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Those and Milwaukee
Those Milwaukee fans were supportive apparently.
Those trackage rights went from the Milwaukee Road to its buyer, The Soo Line Railroad ; " The Soo " later became a subsidiary of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Those and home
Those who had driven hundreds of miles for the burial would not go home, for she might die any time ; ;
Those with visible health problems or diseases were sent home or held in the island's hospital facilities for long periods of time.
Those who receive an inheritance are more likely to own a home than those who do not regardless of the size of the inheritance.
Those who see you stare at you, they ponder your fate: ' Is this the man who shook the earth and made kingdoms tremble, the man who made the world a wilderness, who overthrew its cities and would not let his captives go home?
Those who stayed quickly renamed the area " Lansing Township " in honor of their home village in New York.
Those of his army that survived the war also reached home with him safely, but later left and colonised Metapontium in Southern Italy.
Those in home waters sailed to the British submarine base at Harwich.
* 1915: Ceux de Chez Nous ( Those at Home: biographical, home movies ) Among other celebrated persons of the era, there is a brief scene featuring Sarah sitting on a park bench and reading from a book.
Those without places on a ship also began the long journey home.
Those men who returned after the war came home to a city and a region whose economy had been completely destroyed.
Those developments were settled largely by working and middle class first-time home buyers from New York City.
Those without a machine at home or the use of a laundry room must either wash their clothes by hand or visit a commercial laundromat.
Back home, the famine has caught up with Joseph's brothers, who – led by the brother Simeon – express regret at selling him and deceiving their father (" Those Canaan Days ").
Those working from home amounted to 32. 3 per cent ; 15. 2 per cent travelled less than to their place of work ; and 23. 6 per cent travelled more than.
Those that did not reach the standard were sent home.
Those brought to the home received medical attention and were afforded the opportunity to die with dignity, according to the rituals of their faith ; Muslims were read the Quran, Hindus received water from the Ganges, and Catholics received the Last Rites.
Those with a rental home are liable only for the living part of the tax.
Those who chose not to work for the CCC by the May 22 deadline were given transportation home.
Those writers who wished to publish successfully at home kept to safe territory — science fiction, World War II novels, fantasy, and children's literature — all noncontroversial, basically apolitical genres.
Those accounts that favour the earlier date usually state that a club official, either Busby himself or manager Bert Whalley, arrived at the Edwards family home soon after midnight to secure the youngster's signature as early as possible, but other reports claim that this occurred when he signed his amateur contract.
Those two home runs were the first of his career, and he added another hit later on as the Blue Jays defeated the White Sox 9-5 in front of 44, 649 fans.
Those who went abroad faced imprisonment or forced military service if they returned home.
" Those home runs accounted for a quarter of his season total, as his overall production dropped from the previous season.

Those and games
Those Dodgers won their first 10 games and owned a 21-2 mark and a nine-game lead by May 8.
Those games can be played on all major browsers and they can also be ported to Widgets for Mac OS X and Gadgets for Windows Vista, which are based on DHTML code.
Those games and the playoffs were pushed back at the end of the regular season.
Throughout the games the player can collect colored keycards to open doors with corresponding colors and bonus items in the form of sugary foods and sodas / colas ( Those can be jumped on for a boost before being collected ).
Those critical of Rose's behavior, including Ohio's own Hall of Fame baseball reporter Hal McCoy, have observed that " the major problem with Rose betting on baseball, particularly the Reds, is that as manager he could control games, make decisions that could enhance his chances of winning his bets, thus jeopardizing the integrity of the game.
Those who have studied the score-book have concluded that the differences in the games of 1845 and 1846, compared with the specifications of the Knickerbocker rules, are minimal, such as fielding teams of seven players instead of nine.
Those predictions were quickly dismissed as the Heat surged, winning 11 out of 14 games.
Those who said the second-round series against the Suns was the true NBA Finals would be proven right, as the Spurs easily dispatched the Utah Jazz in five games to reach the NBA Finals.
Those that continued to air had substantially reduced prizes, and many shows adopted limits on the number of games a player could win ( usually five ).
Those two wins put the Red Sox one step from clinching the league championship, as they led Cleveland by 3 1 / 2 games with 4 remaining to play.
Those who played with baseball cards could study the numbers and use them as the basis for comparing players, trading cards with friends, or playing imaginary baseball games.
Those games were:
Those games would have printed a small " Super Game Boy Game Pak " logo on the box and cartridge.
Those feelings were reinforced when American Football League teams won the final two AFL-NFL World Championship games after the 1968 and 1969 seasons.
Those two game packages were moved to ESPN beginning with the next baseball season, but the playoff games remained on ABC Family for one additional year due to contractual issues.
Those games have been made available to local cable and satellite operators in the Southeast for the 2008 season.
Those systems were shown at the 2000 Tokyo Game Show but failed to catch attention with their inferior hardware and games.
Those later games added an element of economic management, with mining or gathering, as well as construction and base management, to the purely military.
Those measures, while alienating ultra supporter and decreasing average attendances for home games, proved effective in cracking down the violence.
Those games were instead broadcast on the online service ESPN3, a sister network to TSN.
Those games have primarily been in the first-person shooter and third-person shooter genres.
Those games were watched by 29, 000 spectators.
Those that went on shared the sentiment NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle expressed in deciding to play NFL games that weekend: " It has been traditional ... to perform in times of great personal tragedy.

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