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Through and Irish
Through his mother, both from The Earl Spencer and The Baron Fermoy Families, Harry is of English, Scottish, American descent and of remote Irish descent.
* Leinster states and kings in Christian times pp. 33 – 52, The Ua Maelechlainn kings of Meath, pp. 90 – 107, Christian kings of Connacht, pp. 177 – 194, Paul Walsh, in Irish Leaders and Learning Through the Ages, ed.
Through Captain Shaw, Duncan Smith is also a distant relative ( 3rd cousin once removed ) of George Bernard Shaw, the Irish playwright and socialist.
For example, William Irish was the byline in Dime Detective Magazine ( February, 1942 ) on his 1942 story " It Had to Be Murder ", ( source of the 1954 Alfred Hitchcock movie Rear Window ) and based on H. G. Wells ' short story " Through a Window ".
Through a division of the association known as Scór ( Irish for " score ") the GAA promotes Irish cultural activities, running competitions in music, singing, dancing and storytelling.
Through the Gaelic League, MacNeill met members of Sinn Féin, the Irish Republican Brotherhood, and other Irish Nationalists.
Through her mother, she is of Irish and German descent.
Through this work, Albizu met Éamon de Valera and later became a consultant in the drafting of the constitution of the Irish Free State.
Among his compositions are four piano concertos, Through Streets Broad and Narrow for piano and chamber orchestra, a concerto for harp dedicated to the Irish harpist Andreja Maliř, a symphony, much chamber music including seven piano trios and over 250 songs.
He noted a career cut short: " Through his tragic and untimely death Dáil Éireann and Irish public life have suffered a grievous loss.
Through this he gained his lasting reputation as an inveterate perpetrator of Irish bulls.
His translation of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland into Irish ( 2003 ) received excellent reviews .< ref >" Níos aistíche agus níos aistíche " in < cite > Lá </ cite >, 24 November 2003 ; copy of the review here In November 2004, he published his Irish translation of Through the Looking-Glass.
She continued to write children's and educational books, for instance Early Egyptian History ( 1861 ) and The Nation Around ( 1870 ), but she branched out in 1859 into adult fiction with Through the Shadows ( 1859 ), although a measure of fame had to wait until Castle Daly: The Story of an Irish Home Thirty Years Ago ( 1875 ), which was reprinted several times up to the end of the 1880s.
While with The Yardbirds, Page recorded an instrumental entitled White Summer, itself inspired by the first recorded DADGAD tune, Davey Graham's arrangement of the traditional Irish tune ' She Moved Through the Fair '.
" She Moved Through the Fair " ( or " She Moves Through the Fair ") is a traditional Irish folk song, which exists in a number of versions and which has been recorded many times.
He collected Irish folk songs, including the famous She Moved Through the Fair, for which Colum wrote most of the words, with the musicologist Herbert Hughes.
Through Castletown and his later work, including the Irish Houses of Parliament Pearce had firmly established many of the Italian architectural concepts in Ireland.
Through the two families, David was of English, Scottish and Welsh or Irish descent, and, through an ancestor on her father's side, also Dutch and Sumatran.
Through the Gothic and Renaissance periods Irish art was essentially a regional variation of wider European styles, with many works imported from England or further afield, and some English artists and craftsmen active in Ireland.
Through The United Irishman and Sinn Féin Griffith demonstrated the need to arrogate legislature from the hands of the British by transferring Irish Parliament back to Dublin.

Through and Aid
In 2001 Rowling penned two companion books to the Harry Potter series, Quidditch Through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, for British charity and off-shoot of Live Aid, Comic Relief with all of her royalties going to the charity.
Through 2012, Farm Aid concerts have been held in the following locations:
Through those agreements with Rite Aid, drugstore. com had access to Rite Aid customers through the RiteAid. com website and the Rite Aid online store, which was powered by the drugstore. com website.
Through his famous Berlin organization, Internationale Arbeiter-Hilfe ( International Workers ’ Aid or IAH, also known as Worker's International Relief or WIR ), based in Berlin, Münzenberg was reputed to have sent millions of dollars ’ worth of aid to the Soviet Union during the famine.

