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Though and native
Though the subject -- segregation in her native South -- has been thoroughly worked, Miss McCullers uses her poet's instinct and storyteller's skill to reaffirm her place at the very top of modern American writing.
Though it is not as powerful as it once was under Louis XIV and it no longer reigns in its native country of France, it is by no means extinct, and the House of Bourbon has survived to the present-day world of republics.
Though the number of Moor colonists was small, many native Iberian inhabitants converted to Islam.
Though other groups resettled the Banda Islands, the rest of Maluku remained uneasy under foreign control and after the Portuguese had a new trading station at Macassar there were native revolts in 1636 and 1646.
Though only Eleanor de Montfort can be definitively shown to have used the title, several consorts of native Welsh princes of Wales were theoretically princesses of Wales while their husbands were on the throne.
Though Danish, Blixen wrote her books in English and then translated her work into her native tongue.
Though a son of the rationalistic era which produced two of its most intense partisans, Peter Beer and Herz Homberg in his native city, Frankel developed, partly through opposition to shallow rationalism and partly through the romantic environments of the ancient city of Prague, that love and sympathy for the past that made him the typical expounder of the historical school which was known as the " Breslau school.
Though Romana reveals that the equipment will bring him back after 2 minutes, the Doctor asserts that it is enough time for Scaroth to stop the explosion of the Jagaroth ship, itself the source of the spark of energy that created the beginnings of life on Earth ; should Scaroth prevent the explosion, every native living being on the planet will never have existed.
Though the Potawatomi and Illinois Confederation tribes were native to the area, the Sauk, from Michigan, became the namesake of the Sauk Trail.
They have been introduced to Grand Cayman, Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida, Hawaii, and the United States Virgin Islands .< ref name =" wildblue "> Though the species is not native to Martinique, a small wild colony of released or escaped Green Iguanas endures at historic Fort Saint Louis.
Though lesser known globally than some of her other films, Little Fish received tremendous critical acclaim in Blanchett's native Australia.
Though he began as a translator and imitator of existing fables, Krylov soon showed himself an imaginative, prolific writer, who found abundant original material in his native land.
Though they cannot lie, they are able to twist what they say and mislead the unwary because it is their native tongue, while no wizard can live long enough to fully master it.
Though not its native name, among English-speaking typographers the symbol may be called a " slashed o " or " o with stroke ".
Though an epidemic of smallpox took its toll on the Aztecs, Cortes ' conquest was the culmination of Spanish strategy in the Americas: He used promises to gain native allies, and he combined superior technology with patience while he struck at Tenochtitlan from the sea.
The title is a deliberate pun on the phrase " to the manner born ," from Shakespeare's Hamlet (" Though I am a native here and to the manner born, it is a custom more honoured in the breach than the observance.
Though Finnish bands tend to write their lyrics in English as to leave their music open to countries outside of native Finnish boundaries, in the 1990s bands such as Apulanta, Miljoonasade, Ultra Bra and the shamanic art-punk group CMX had found their share of success with Finnish lyrics.
Though often ignored or suppressed by European explorers and colonialists, homosexual expression in native Africa was also present and took a variety of forms.
Though they did not receive help, native Paul Palmer labored there about twenty-five years later, and founded the first " General " or " Free Will " Baptist church in Chowan County, North Carolina, in 1727.
Though Portuguese was Montemor's native language, he only used it for two songs and a short prose passage in the sixth book of the Diana.
Though English is spoken by most citizens of Wales, many churches hold their services in their native Welsh language.
Though relatively unknown in his native Britain, Wheldon became a star in the United States after winning both the IndyCar championship and the Indy 500 in 2005 and 2011.
Though he enjoyed foreign languages to a certain extent, Leavis felt that his native language was the only one on which he was able to speak with authority, thus his reading in the classical languages is not particularly evident in his critical publications ( Bell 3 ).
Though the incident gave him a dark reputation in Boston's native American circles, it aided his image among the Irish American working class and poor because they saw him as a man willing to stick his neck out to help those in need.

Though and speakers
Though this usually goes unacknowledged, Optimality Theory was strongly influenced by Natural Phonology ; both view phonology in terms of constraints on speakers and their production, though these constraints are formalized in very different ways.
Though Frederic Cassidy challenged Dalby's claims, asserting that there is no documentary evidence that any of these African-language words had any causal link with its use in the American press, one can certainly wonder at the fact that this standard of written proof does not account for the illiteracy in which the West African speakers were kept during the period of slavery in question.
Though the number of truly fluent speakers has not increased, the language is now taught in both the provincial school system and the Nuxálk Nation's own school, Acwsalcta, which means " a place of learning ".
Though both Kitsap and Sealth are often called " Chief ", this is an attribution by English speakers ; such designations were not used by the Puget Sound Indians themselves.
Though flags were used by the watchmen for communication, these towers usually contained an alarm bell or bells built into a Bell-Cot, thus Middle English speakers thought berfrei had something to do with bells: they altered it to belfry, an interesting example of the process of folk etymology.
Though the number of speakers in Magadhi is large, it has not been constitutionally recognized in India.
Though its speakers are ethnic Croats and Kajkavian is thus generally considered a dialect of ( Serbo -) Croatian, it is closer to neighboring Slovene than it is to Chakavian or Shtokavian.
Though the number of speakers has steadily decreased over the past years, those wanting to learn Gaelic are able to from classes throughout Glengarry.
Though many speakers don't live in villages, there are a number of population centers, notably Kamarang, Jawalla, Waramadong, and Kako.
Though it is related to Cebuano, Cebuano speakers can hardly understand Surigaonon speakers.
Though these five languages are closely related, speakers of one cannot fully understand speakers of another ( similar to German and English speakers ).
Though KLH was sold to the Singer Corporation in 1964, Kloss remained at the firm for a short time to assist in the development of additional speakers and electronic music products, and the firm continued to attract design and engineering talent.
Though considered by some as one language, the Ös speakers themselves do not believe this to be the case.
Though a significant minority are also speakers of a dialect of Min Nan known as Zhenan Min.
Though not a native speaker, Dodd was a supporter of the Welsh language and brought up his children as Welsh speakers, at a time when the language had far less social status than now.
Though Esperanto may be more neutral as well as easier to master, Esperantists can usually only communicate with other Esperantists ; Interlingua, however, can be understood well by a speaker of any Romance language ( as well as sufficiently educated speakers of other European languages, especially English ).
Though Malvani does not have a unique script, scripts of the other languages native to the regions its speakers inhabit are used.
Though there are no longer any native speakers, Tachi has a Headstart language program.

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