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from Brown Corpus
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Though and there
Though the four boys and two girls, the youngest nineteen years of age, the oldest twenty-four, came from varying backgrounds and had different professional and personal interests, there was surprising agreement among them.
Though Catherine was vexed at the number of French officers streaming to the Turkish standard, there were several under her own, such as the Prince De Nassau ; ;
Though creeks in the Santa Cruz mountains flow brimful the year round and it is forever spring, the apples that grow there have a wintry crackle.
Though there is obviously nothing new about these techniques, they do challenge the worker's skill to articulate them precisely on the spot and on the basis of quick and accurate diagnostic assessments.
Though there was an occasional good-natured chuckle about Marvin Goulding, the Jewish officer from Chicago, singing tearfully about the ould sod, no one really thought it was strange.
Though there are many exceptions, which we have noted in preceding pages, white wine is as a rule best consumed between two and six years old, and red wines, nowadays, between three and ten.
Though there has been some avant garde indication that contemporary furniture might go back to the boxy look of the '20's and '40's, two manufacturers chose to take the approach of the sophisticated, but warm look in contemporary.
`` Though that does not mean that there may not be such records there.
Though the only accounts of his lectures seem to show a sort of eccentric style and approach, he was said to have been good friends with many other masters at the school in Paris, and taught there, as well as some time in southern France, into his old age.
Though there was no Bronze Age city on the site, archaeology has detected human activity that is evident from the earliest Iron Age, circa 1100 BC.
Though there might be blocs of opinion, sometimes enduring, on important matters, there were no political parties and likewise no government or opposition ( as in the Westminster system ).
Though she never became a nun, she spent the rest of her days there in prayer.
Though they admit that plants must be destroyed for the sake of food, they accept such violence only inasmuch as it is indispensable for human survival, and there are special instructions for preventing unnecessary violence against plants.
Though much more expensive than steel, there are now aluminium alloys available that will not corrode in salt water, and an aluminium boat built to similar load carrying standards could be built lighter than steel.
Though a minimum of three bishops participating is desirable ( there are usually several more ) in order to demonstrate collegiality, canonically only one bishop is necessary.
Though there were few initial changes to the service, usage increased and the network became profitable.
Though there are a variety of positions in which the outfield ( non-goalkeeper ) players are strategically placed by a coach, these positions are not defined or required by the rules of the game.
Though there is some debate on the exact mechanism of conjugation it seems that the pili are not the structures through which DNA exchange occurs.
Though there was much argument in the past, it is now generally accepted that brochs were roofed, probably with a conical timber framed roof covered with a locally sourced thatch.
" Though she claims thousands of followers, mostly in Germany, there has been no verification that any have lived for extended periods without food.
Though there are many important differences of interpretation and opinion of the Bible on which Christianity is based, Christians share a set of beliefs that they hold as essential to their faith.
Though virtually any game in which there are winning and losing outcomes can be wagered on, these games are specifically designed to make the betting process a strategic part of the game.

