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Three and Aramaic
" Three Aramaic Papyri from Elephantine, Egypt " in Smithsonian Institution Annual Report ( 1907 ): 605-11. and abstracted, by permission, from " Drei Aramaeische Papyrusurkunden aus Elephantine " by Eduard Sachau in the Abhandlungen der koeniglichen preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften for the year 1907.

Three and Dead
He appeared again as Poirot in three made-for-television movies: Thirteen at Dinner ( 1985 ), Dead Man's Folly ( 1986 ), and Murder in Three Acts ( 1986 ).
Furthermore, frescoes and murals dealing with death had a long tradition and were widespread, e. g. the legend of the Three Living and the Three Dead: on a ride or hunt, three young gentlemen meet three cadavers ( sometimes described as their ancestors ) who warn them, Quod fuimus, estis ; quod sumus, vos eritis ( What we were, you are ; what we are, you will be ).
Raimi returned to the horror genre with the seminal Evil Dead II ( which added slapstick humor to the over the top horror, showcasing his love of the Three Stooges ).
The Hawaii Five-O episode " Three Dead Cows at Makapu, Part 2 " featured a scientist played by Ed Flanders who threatened to unleash a deadly virus on the island of Oahu.
His books of poetry include Poems 1913 and 1914 ( 1914 ); Poems Translated from the French ( 1914 ); Three Poems ( 1916 ); The Barn ( 1916 ); The Silver Bird of Herndyke Mill ; Stane Street ; The Gods of the World Beneath, ( 1916 ); The Harbingers ( 1916 ); Pastorals ( 1916 ); The Waggoner and Other Poems ( 1920 ); The Shepherd, and Other Poems of Peace and War ( 1922 ); Old Homes ( 1922 ); To Nature: New Poems ( 1923 ); Dead Letters ( 1923 ); Masks of Time: A New Collection of Poems Principally Meditative ( 1925 ); Japanese Garland ( 1928 ); Retreat ( 1928 ); Winter Nights: A Reminiscence ( 1928 ); Near and Far: New Poems ( 1929 ); A Summer's Fancy ( 1930 ); To Themis: Poems on Famous Trials ( 1931 ); Constantia and Francis: An Autumn Evening, ( 1931 ); Halfway House: A Miscellany of New Poems, ( 1932 ); Choice or Chance: New Poems ( 1934 ); Verses: To H. R. H. The Duke of Windsor, ( 1936 ); An Elegy and Other Poems ( 1937 ); On Several Occasions ( 1938 ); Poems, 1930-1940 ( 1940 ); Shells by a Stream ( 1944 ); After the Bombing, and Other Short Poems ( 1949 ); Eastward: A Selection of Verses Original and Translated ( 1950 ); Records of Friendship ( 1950 ); A Hong Kong House ( 1959 ); Poems on Japan ( 1967 ).
1966 ); Crapsey, Adelaide: " Pierrot " ( c. 1914 ); Faulkner, William: Vision in Spring ( 1921 ); Ficke, Arthur Davison: " A Watteau Melody " ( 1913 ); Garrison, Theodosia: " Good-Bye, Pierrette " ( 1906 ), " When Pierrot Passes " ( before 1917 ); Griffith, William: Loves and Losses of Pierrot ( 1916 ), Three Poems: Pierrot, the Conjurer, Pierrot Dispossesed, The Stricken Pierrot ( 1923 ); Hughes, Langston: " A Black Pierrot " ( 1923 ), " Pierrot " ( 1926 ), " For Dead Mimes " ( 1926 ), " Heart " ( 1932 )— see " Goldweber " under External links below ; Loveman, Samuel: " In Pierrot's Garden " ( 1911 ; five poems ); Lowell, Amy: " Stravinsky's Three Pieces " ( 1915 ); Masters, Edgar Lee: " Poor Pierrot " ( 1918 ); Moore, Marianne: " To Pierrot Returning to His Orchid " ( c. 1910 ); Shelley, Melvin Geer: " Pierrot " ( 1940 ); Stevens, Wallace: " Pierrot " ( 1909, first pub.
