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Those and who
Those who had slickers donned them.
Those who stayed had to pass tests.
Those who actually get there find that it isn't spooky at all but as brilliant as a tile in sunlight.
Those who are sexually liberated can become creatively alive and free, their instincts put at the service of the imagination.
Those who are sexual deviants are naturally drawn to join the beatniks.
Those who would suppress dangerous thoughts, credit ideas with high potency.
Those who are insecure fear to be candid in self-examination.
Those who wanted to close the theaters, for example, pointed to Plato's Republic and those who wished to keep them open called on the Plato of the Ion to testify in their behalf.
Those who do have occasion to deal with the invasions in a more general way, like T.W. Shore and Arthur Wade-Evans, are on the side of a gradual and often peaceful Germanic penetration into Britain.
Those who walk on it may encounter at any turn ministers of grace or damnation.
Those who have quality will outgrow `` the experience ; ;
Those who refused to believe that He was the eternal Son of God were termed Arianists.
Those who saw his finished Pieta would take the place of the biblical witnesses.
Those who had driven hundreds of miles for the burial would not go home, for she might die any time ; ;
Those who have never traveled the width and length of this land cannot conceive, on the basis of textbook description alone, the overwhelming space and variety of this country held together under one government.
Those children who can chin themselves should be told to do one chin-up each time they pass under it.
Those who are too weak, should climb on the chair and, starting at the top of the chin, let themselves slowly down.
Those persons who were lucky enough to see and hear the performance of his work at the Brest-Silevniov Festival in August, 1916, will certainly welcome his return to public notice ; ;
Those who responded with an arm-elevation in the naive state did not change their reaction when told that there were some normal people who did not react in this fashion.
Those modern scholars who urge that we must keep in mind the fundamental continuity of Aegean development from earliest times -- granted occasional irruptions of peoples and ideas from outside -- are correct ; ;
Those who feared `` emotionalism '' at the Trial showed less understanding than Dr. Servatius of the route by which man achieves the distance necessary for fairness toward enemies.
Those who, because of population mobility and the reputed desire of employers to train their own employees, would limit vocational education to general rather than specific skills ought to bear in mind the importance of motivation in any kind of school experience.
Those who lived in that desolation of rocky deformity took on some of the moraine's stony character.

Those and favour
Those arguing in favour of an historical reading of Esther, most commonly identify Ahasuerus with Artaxerxes II ( ruled 405 – 359 BCE ) although in the past it was often assumed that he was Xerxes I ( ruled 486 – 465 BCE ).
Those in favour of unification also faced opposition from the Holy See, particularly after failed attempts to broker a confederation with the Papal States, which would have left the Papacy with some measure of autonomy over the region.
Those by Bartolozzi especially found considerable favour with collectors.
Those who favour purity of rite are opposed to the devotion, while those who are in favour of the devotion cite it as a point of commonality with their Latin Catholic brethren.
Those in favour of the creation of ICBs have primarily focused on interest rates and have argued that democratic pressures tend to have an inflationary effect as governments will often be tempted to advocate lower interest rates immediately prior to an election so as to manufacture short term booms in the economy and boost their support-but to the detriment of long term economic health.
Those in favour, including General Secretary Robert Griffiths, Andrew Murray and Morning Star editor John Haylett, were however defeated at a Special Congress in 2004.
Those who favour the practice say that this can highlight such issues as discriminatory historiography by, for example, putting into relief the extent to which same-sex sexual experiences are excluded from biographies of noted figures, or to which sensibilities resulting from same-sex attraction are excluded from literary and artistic consideration of important works, and so on.
Those in favour of a strictly secular educational system believed the law to be a concession given to the church in exchange for support, however, and became disillusioned with the pragmatic Frondizi.
Those accounts that favour the earlier date usually state that a club official, either Busby himself or manager Bert Whalley, arrived at the Edwards family home soon after midnight to secure the youngster's signature as early as possible, but other reports claim that this occurred when he signed his amateur contract.
Those in favour of the merger argued a single society would give mathematics in the UK a coherent voice when dealing with Research Councils.
Those who voted in favour included David Cameron, George Osborne and party leader Michael Howard.
Those who favour the appointment method point out that the election approach could possibly threaten the judiciary's ability to be independent in its decision-making.
Those in favour of the motion however, defended it as ensuring " women's rights " on campus.
Those in favour of keeping the subsidy argue that:
Those who supported a readjustment of the debt, were known as " Readjusters ", whereas those in favour of funding the entire debt ( plus interest ), became known as " Funders ".
Those who agree with same-sex marriage increased to 43. 9 % with Central Italy ( 52. 6 %), 18 – 34 years old ( 53. 4 %) and women ( 47 %) being the geographical, age and gender categories most in favour.
Those firmly in favour of the comprehensive system believed that the Circular should convert all schools into comprehensives.

