last speaker was Thomas Davis.
The First Christian Church of Pampa was the setting for the wedding last Sunday of Miss Marcile Marie Glison and Thomas Earl Loving Jr., who will live at 8861 Gaston after a wedding trip to New Orleans, La.
It was about that time, a board member said later, that Dr. Thomas G. Pullen, Jr., State superintendent of schools, told Dr. Jenkins and a number of other education officials that he would not talk to them with a recording machine sitting in front of him.
Thomas was charged with four counts of assault and battery.
Abraham Lincoln was born February 12, 1809, the second child of Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Lincoln ( née Hanks ), in a one-room log cabin on the Sinking Spring Farm in Hardin County, Kentucky ( now LaRue County ).
Lincoln's paternal grandfather and namesake, Abraham, had moved his family from Virginia to Jefferson County, Kentucky, where he was ambushed and killed in an Indian raid in 1786, with his children, including Lincoln's father Thomas, looking on.

Thomas and accomplished
The accomplished and politically well-connected naturalist Archibald Menzies complained that his servant had been pressed into service during a shipboard emergency ; sailing master Joseph Whidbey had a competing claim for pay as expedition astronomer ; and Thomas Pitt, 2nd Baron Camelford, whom Vancouver had disciplined for numerous infractions and eventually sent home in disgrace, proceeded to harass him publicly and privately.
Even though, read in the light of later research, much of the first volume must necessarily be relegated to the region of the mythical, nonetheless, the historian was a laborious and accomplished reader and investigator of all available authorities, as well manuscript as printed ; while the roll of names of those who aided him includes every man of note in Scotland at the time, from Sir Thomas Craig and Sir George Mackenzie to Alexander Nisbet and Thomas Ruddiman.
Reed set out to put into practical effect his dictum that " The best system is to have one party govern and the other party watch "; this was accomplished by carefully studying the existing procedures of the U. S. House, most dating to the original designs written by Thomas Jefferson.
His wife, reckoned one of the most beautiful women of the day, became an accomplished salon hostess as Madame de Condorcet, and also an accomplished translator of Thomas Paine and Adam Smith.
Through the collaboration of William Morris with textile manufacturer Thomas Wardle, Wardle's wife Elizabeth, who was an accomplished seamstress, embarked on creating a reproduction in 1885.
In addition, the 1885 Edison Electric Illuminating Co. of Tamaqua is said to have furnished the town with the nation's second incandescent municipal lighting system, a feat accomplished through the involvement of Thomas Edison.
* Admiral Sir John Thomas Duckworth ( 1747 – 1817 ), accomplished Royal Naval officer who served under Nelson.
He fought during a period when an unusual number of accomplished welterweights were active: Sugar Ray Leonard, Wilfred Benítez, Carlos Palomino, Thomas Hearns, and Roberto Durán, although his reign had nearly come to an end as Leonard, Benítez, Hearns, and Duran emerged as welterweight champions.
Hagel has two brothers: Thomas, also a highly decorated Vietnam War veteran, is a professor at the University of Dayton School of Law, and Mike, an accomplished and well known artist who currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska.
In 1782, he obtained a silk gown, and was so far cured of his early modesty that he declined accepting the king's counselship if precedence over him were given to his junior, Thomas Erskine, though the latter was the son of a peer and a most accomplished orator.
The son of a violinist with the New York Philharmonic, he studied at the Saint Thomas Choir School and became an accomplished horn player and flute player.
Additional development was accomplished through the efforts of Thomas G. Zimmerman and Jaron Lanier, a virtual reality pioneer responsible for co-developing and commercializing the DataGlove who had made a failed attempt at a similar design for Nintendo earlier.
He was a close friend of Dylan Thomas, who described him as " the most profound and greatly accomplished Welshman writing poems in English ".
Thomas Litz was the first skater to land a triple toe loop, which he accomplished at the 1964 World Figure Skating Championships ; Grzegorz Filipowski of Poland was the first skater to perform a triple-triple toe loop combination in competition-1980.
The Rev J H Thomas was a Cambridge graduate, expert linguist and accomplished musician, who was initially ordained into the Church of England but who later abandoned Anglicanism in favour of Unitarianism.
In a retrospective review, Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic has written that " it plays as the most focused and accomplished set of songs Elton John and Bernie Taupin ever wrote ".
Connor died of cancer at his home in Harrow, London in 1993, and was survived by his wife Margaret ( Miki ), his son and three grandchildren, Thomas, Hayley and Rose, all of whom have been accomplished child actors.
Its headmaster from 1938 to 1972 was the notable Latin scholar Thomas Muir, who was also an accomplished amateur geologist.
In a documentary film called The Loves of Emma Bardac directed by Thomas Mowrey, the accomplished duo-pianists Katia and Marielle Labeque perform a selection of pieces by composers Bizet, Fauré and Debussy.
Established in 2000 within the restored Thomas Jefferson Building, the Center is named for its benefactor, John W. Kluge who donated $ 60 million to support an academic center where accomplished senior scholars and junior post-doctoral fellows might gather to make use of the Library's collections and to interact with members of Congress.
Crown counsel comprised some of the most accomplished lawyers in Canada: Christopher Robinson, Britton Bath Osler, George Burbidge, David Lynch Scott, and Thomas Chase-Casgrain.
The Lewis Thomas Prize for Writing about Science, named for its first recipient, Lewis Thomas, is an annual literary prize awarded by Rockefeller University to scientists deemed to have accomplished a significant literary achievement: it " recognizes scientists as poets ".

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