After leaving Universal he began a long collaboration with Samuel Goldwyn for whom he directed such classics as Dodsworth ( 1936 ), These Three ( 1936 ), Dead End ( 1937 ), Wuthering Heights ( 1939 ), The Westerner ( 1940 ), The Little Foxes ( 1941 ) and The Best Years of Our Lives ( 1946 ).
Recent successful films include the working class comedies Brassed Off ( 1996 ) and The Full Monty ( 1997 ), the more middle class Richard Curtis-scripted films Four Weddings and a Funeral ( 1994 ) and Notting Hill ( 1999 ) the pop-culture referencing Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy ( so far Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz ), and a movie based on a real life event The Boat That Rocked ( 2009 ).
They include Joe following the making of Little Britain series 2, which was screened on BBC Three and is included on the Little Britain Series 2 DVD ; a video diary of his brief cameo as a zombie, which appears on the UK Shaun of the Dead DVD ; and ' Hot Fuzz ': The Fuzzball Rally, where he followed his friends and collaborators, Edgar Wright, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg on the US press tour for their film, Hot Fuzz.
To celebrate their 20th anniversary as a band, Shellac will return to ATP to curate once more in December 2012-so far choosing Wire, Scrawl, Mission Of Burma, The Ex + Brass Unbound, Red Fang, Shannon Wright, The Membranes, Alix, Bear Claw, Helen Money, Dead Rider, Arcwelder, Neurosis, Mono, Melt Banana, Uzeda, Prinzhorn Dance School, Three Second Kiss, Buke and Gase, Oxbow, Nina Nastasia, Zeni Geva, Bottomless Pit, Pinebender and STNNNG to play alongside them, with more to be confirmed.
Alliteration was sometimes used together with rhyme in Middle English work, as in Pearl and in the densely structured poem The Three Dead Kings.
Hastings has been portrayed on film and television by several actors, including Robert Morley in The Alphabet Murders ( 1965 ); Jonathan Cecil in three TV films-Thirteen at Dinner ( 1985 ), Dead Man's Folly ( 1986 ), and Murder in Three Acts ( 1986 ); and most notably, Hugh Fraser, who has portrayed Hastings alongside David Suchet's Poirot in 41 of the 49 episodes of Agatha Christie's Poirot broadcast up until 2003.
Issue # 2 featured a story called " We Three Things ", and issue # 3 featured the Dead Boy Detectives in a tale set during Tim's time at one of the Inns Between the Worlds.
The stories " Three Dead Men " and " A Moment of Silence for Man Ray " ( both in Girl on the Subway ) are examples of this.
Together with Avdotya Panaeva, who wrote under the pseudonym of V. Stanitsky, Nekrasov published two very long picturesque novels: Three Countries of the World and Dead Lake.
The Three Dead and the Three Living ( on the left ) and The Triumph of Death, c. 1338-39
Although none of his known work has survived, he is widely assumed to be the painter of a most influential fresco cycle in the Camposanto in Pisa, featuring the The Three Dead and the Three Living, the Triumph of Death, the Last Judgement, the Hell, and the Thebais ( several episodes from the lives of the Holy Fathers in the Desert ).
Three actors from the original film have cameos in the remake, appearing on the televisions the survivors watch: Ken Foree, who played Peter from the original, plays an evangelist who asserts that God is punishing mankind ; Scott H. Reiniger, who played Roger in the original, plays an army general telling everyone to stay at home for safety and Tom Savini, who did the special effects for many of Romero's movies and played the motorcycle gang member Blades in the original Dawn of the Dead, plays the Monroeville Sheriff explaining the only way to kill the zombies is to " shoot ' em in the head.
Three more singles — " Dead Man Walking ", " Seven Years in Tibet ", and " I'm Afraid of Americans " — did not fare so well, although the latter did remain in the U. S. charts for 16 weeks, peaking at number 66.
Performers such as Ken Brown, local magician Ron Pearson, Rapid Fire Theatre, Die-Nasty, Teatro la Quindicina, Panties Productions, Mump and Smoot, The Wombats, Ribbit Productions, The Dan Show, Nikolai, Ryan Stock of Insane Entertainment, Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie and Tim Waterson have appeared at the festival regularly.