Those and later
Those writing in later centuries generally had no direct experience of democracy themselves.
Those against the Wild Card see it as diminishing the importance of the pennant race and the regular season, with the true race often being for second rather than first place, while those in favor of it view it as an opportunity for teams to have a shot at the playoffs even when they have no chance of a first-place finish in their division, thus maintaining fan interest later in the season.
Those selected were taken to a hut where their flesh was cut from their bodies while they were alive and they were thrown into a ditch where they later died.
Those who praised her later as a Protestant heroine overlooked her refusal to drop all practices of Catholic origin from the Church of England.
" Those same tracks were later resurrected by countless hip-hop musicians from the 1970s onward.
Those who were destined to become knights were singled out: in boyhood, these future warriors were sent off to a castle as pages, later becoming squires.
Those that follow this command are later angered at themselves and King Noah for leaving their families.
Those Communists who became disillusioned with Communism due to its authoritarian character eventually formed the " new left ", first among dissenting Communist Party intellectuals and campus groups in the United Kingdom, and later alongside campus radicalism in the US and elsewhere.
She later wrote, " Those three days were the most memorable days of my life.
Those writing for the church after the events of Stephen's later reign, such as John of Salisbury for example, paint the king as a tyrant due to his argument with the Archbishop of Canterbury ; by contrast, clerics in Durham regarded Stephen as a saviour, due to his contribution to the defeat of the Scots at the battle of the Standard.
Those of his army that survived the war also reached home with him safely, but later left and colonised Metapontium in Southern Italy.
Those songs were later named The Physical Revue, a joking reference to a leading scientific journal, The Physical Review.
Those who were not prepared to exclude James were labelled ' Abhorrers ' and later ' Tories '.
Those problems would later become identified as post-traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD ).
Those who are able to read the history in the light of what occurred later may perhaps be convinced that no policy whatever initiated, after 1766 could have prevented or even materially delayed the United States Declaration of Independence ; but to the politicians of that time the coming event had not yet cast so dark a shadow before as to paralyse all action, and if any man could have allayed the growing discontent of the colonists and prevented the ultimate dismemberment of the empire, it would have been Lord Chatham.
Those who were playwrights pure and simple fared far less well ; the biographies of early figures like George Peele and Robert Greene, and later ones like Brome and Philip Massinger, are marked by financial uncertainty, struggle, and poverty.
Those of these sculptures that belonged to the temples within the walls, present a peculiar and archaic style of art, and are universally recognized as among the earliest extant specimens of Greek sculpture Those, on the contrary, which have been found among the ruins of the temple on the opposite hill, are of a later and more advanced style, though still retaining considerable remains of the stiffness of the earliest art.
Those of somewhat later date represent a figure sacrificing on an altar, which is consecrated to Aesculapius, as indicated by a cock that stands below it.
Those orders, which became the basis of the claim that the Union government had promised freed slaves " 40 acres and a mule ", were revoked later that year by President Andrew Johnson.
Those who lose their hearing later in life, such as in late adolescence or adulthood, face their own challenges, living with the adaptations that make it possible for them to live independently.
** Titchahkaynah (‘ Those Who Make Bags While Traveling ’, once a separate group, later joined the Yaparʉhka )
Those volunteering for the career service can, after three to four years, apply to attend the NCO academy and later a senior NCO course to qualify as warrant officers.
Those who remained were later deported and killed in the Holocaust.

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