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Those and bands
In the eastern part of the Comancheria between the Colorado River and Red Rivers roamed the Nokonis ( Nokoni Nʉʉ — ‘ Movers ’, ‘ Returners ’), and south of them the strong associated smaller bands or residential groups of the Tenawa ( Tahnahwah or Tenahwit — ‘ Those Who Live Downstream ’) and Tanima ( Tanimʉʉ, Dahaʉi or Tevawish — ‘ Liver-Eaters ’).
Those among the tribe who once were members of Creek bands did not wish to move west to where they were certain that they would meet death for leaving the main band of Creek Indians.
Those bands included Manolito y su Trabuco, Orquesta Sublime, and Irakere which was nominated for a Grammy.
Those who agreed to move to established reserves or joined other historical bands were federally " recognized ".
Those of a tubular barrel variety have separate " muzzles " fitting in or over one end of the tube, for attaching the rubber bands ; whilst others ( usually those made of wood ), mainly have the bands passing through a horizontal slot in the stock.
Those bands bring strong localized precipitation, often in the form of snow, since large water bodies such as lakes efficiently store heat that results in significant temperature differences — larger than — between the water surface and the air above.
Those who showed aptitude for music were trained in singing and instrumental music, as the Imperial Army had a large demand for military wind bands and choirs.
Those bands following the less commercial contours of the scene were increasingly referred to by the label indie.
Those AOR stations, which decided to stay " demographically-rooted ", became classic rock stations by eschewing newer bands which their older listeners might tune out.
Those bands are referred to as Operatic symphonic metal for example Nightwish ( Tarja Turunen ), Epica, Haggard, Therion, Operatika, Dremora, Dol Ammad, Visions of Atlantis, Aesma Daeva, Almora.
** Those of the Navajo warriors who did not surrender joined renegade Apache bands and continued to battle the U. S. and Mexican governments through the 1880s.
Those shako styles still in use in marching bands are generally quite tall and have elaborate plumes.
Those concert bands are the Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, and Varsity ( Freshmen ), and the Tiger Pride Gold Band ( Marching Freshmen ).
The group has disbanded and have actually formed two other bands, TWDSO ( also known as Those We Don't Speak Of ) and The Mary Major.

Those and artists
Those artists using a pen for graphics work will as a matter of convenience use a tablet and pen for standard computer operations rather than put down the pen and find a mouse.
Those artists who held this view wanted to give the audience their own part of this creative process.
There was a smaller section area titled ‘ Those Invited To Show ’ that included several other artists.
Those artists found limited but enthusiastic audiences.
Those who emphasize the second step " are often pioneers and revolutionaries — artists who want to shake things up ," while those who emphasize the first are " great storytellers, creators who ... devote all their energies to controlling their medium ... to convey messages effectively.
Those lectures and exhibitions are said to have influenced artists such as Jackson Pollock, Robert Motherwell and others who would go on to create Abstract Expressionism.
Those who create physical sound effects for films are now often called " Foley artists ".
Those artists, along with many others, helped TVT Music Publishing accumulate over a hundred US Hot 100 songs, recorded by such acts as Usher, Pink, Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, and Justin Timberlake.
Those artists would include the following:
Those honored include artists, writers, activists, film makers, physicians, entertainers, sports figures, and public servants.
A Rich Kids on LSD tribute album was released on Malt Soda Recordings entitled For Those About To Trip which contains 23 covers of classic RKL tracks by various artists.
Those frescoes were painted over the earlier layer by a team of unknown artists, who also decorated the two floors of the building commissioned by Sebastocrator Kaloyan.
They were the last of thirteen artists and groups to play at the six-hour event, and performed " Last Battle ", " Those Who Fight Further ", " Maybe I'm a Lion " and " Clash on the Big Bridge ".
Those artists were: Shaker Hassan, Diaa al-Azzawi, Ala Bashir, Nuri al-Rawi, SaadiAl-Kaabi, Rafie Al Nasery, Ali Al Jabri, MohammedMahd El Din, Ali Taleb, Salim al-Dabbagh.
Those were for example writers Jaroslav Seifert, František Hrubín, Bohumil Hrabal and Emanuel Frynta ; artists Jiří Kolář, Kamil Lhoták, Zdeněk Miler, Karel Teissig, Vladimír Komárek, Zdeněk Sklenář, Vilém Plocek who illustrated his books, Cyril Bouda and Helena Zmatlíková.
Those who illustrate comic strips for British or European comics or albums, are categorised as comics artists.
Among the artists involved include Bob Sinclar, David Guetta, Yves Larock, DJ Gregory, Malinga Five, Joachim Garraud, Tim Deluxe, KC Flightt, Bjorn Lundt, Yvan Voice, Osibisa, Tom & Joyce, Tony Allen, NaSSau, Lekan Babalola, Jacob Desvarieux / Kassav, Shinichi Osawa, Salomé de Bahia, Liquid People, Eddie Amador, Martin Solveig, Jeff Kellner, Légo and Those Usual Suspects.
Luckily, he said that the artists involved were “ cooperative and interested and the attitude was there .” In a very eye-opening statement, Ai goes on to say that “ maybe Fuck Off was most important because of what it represented .” Those involved had a clear thought about the image they wanted to give to Chinese institutions and Western curators, institutions and dealers, and that thought was: “ We had to say something as individual artist to the outside world, and what we said was ‘ fuck off .’”

