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Though and King
Though no historical support exists for the flag story in the Fellin battle either, it is not difficult to understand how a small and unknown place is replaced with the much grander battle of Reval ( Tallinn ) from the Estonia campaign of King Valdemar II.
Though opposed to the government of King Louis-Philippe I, he took no part in politics, but devoted himself to his pastoral work.
Though Dowland was highly regarded by King Christian, he was not the ideal servant, often overstaying his leave when he went to England on publishing business or for other reasons.
Though Banquo challenges them first, they address Macbeth, hailing him as " Thane of Glamis ," " Thane of Cawdor ," and that he shall " be King hereafter.
Though set long after his time frame for the life of " Merlin Ambrosius ", he tries to assert the characters are the same with references to King Arthur and his death as told in the Historia Regum Britanniae.
Though the King is the commander in chief of the armed forces, he has no actual authority over them, but a symbolic one.
Though he spent much of his life in Athens, Xenophon's involvement in Spartan politics ( he was a close associate of King Agesilaus II ) has led to him being closely associated with the city.
Though Louis was partly educated in Vienna and became co-regent of his brother Rudolf I in Upper Bavaria in 1301 with the support of his Habsburg mother Matilda and her brother King Albert I, he quarrelled with the Habsburgs from 1307 over possessions in Lower Bavaria.
Though it was undoubtedly a sign of Otto's respect for the Polish ruler, it could not truly mean Bolesław I was King as only the Pope had the authority to invest a prince with the crown and elevate his realm to a status of a kingdom.
Though all knowledge about Anne's experiences in the French court are conjecture, even Eric Ives, in his latest edition of the biography, conjectures that she was likely to have made the acquaintance of King Francis I's sister, Marguerite de Navarre, a patron of humanists and reformers.
Though disputing the legality of his condemnation, Berengar agreed to go, first passing through Paris to obtain permission from King Henry I of France, as nominal abbot of St. Martin at Tours.
Though King Wu died just a few years after the Battle of Muye, the Duke of Zhou assisted the young and inexperienced King Cheng in consolidating power for the Ji line: he managed a war against rebellious Zhou princes in the eastern lowlands ( allied with feudal rulers and Shang remnants ); formulated the Mandate of Heaven doctrine to counter Shang claims to a divine right of rule ; founded Chengzhou as an eastern capital ; and set up the fengjian " feudal " system designed to maintain Zhou authority as it expanded its rule over a larger amount of territory.
Though no one doubted Carl's innocence, King Frederick I had grown tired of the composer's pranks.
Though the endowments King Henry made were sizeable, they offered Edward little independence.
Though not seen as the most tyrannical of kings, unlike his son Prince Edward, discontent was common during Henry's time and, though traditionally thought of as belonging to the time of King John, the earliest Robin Hood sources and tales suggest that, if he existed at all, it was during Henry's reign.
Though the King and Queen spent the working day at Buckingham Palace, partly for security and family reasons they stayed at night at Windsor Castle about west of central London with the Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret.
Though originally ruled by the Kingdom of Dahomey, in 1851 the French made a treaty with the Dahomean King Ghezo that allowed them to establish a trading post at Cotonou.
Though unpopular at the end of his reign — his funeral cortege was booed — Leopold II is remembered today by many Belgians as the " Builder King " ( Koning-Bouwer in Dutch, le Roi-Bâtisseur in French ) because he commissioned a great number of buildings and urban projects, mainly in Brussels, Ostend and Antwerp.
Though the older brother, Napoleon, had intended for the younger brother to be little more than a French governor of Holland, Louis took his duties as the King seriously, calling himself Koning Lodewijk I ( adopting the Dutch form of his name ), attempting to learn the Dutch language, and trying hard to be a responsible, independent ruler of Holland.
Though Charles Martel chose not to take the title King, as his son Pepin III the Short would, or Emperor, as his grandson Charlemagne would be titled, he was absolute ruler of virtually all of today's continental Western Europe north of the Pyrenees.
Though the King claimed in his memoirs that it was the fear of a civil war that motivated his actions, it would seem that he received some ' alternative ' advice, possibly from the archconservative Salandra as well as General Armando Diaz, that it would be better to do a deal with Mussolini.