Three and Sea
Three times the size of continental Europe, it spanned the Eurasian landmass from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean.
Three great deserts isolate Najd from north, east, and south as the Red Sea escarpment does from the west.
Other XTC side projects include a Viz promotional single as " Johnny Japes and his Jesticles ", a Christmas-themed single as " The Three Wise Men " and a guest appearance on their own tribute album Testimonial Dinner as " Terry and the Lovemen " ( named after a rejected album title for Black Sea ).
Many set dances are performed in treble jig time, a few being Drunken Gauger, Blackthorn Stick, The Three Sea Captains, and St Patrick's Day.
Three species of Loricifera have been found in the sediments at the bottom of the L ' Atalante basin in Mediterranean Sea, more than 3, 000 meters down, the first multicellular organisms known to spend their entire lives in an oxygen-free environment.
Three mountain passes lead to the city, which have been key roads since antiquity, connecting the Adriatic Sea and Central Europe with the Black and Aegean Seas.
Three new bridge systems have been built across the islands of the Inland Sea between Honshu and Shikoku ( Akashi Kaikyō Bridge and the Ōnaruto Bridge ; Shin-Onomichi Bridge, Innoshima Bridge, Ikuchi Bridge, Tatara Bridge, Ōmishima Bridge, Hakata-Ōshima Bridges, and the Kurushima-Kaikyo Bridge ; Shimotsui-Seto Bridge, Hitsuishijima Bridge, Iwakurojima Bridge, Yoshima Bridge, Kita Bisan-Seto Bridge, and the Minami Bisan-Seto Bridge ), and the Seikan Tunnel connects Honshu with Hokkaido.
Image: Sea urchins, Sterechinus neumayeri. jpg | Three dead specimens of Sterechinus neumayeri
Three months before Down to the Sea in Ships was released, Bow danced half nude, on a table, uncredited in Enemies of Women ( 1923 ).
Three of the larger mainland neighborhoods in the Town are golf course developments at Oyster Bay, Sea Trail Resort and Sandpiper Bay.
According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Korea, the name Donghae ( 동해, literally East Sea ) has been used in Korea for over 2, 000 years, including in History of the Three Kingdoms ( 三國史記, 1145 ), the monument of King Gwanggaeto, and " Map of Eight Provinces of Korea " ( 八道總圖, 1530 ).
* Three Women and the Sea, 1961
Three of his pieces, " Sea Burial ", " Persimmon Pucker ", and " Minuet for Betty Schuyler ", were arranged by Ferde Grofe for the orchestra of Paul Whiteman.
The naval Battle of Portland, or Three Days ' Battle took place during 28 February-2 March 1653 ( Old style ), during the First Anglo-Dutch War, when the fleet of the Commonwealth of England under General at Sea Robert Blake was attacked by a fleet of the Dutch Republic under Lieutenant-Admiral Maarten Tromp escorting merchant shipping through the English Channel.
He wrote two more companion books to Three Harbours, Stars on the Sea and Rivers of Glory, as well as three more Hugh North mysteries in the years leading up to World War II.
The provinces ' slogan is: City of the Sea of Mountains, Coldest Place in Siam, with Beautiful Flowers of Three Seasons.