Those and have
Those writers known collectively as the `` Southern school '' have received accolades from even those critics least prone to eulogize ; ;
Those who do have occasion to deal with the invasions in a more general way, like T.W. Shore and Arthur Wade-Evans, are on the side of a gradual and often peaceful Germanic penetration into Britain.
Those who have quality will outgrow `` the experience ; ;
Those who have never traveled the width and length of this land cannot conceive, on the basis of textbook description alone, the overwhelming space and variety of this country held together under one government.
Those who have served as faculty advisers are too familiar with the useful but artificial mechanisms of student government to be taken in by `` busy-work '' and ersatz decision making.
Those of us present, the Perry brothers, Deslonde and the other midshipmen now have the responsibility of the Somers.
Those species that breed in smaller water bodies or other specialised habitats tend to have more complex patterns of behaviour in the care of their young.
* Those species which have relatively large dry seeds have a dark, crust-like ( crustose ) outer layer containing the pigment phytomelan.
Those who have dealings with this book usually come to an unpleasant end, and Alhazred was no exception.
Those who have led pristine lives enter immediately into the " Olam Haba " or World to Come.
Those such as James A. Weisheipl and Joachim R. Söder have referred to him as the greatest German philosopher and theologian of the Middle Ages, an opinion supported by contemporaries such as Roger Bacon.
Those that target the bacterial cell wall ( penicillins and cephalosporins ) or the cell membrane ( polymixins ), or interfere with essential bacterial enzymes ( quinolones and sulfonamides ) have bactericidal activities.
Those who continue to have faith in astrology have been characterized as doing so " in spite of the fact that there is no verified scientific basis for their beliefs, and indeed that there is strong evidence to the contrary.
Article 25 of the Thirty-Nine Articles, speaking of the sacraments, says: " Those five commonly called Sacraments, that is to say, Confirmation, Penance, Orders, Matrimony, and extreme Unction, are not to be counted for Sacraments of the Gospel, being such as have grown partly of the corrupt following of the Apostles, partly are states of life allowed in the Scriptures ; but yet have not like nature of Sacraments with Baptism, and the Lord's Supper, for that they have not any visible sign or ceremony ordained of God.
Those described as having only light perception have no more sight than the ability to tell light from dark and the general direction of a light source.
Those against the Wild Card see it as diminishing the importance of the pennant race and the regular season, with the true race often being for second rather than first place, while those in favor of it view it as an opportunity for teams to have a shot at the playoffs even when they have no chance of a first-place finish in their division, thus maintaining fan interest later in the season.
Those who made the Third Reich ’ s military plans and organized its war economy appear rarely, if ever, to have employed the term blitzkrieg in official documents.
Those who do not wish to abide by the terms of the Sleepycat Public License have the option of purchasing another proprietary license for redistribution from Oracle Corporation.
Those figures have been overused in several sites, in spite of not being up to date.
Those who indulged in cannibalism were at particular risk, and the legend appears to have reinforced this practice as taboo.

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