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Those and watching
Those named in the Greek paper were manufacturing reasons to steal aft under pretence of some call of duty, so as to be near Spencer, watching an opportunity to communicate with him.
Those watching with Raglan thought the Light Brigade completely lost, but unexpectedly the two groups of survivors managed to break through the Russian trap.
Those who do not carry lanterns often enjoy watching informal lantern parades.
Those not taking part in the parade are watching the procession.
Those not taking part in the parade are watching the procession.
" Paul Attanasio of the Washington Post solidly agreed saying, " Those with an endless appetite for this sort of tough-man-tender-chicken melodrama will enjoy watching Clint go up against these young punks and outrun, outshoot, outdrink and outpunch them, in the process lending an idea of what it means to be a.

Those and then
Those laws then became entrenched when the amending formula was made part of the constitution.
Those considerations that are selected by the agent as having a more than negligible bearing on the decision then figure in a reasoning process, and if the agent is in the main reasonable, those considerations ultimately serve as predictors and explicators of the agent's final decision.
Those jerseys were based on the uniforms worn by the team ( then the Detroit Cougars ) in 1927 – 28.
Those fields can then affect the force on, and can then move, other slowly moving charged particles.
Those nearest the top have more power than those nearest the bottom, and there being fewer people at the top then at the bottom.
Those found to have been not guilty by reason of insanity are generally then required to undergo psychiatric treatment, except in the case of temporary insanity ( see below ).
Those who landed on the island freely cut and took with them the precious heartwood of the ebony trees, then found in profusion all over the island.
Those wishing to send messages to Bob must use the public key to encrypt the message, then Bob can use his private key to decrypt it.
Those branches then form an association in the constituency they represent ( unless there is only one branch in the constituency, in which case it forms a constituency branch rather than a constituency association ).
Those sent to Virginia are refused and then sent on to Liverpool, Bristol, Southampton and Penryn in England.
Those photons captured may then interact with other dopant ions, and are thus amplified by stimulated emission.
Those who are unable to keep such a strict fast are encouraged to eat only a little, and then only xerophagy ( uncooked food ) once a day.
Those who survived the devastation promptly repaired to a site then called " Thermae "-the name deriving from the hot springs-which is today known as Termini ; and the ancients considered Thermae as a successor to Himera.
Those cardinals who had opposed Benedict X's election met at Siena in December 1058, and elected Hildebrand's candidate as Pope, who then took the name Nicholas II ( 1059 – 61 ).
Those are then compared to the applicant, with a focus on how good a fit the individual is.
Those sought refuge first in Orchomenus, and then in the town of Hippotae which lay between Thisbe and Coronea.
Those of Lemnos he represents as being of Hellespontine Pelasgians who had been living in Athens but whom the Athenians resettled on Lemnos and then found it necessary to reconquer.
Those souls must then sleep there for a year.
Those involved provided music at various free festivals in the 1990s and also assistance to the then budding Deptford urban free festival ( later the Fordham Park urban free festival ).
As the old saying " Those were the happy days " and may god grant that scouting today may mean as much to the lads now as it did to us then.
Those earned experience points can then be invested to improve the character's abilities by spending it on attributes or skills.
Those who have seen the light say it moves back and forth and glows bright and then dim.
Those four issues were then collected into a single graphic novel in 1997.
Those covered with tile were much more valuable then those topped with wooden shingles.

Those and vote
Those who want to vote against the sole candidate on the ballot must go to a special booth to cross out the candidate's name before dropping it into the ballot box — an act which, according to many North Korean defectors, is far too risky to even contemplate.
Those few Africans from the four communes who were able to pursue higher education and were willing to renounce their legal protections could ' rise ' to be termed Évolué (' Evolved ') and were nominally granted full French citizenship, including the vote.
* Test Act: Those who refuse to receive the sacrament of the Church of England cannot vote, hold public office, preach, teach, attend the universities and assemble for meetings.
< sup >( c )</ sup > Those states that did choose electors by popular vote had widely varying restrictions on suffrage via property requirements.
< sup >( c )</ sup > Those states that did choose electors by popular vote had widely varying restrictions on suffrage via property requirements.
Those who owned property in multiple constituencies could vote multiple times ; there was normally no requirement for an individual to actually inhabit a constituency in order to vote there.
Those who vote for the other party's candidate often face serious consequences, up to and including the loss of seniority.
Those councelors are elected between city's inhabitants every four years by direct vote.
Those Law Lords who first held the office of Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom lost the right to sit and vote in the House of Lords, despite retaining their life peerages, upon creation of the Supreme Court.
Those changes were considered to be a response to the emergence of the Country Party, so that the non-Labor vote would not be split, as it would have been under the previous first-past-the-post system.
Those politicians believed that, since Sarney had been elected Vice-President only virtue of the election of his running mate as President ( each member of the Electoral College cast one vote only, for President, and the choice of President carried with it the automatic selection of the ticket's running mate as Vice-President ) Sarney could only take office as Vice-President together with Neves.
Those qualified to vote in parliamentary elections under the Reform Act 1832 were now entitled to elect burgh councillors.
Those who listed were then sent to Hatay to register as citizens and vote.
Those in favor of a national popular vote as the method for electing the president argue that the electoral system gives swing states arbitrarily large power in determining the result of an election, and therefore receive an undeservedly large proportion of attention and campaign funds.
Those ballots would have made the total popular vote for the pair greater than that for Megawati and Hasyim, putting the former pair instead of the latter in the second round.
According to Lenin, the author of these quotations, soviet rule “ is nothing else than the organized form of the dictatorship of the proletariat .” A code of rules governing elections to the soviets was framed, but the following classes were disqualified to vote:Those who employ others for profit ; those who live on incomes not derived from their own work — interest on capital, industrial enterprises or landed property ; private business men, agents, middlemen ; monks and priests of all denominations ; ex-employees of the old police services and members of the Romanov dynasty ; lunatics and criminals .”
Those who passed the vote would have their names submitted by their colonel to the Kaiser, who would approve their promotion to Leutnant.
Those eligible to vote were men aged over 24, divided by their direct tax revenue into three classes.
Those voters whose identity likewise fails scrutiny of the Presiding Officer are allowed to swear an oath, file an affidavit, and cast a provisional vote, which is sealed in an envelope.
Those candidates receiving less than 5 % of the vote ( 26 votes ) will not appear on future BBWAA ballots, but may eventually be considered by the Veterans Committee.
Those who could not vote could not run for office or serve on juries, so they were never judged by peers.
Those calling for a vote also point to the 30 year license which Indonesia sold to the Freeport-McMoRan company for Papuan mining rights in 1967, and to the Indonesian military's response to the East Timor referendum as support to discredit the 1969 Act of Free Choice.
Those eligible to vote at a public election ( for Senators, Deputies, Constables, Procureurs du Bien Public and Centeniers ) are those whose names are included on the electoral register for the relevant electoral district ( the register is compiled by vingtaine ).

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