Though and is
Though he is also concerned with freeing dance from pedestrian modes of activity, Merce Cunningham has selected a very different method for achieving his aim.
Though sex in some form or other enters into all human activity and it was a good thing that Freud emphasized this aspect of human nature, it is fantastic to explain everything in terms of sex.
Though it centers around the brilliant and enigmatic figure of Charles 12,, the true hero is not finally the king himself.
Though versatile and capable of turning out a ballad lyric with the best of them, Mercer's forte is a highly polished quasi-folk wit.
Though it is not easy to apply the evidence of the Iliad to any specific era, this marvelous product of the epic tradition had certainly taken definitive shape by 750.
Though now complete, the publication is included in this directory because of its importance and because of the long-term nature of its preparation.
Though his character is broader and more comically rounded than the don, he gives it a firmness and toughness -- a sort of peasant dignity -- too.
Though Aristotle wrote many elegant treatises and dialogues ( Cicero described his literary style as " a river of gold "), it is thought that the majority of his writings are now lost and only about one-third of the original works have survived.
Though the prison chaplain accuses the state of stripping Alex of free will, the government officials on the scene are pleased with the results and Alex is released into society.
Though her personal contact with Alfred Nobel had been brief, she corresponded with him until his death in 1896, and it is believed that she was a major influence in his decision to include a peace prize among those prizes provided in his will.
Though the word atom originally denoted a particle that cannot be cut into smaller particles, in modern scientific usage the atom is composed of various subatomic particles.
Though the ceremony installs the new abbot into a position of legal authority, it does not confer further sacramental authority-it is not a further degree of Holy Orders ( although some abbots have been ordained to the episcopacy ).
Though the title " abbot " is not given in the Western Church to any but actual abbots of monasteries today, the title archimandrite is given to " monastics " ( i. e., celibate ) priests in the East, even when not attached to a monastery, as an honor for service, similar to the title of monsignor in the Western / Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church.
Though she is one of the few gods of the Greek Pantheon to be actually married, she is frequently unfaithful to her husband.
Though the are has fallen out of use, the hectare is still commonly used to measure land:
Though their holding-power-to-weight ratio is significantly lower than admiralty pattern anchors, their ease of handling and stowage aboard large ships led to almost universal adoption.
Though some of the masonry in the ruins is certainly pre-Roman, the Suda's identification of it with Cyinda, famous as a treasure city in the wars of Eumenes of Cardia, cannot be accepted in the face of Strabo's express location of Cyinda in western Cilicia.
Though the resolution is historically significant, Hideaki Uemura, professor at Keisen University in Tokyo and a specialist in indigenous peoples ' rights, commented that the motion is " weak in the sense of recognizing historical facts " as the Ainu were " forced " to become Japanese in the first place.

Though and obviously
Though it was basically an upper-and middle-class conservative party, the presence of ex-Labor MPs with working-class backgrounds, most obviously the party leader, Lyons, allowed the party to present a convincing image of national unity transcending class barriers.
Though obviously talented at the piano, Ravel demonstrated a preference for composing.
Though not in all respects of his highest order of execution, this counts among the most obviously beautiful and attractive of Mantegna's works from which the qualities of beauty and attraction are often excluded, in the stringent pursuit of those other excellences more germane to his severe genius, tense energy passing into haggard passion.
Though these fascinations aren ’ t obviously present in his Fourth String Quartet, he did incorporate symmetrical structures: Movements I and V are similar, as are Movements II and IV ; Movement III is at center, greatly contrasting with the other movements.
Though Maria believes Durham to be obviously rationalising his experiences while psychotic, she agrees to Durham's request to have herself scanned and inserted into the TVC launch as an on-hand Autoverse expert.
Though this topic is thoroughly explored in Roth's series of Zuckerman novels, Operation Shylock even more radically attacks the distinction between art and life by making a fairly mimetic version of the author the protagonist of an obviously invented ( though plausible ) story.
Though la Castafiore is obviously Italian, her pet aria is from a French opera ( Faust was composed by Charles Gounod ) rather than the Verdi, Puccini, or Donizetti one might expect from a star of La Scala.
Though somewhat effective, these actions were obviously very hazardous to any desperate mortar crew for a number of reasons.
Though the exact contents of Chic Young's illustrated Dagwood sandwich remain obscure, it obviously contains large quantities and varieties of cold cuts, sliced cheese and vegetables separated by additional slices of bread.
Though much of the novel has to do with Vonnegut's own experiences during the firebombing of Dresden, Vonnegut continually points out the artificiality of the central narrative arc which contains obviously fictional elements such as aliens and time travel.
Though the details of these structures are obviously system-dependent, we can identify some very common parts, and classify them in three main categories:
Though the Transporter is obviously available, this movie continues the tradition of Kirk arriving aboard Enterprise in a Shuttle.
French musicologist and writer Philippe Beaussant described the composer's work thus: " Though his compositions are skilfully written, their mastery is not obviously admirable as such.
Though he was obviously a different character than the first DC Manhunter, the name Rick Nelson was quickly changed to Paul Kirk in Adventure Comics # 74 by an unknown editor.
Though obviously under the influence of the liquor in the bottle she carries around before and after her delivery of the song ' He's Just My Bill ,' the song itself is performed straight, with no hint of the ravages that alcohol have taken on her body and voice.
Though this is obviously safer than exposing the fish to another male, prolonged sight of their reflection can lead to stress in some individuals.
Though she is described as 11 years old, she is often seen performing tasks ( most obviously driving a motor vehicle ) that should only be done by a person several years older.

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