:: Padişah-i thalath şehireha-i Qostantiniyye, Edirne ve Hüdavendigâr, ül şehireyn-i Dimaşq ve Qahira, tamam Azerbayjan, Mağrib, Barqah, Kayravan, Haleb, ül -‘ Iraq-i ‘ Arab vel ‘ Ajam, Basra, ül-dulan-i Lahsa, Rakka, Musul, Partiyye, Diyârbekir, Kilikiyye, ül vilâyatun-i Erzurum, Sivas, Adana, Karaman, Van, Barbariyye, Habeş, Tunus, Trablus-i Garb, Şam, Kıbrıs, Rodos, Girit, ül vilâyet-i Mora, ül Bahr-i Sefid vel Bahr-i Siyah ve i-swahil, Anadolu, Rumeli, Bagdâd, Kurdistân, Yunanistan, Türkistan, Tatariyye, Çerkesyye, ül mintaqateyn-i Kabarda, Gürjistan, ül-Deşt-i Qipçaq, tamam ül-mamlikat-i Tatar, Kefe ve tamam ül-etraf, Bosna, ül şehir ve hisar-i Belgrat, ül vilâyet-i Sırbistan bil tamam ül-hisareha ve şehireha, tamam Arnavut, tamam Eflak ve Boğdan, ve tamam ül-mustamlak vel-hududeha, ve muteaddit mamalekat ve şehireha, i. e. Emperor of The Three Cities of Constantinople, Adrianople and Bursa, and of the Cities of Damascus and Cairo, of all Azerbaijan, of the Magreb, of Barka, of Kairouan, of Aleppo, of the Arabic and the Persian Iraq, of Basra, of Al-Hasa strip, of Ar Raqqah, of Mosul, of Parthia, of Diyarbakır, of Cilicia, of the provinces of Erzurum, of Sivas, of Adana, of Karaman, Van, of Barbary, of Abyssinia, of Tunisia, of Tripoli, of Damascus, of Cyprus, of Rhodes, of Crete, of the province of Morea, of the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea and also their coasts, of Anatolia, Rumelia, Baghdad, Greece, Turkistan, Tartary, Circassia, of the two regions of Kabarda, of Georgia, of the Steppe of Kypchaks, of the whole country of the Tatars, of Kefe and of all the neighboring regions, of Bosnia, of the City and Fort of Belgrade, of the province of Serbia, with all the castles and cities, of all Albania, of all Eflak and Bogdania, as well as all the dependencies and borders, and many other countries and cities.
Three years later, he published Newport: The City by the Sea.
In the past several years, several notable musicians have come from Dallas, including Erykah Badu, Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers, Mike Nesmith of The Monkees, Neon Indian, The Polyphonic Spree, Old 97s, St. Vincent, Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians, LehtMoJoe, Toadies, MeatLoaf, Baboon, The Secret Machines, Dorrough, Mount Righteous, The Paper Chase, Devourment, Absu, Course of Empire, Coilback, MC 900 Ft. Jesus, Reverend Horton Heat, Lone Star Trio, Sofa Kingdom, Princess Tex, End Over End, The Trees, Three On A Hill, Buck Pets, About Nine Times, Last Rites, Sara Hickman, Robin Myrick, Meredith Miller, Mildred, Orange Schubert, Picket Line Coyotes, Chomsky, The Deathray Davies, Shallow Reign, Loco Gringos, Hash Palace, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah !, Decadent Dub Team, Rigor Mortis, Karma Gettin, Lithium X-mas, Matthew and the Arrogant Sea and Alex Moore and Pantera.
Three Sea Gladiators were added for the operation.
She is enshrined on numerous locations throughout Japan ; for example, the Enoshima Island in Sagami Bay, the Chikubu Island in Lake Biwa and the Itsukushima Island in Seto Inland Sea ( Japan's Three Great Benzaiten Shrines ); and she and a five-headed dragon are the central figures of the Enoshima Engi, a history of the shrines on Enoshima written by the Japanese Buddhist monk Kōkei ( 皇慶 ) in AD 1047.
* Three Sea Songs ( 1920s, Henry Newbolt )
In the Sala deilo Scrutinio Tintoretto painted the Capture of Zara from the Hungarians in 1346 amid a Hurricane of Missiles ; in the hail of the senate, Venice, Queen of the Sea ; in the hall of the college, the Espousal of St Catherine to Jesus ; in the Sala dell Anticollegio, four extraordinary masterpieces-Bacchus, with Ariadne crowned by Venus, the Three Graces and Mercury, Minerva discarding Mars, and the Forge of Vulcan which were painted for fifty ducats each, besides materials, towards 1578 ; in the Antichiesetta, St George and St Nicholas, with St Margaret ( the female figure is sometimes termed the princess whom St George rescued from the dragon ), and St Jerome and St Andrew ; in the hall of the great council, nine large compositions, chiefly battle-pieces.

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