Through and administered
Through much of the postwar period the RNZAF was administered through Operations Group at Auckland, at one time supervising Strike, Transport and Maritime Operations Wings, and Support Group at Wigram responsible for training and support.
Through its ownership by Aldi ( managed by Aldi Nord ; the southern division, Aldi Sud, runs Aldi markets in the United States ), products branded with its name have begun to appear in ALDI MARKT ( stores administered by Aldi Nord ) in Europe.
As of 2002 the 100 resident, Mother Divine community for women was also located at the Spiritual Center in Boone, North Carolina and was administered by an organization called Maharishi Global Administration Through Natural Law.
Through an arrangement with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, they are administered by representatives from each state's police force during the fair.
) Through his contact with Cole, Jones was able to present his theories on decoration, ornament and polychromy via a series of lectures at the Society of Arts and at the Government School of Design, whose headmaster was the artist Richard Burchett, and which was administered by the newly formed Department of Practical Art at Marlborough House.
Through the tribally-chartered Karuk Community Development Corporation, the Karuk Tribe also has administered salmon fisheries enhancement projects, acquired and expanded a retail business, planned a small manufacturing plant, assisted a number of local people in starting small business enterprises and staffs Workforce Development personnel at Community Computer Centers in Orleans, Happy Camp and Yreka.
Through all this, Bacon steadily administered the state government.

Through and budget
Through an innovative design-build concept that greatly reduced construction times, T-REX was finished in less than five years, and came in under budget.
Through the early 1970s, as its ratings grew and its meagre budget was increased, Hey Hey evolved into a freewheeling live light entertainment / comedy variety program.
Through the 1980s and 1990s, Hallmark Hall of Fame films often had twice the budget of other network films.
Through the end of 2011, more than $ 680 million have been raised, and the program had an operating budget of $ 660 million.
Through the budget of 1980-81, the number of scholarships for backward, most backward, SC and ST students was increased from 2. 5 lakhs to 5 lakhs and budgetary support was enhanced from 4. 5 crores to 13. 5 crores.
" Through his ability, by the careful leadership of his team, by total artistic control, and by vastly exceeding the intended budget of £ 15, 000, Burges produced a building that in size is little more than a large parish church but in impression is described in Lawrence and Wilson's study as " a cathedral becoming such a city and one which posterity may regard as a monument to the Almighty's praise.

Through and almost
Through her children Agnes would exert much influence in Jerusalem for almost 20 years.
Through breakthroughs in technology in the 1990s almost every synthesizer now created has DSP.
Through the 19th century, the harpsichord was almost completely supplanted by the piano.
Through the Middle Ages it was spoken of as the authoritative text on astronomy, with its author becoming an almost mythical figure, called Ptolemy, King of Alexandria.
Through the District, Disney could construct almost anything within its borders, including a nuclear power plant ( which it never built, opting instead for a more traditional plant that supplements power from outside of the District ).
Through a multitude of complicated tariff schedule revisions, the act made almost all woolen goods subject to the maximum duty rate.
Through most of its history relatively good relations between Protestants and Catholics were maintained by almost equal numbers from both communities.
Through almost 7, 000 volunteers the council serves over 57, 000 youth in over 850 units.
Through a series of adventures, Redmond eventually bullies and seduces the Countess of Lyndon, almost forcing her to marry him.
Through the course of time, the main industry of Mackinaw City became almost strictly tourist-oriented, with other civic services such as postal service, police, firefighting, schooling, etc.
Through the Middle West recently I found the Socialist Party almost extinct.
Through selective breeding, an almost solid ground color has been produced.
Gardner's Art Through the Ages suggests that " With this elegant bust, Thutmose may have been alluding to a heavy flower on its slender sleek stalk by exaggerating the weight of the crowned head and the length of the almost serpentine neck.
A U. S. law magazine noted how Jehovah's Witnesses had helped shape the course of constitutional law, remarking: " Through almost constant litigation this organization had made possible an ever-increasing list of precedents concerning the application of the 14th amendment to freedom of speech and religion ".
Plymouth almost surpassed Ford in 1940 and 1941 as the second most popular make of automobiles in the U. S. Through 1956, Plymouth vehicles were known for their durability, affordability, and engineering.
Through the use of immunizations, some infections and diseases have almost completely been eradicated throughout the United States and the World.
Through the latter part of November the Battalion was engaged in almost daily expeditions against small bands of Boxers lurking in nearby villages.
Through this program, almost 11, 000 titles were digitized, catalogued, and made available for free download from Internet Archive.
Through Bobby, Tony informed Junior that he could keep the title of Boss, almost all of his businesses were forfeited, and Tony would let him keep a 5 % tribute, which would be ( barely ) enough to live on and pay his legal bills.
Through her children Agnes would exert much influence in Jerusalem for almost 20 years.
Through almost all the time of Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, he used only two units of Fender bass guitar.
Through backcrossing some hybrids become almost indistinguishable from pure Green Peafowl.
Through the entire primary campaign season, Hirono and Case polled almost equally.
* Through progressive taxation, which would have to be almost 100 % after 50, 000 euros ( then 100, 000 guilders, incomes should be made more equal ;
Through the registration of the patent on cephalosporin, he was able to generate a regular income, which he devoted almost entirely to the establishment of two charitable trusts for the support of biomedical research, the Edward Penley Abraham Research Fund and the E P A Cephalosporin Fund.

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