Though the Young King sent his wife early in 1183 to the French court, it was done most likely to keep her safe in the impending war with his brother, Richard, rather than because she was in disgrace.
Though he is victorious, King Peacock despairs that he had to assault and even kill fellow law officers.

Though and James
Though the resolutions followed the " interposition " approach of James Madison, Jefferson advocated nullification and at one point drafted a threat for Kentucky to secede.
Though used earlier in papers and discussions, the term 4GL was first used formally by James Martin in his 1982 book Applications Development Without Programmers to refer to non-procedural, high-level specification languages.
Though the Quakers lost influence after the Glorious Revolution, which deposed James II, the Act of Toleration 1689 put an end to the uniformity laws under which Quakers had been persecuted, permitting them to assemble freely.
Though the Virginia Plan was an outline rather than a draft of a possible constitution, and though it was extensively changed during the debate ( especially by John Rutledge and James Wilson in the Committee of Detail ), its use at the convention led many to call Madison the " Father of the Constitution ".
Though there never were many network-accessible Monster servers, it inspired James Aspnes to create a stripped down version of Monster which he called TinyMUD.
Though started in 1938, it only gathered steam in 1940 under new-broom chairman James L. Fly.
Though she participated fully in the life of James ’ s court and maintained a court of her own, often attracting those not welcomed by James, she rarely took political sides against her husband.
Though their experiments identified both the positron and the neutron, they failed to interpret the significance of the results and the discoveries were later claimed by Carl David Anderson and James Chadwick respectively.
Though James was himself a prose writer and sponsored mostly prose works, he had an appreciation of verse.
Though his proposal failed, many reformers in Parliament came to regard him as their leader, instead of Charles James Fox.
Though Wilamowitz-Moellendorff wrote them off as mythical, the results of archaeological excavations at Çatalhöyük by James Mellaart and Fritz Schachermeyr led them to conclude that the Pelasgians had migrated from Asia Minor to the Aegean basin in the 4th millennium BC.
Though it is named for him, James Potter never actually lived in Potter County and may have never even visited the area.
Though James sued for peace and Pope Clement attempted to mediate it, Peter returned to Barcelona prepared to invade Roussillon and Cerdagne.
" Though she never considered portraying Drusilla with a Southern American accent, as James Marsters had considered for Spike, she notes that invited comparisons with Blanche DuBois would also have been interesting.
Though he was the son and grandson of painters, he first sought a career as an actor ; he appeared in small parts in Sir Henry Irving's company, before taking up the study of art as assistant to James Abbott McNeill Whistler.
Though considered by some ( including Jeremy Bentham ) to be an indifferent judge, his Observations on the Statutes, chiefly the more ancient, from Magna Charta to 21st James I ( 1766 ), had a high reputation among historians and constitutional antiquaries, and ran through five editions down to 1796.
Though James continued to record for Chess, she was devastated by the death of Chess founder Leonard Chess in 1969.
Though she continued to perform, little was heard of Etta James until 1987 when she was seen performing " Rock & Roll Music " with Chuck Berry on his " Hail!
Though James and Knowles were later seen at a red carpet event following the film's release embracing each other, James expressed her displeasure with Knowles at a Seattle concert in January 2009, a few days after Knowles sang her song, " At Last ", at the first inaugural ball for Barack Obama.
Though the boy in the book is unnamed, in the film he is named " James ".
Though Bart wrote a title song for the film, the producers remembered Barry's arrangement of the James Bond Theme and his composing and arranging for several films with Adam Faith.
Though Polydor's American branch is defunct, in the United Kingdom Polydor remains one of the strongest labels in the country — with artists such as Esmée Denters, Take That, Girls Aloud, N-Dubz, La Roux, Cheryl Cole, Nicola Roberts, Duffy, Klaxons, Delphic, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, The Saturdays, James Morrison, Kaiser Chiefs, Boyzone, Alphabeat, The Courteeners, S Club 7, S Club 8, Rachel Stevens and Ellie Goulding.

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