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Though and surrounding
Though Dar es Salaam lost its official status as capital city to Dodoma in 1974 ( a move which was not complete until 1996 ), it remains the centre of the permanent central government bureaucracy and continues to serve as the capital for the surrounding Dar es Salaam Region.
Though this has never been proven, many observers in the press and academia believe that the US has not provided convincing answers to several of the more suspicious details surrounding the coup, such as the circumstances under which the US obtained Aristide's purported letter of " resignation " ( as presented by the US ) which, translated from Kreyol, does not actually read as a resignation.
Though Bruce is a minor character, his battles and the events surrounding his war against England are catalogued.
Though influential in their own right, these strands of research have not been given much attention in the debate surrounding linguistic relativity, which has tended to center on the American paradigm exemplified by Sapir and Whorf.
Though the assumptions surrounding this species ' origins were not yet entirely accurate, by the 20th century, it was established among naturalists that the brown rat did not originate in Norway, rather the species came from central Asia and ( likely ) China.
Though the Tribune endorsed George Ryan in the 1998 Illinois gubernatorial race, the paper subsequently investigated and reported on the scandals surrounding Ryan during his preceding years as Secretary of State.
Though reinstated in a plebiscite, the controversy surrounding Leopold led to his abdication.
Though the exterior shots were always filmed on location in Holmfirth and the surrounding countryside, the interior shots were, until the early 1990s, filmed in front of a live studio audience at BBC Television Centre in London.
Though the official total area of the town is 11. 2 square miles, approximately 100 square miles of the surrounding Los Gatos Mountains ( within the Santa Cruz Mountains range ), has a Los Gatos address and uses the 95033 zip code ( primarily ) for U. S. Postal Service mail delivery ( among other purposes ).
Though it is older than the areas surrounding it, it now serves primarily as a residential suburb of Baltimore.
Though no longer an island in the twelfth century, the high conical bulk of Glastonbury Tor had been surrounded by marsh before the surrounding fenland in the Somerset Levels was drained.
Though not a municipality, it is sometimes recognized as the largest suburb of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania ( while Upper Darby Township, Lower Merion Township, Bensalem Township, Abington Township and Bristol Township are municipalities larger in size in the three surrounding Pennsylvania counties ).
Though the population of the surrounding county declined during the 1880s, Refugio continued to grow during this period, and by 1890 there were an estimated 1, 100 people living there.
Though the number of farms in the area surrounding the city declined after World War II, the oil and gas industry helped to sustain the local economy until the county's petroleum production dropped significantly during the 1980s.
Though there is still some controversy surrounding this point, to date no-one has offered proof that the episode did NOT air on that date in any US market.
Though visitors were originally allowed inside the folly the area surrounding it has been fenced off due to an instance of suicide off the cliff edge.
Though the actual end of the shogunate and establishment of an Imperial government following Western modes was handled entirely peacefully, through political petitions and the like, the years surrounding the event were not an entirely bloodless revolution.
Though the debate surrounding the cause of Alexander's sudden death has never been clearly resolved, all of our ancient sources — even those who reject the notion of murder and assign the death to natural causes — mention that rumours abounded in the late fourth century BC that Antipater had been responsible for poisoning the great king.
Though these industries have declined over the past decade, Faro is attempting to attract eco-tourists to the region to view such animals as Dall's Sheep and Stone's Sheep — a species of mountain sheep almost unique to the surrounding area.
Though relatively small, Stalbridge is quite independent, with its own small supermarket, newsagent, electronics store, GP Surgery and many other services, reflecting its catchment area of surrounding farms and hamlets.
Though cloisters served functions of quiet meditation or a study garden, the uses of the surrounding buildings in the St. Gall plan, each entered only through the covered porches, show how central the cloister was to the communal life: on the eastern side stood the calefactoria or warming room, the sole heated space, with above it the dormitory ; on the south side the refectory, with above it the vestiarium (" vestiary "); on the west side the cellar for wines and beer with above it the larder.
Though he had the upper hand, with his soldiers surrounding Black James and his men, Gearóid Mór FitzGerald, Ireland's premier earl, wished to end the bloody feud between both families.
Though the Sandbaggers ' missions took them all over the world, most of the exterior filming was actually done in the city of Leeds and the surrounding Yorkshire countryside.
Though Ivan managed to retake the city with little difficulty, the treachery and conspiracy involved in the original seizure led him to order the executions of the assistant crown secretaries of Izborsk, as well as the secretaries of the surrounding fortresses.
Though not particularly high, compared to other peaks within Scotland, the mountain is very prominent, owing to its isolation and the relative flatness of the surrounding terrain, and dominates the skyline from several viewpoints.

Though and County
Though Mary claimed that Sonny's drug use caused the accident, the autopsy performed by the Douglas County Coroner showed no indication of any substances or alcohol.
Though it has been largely eclipsed by California's production, the area still produces significant quantities of tomatoes, green beans, corn, soy beans — Queen Anne's County is the largest producer of soy beans in Maryland — and other popular vegetables.
Though not explicitly connected with Johnson County, The Ox-Bow Incident ( 1940 ) by Walter Van Tilburg Clark is a novel that dramatizes and condemns a lynching of the sort that Wister's novel appears to defend.
Though both Sherman County and Sherman, Texas, are named for the same person, the city of Sherman is located in Grayson County, approximately 430 miles to the southeast.
Though it is named for him, James Potter never actually lived in Potter County and may have never even visited the area.
Though Polk County is located in western Oregon, politically it falls in line with the eastern side of the state.
Though Lake County is located in central Oregon, politically it falls in line with the eastern side of the state.
Though Jefferson County is located in central Oregon, politically it falls in line with the eastern side of the state.
Though Gilliam County is located in central Oregon, politically it falls in line with the eastern side of the state.
Though Crook County is the most central county in Oregon, politically it falls in line with the eastern side of the state.
Though defeated on election day, the matter went to court, which led to the creation of the present-day Renville County in 1910.
Though technically there are ( or were ) no incorporated municipalities in Camden County, the county became the first consolidated city-county entity in North Carolina in June 2006.
Though New Jersey is generally a blue state, Cape May County is a red county.
Though deep mines in thin coal seams once provided jobs and income for local residents in the past, this is not the case in present-day Owsley County.
Though a rural county, Elbert County has been home to many legends.
Though such Republican sweeps had frequently occurred in northern and northwestern Arkansas, White County was the first in the Little Rock area to turn to the GOP, as the party steadily made inroads toward a two-party system.
Though Bishop is the only city and the largest populated place in Inyo County, the county seat is Independence.
Though this area was historically an unincorporated section of Lake County prior to annexation by the City of Hobart, it is currently served by the Merrillville post office.
Though there are only two incorporated towns in Anne Arundel County, nearby locations to Arnold include:
Though their region included all of Baltimore County, their primary settlement was along the mouth of the Susquehanna River.
Though it is over fifteen miles west of the easternmost portions of Worcester County, it nonetheless is the northeast corner of the county, bordering Middlesex County to the east, and Cheshire County, New Hampshire and Hillsborough County, New Hampshire to the north.

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