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Through and managed
Through the late 1990s, BeOS managed to create a niche of followers, but the company failed to remain viable.
Through a tight fiscal policy and sometimes ruthless tax collection and confiscations, Henry managed to refill the treasury by the time of his death.
Through a defined contribution, this social security may be managed.
Through a strict, non-confrontational policy in pursuing independence, Estonia managed to avoid the violence which Latvia and Lithuania incurred in the bloody January 1991 crackdowns and in the border customs-post guard murders that summer.
Through six weeks of narrow escapes Charles managed to flee England in disguise, landing in Normandy on 16 October, despite a reward of £ 1, 000 on his head, risk of death for anyone caught helping him and the difficulty in disguising Charles, who was unusually tall at over 6 feet ( 185 cm ) high.
Through a number of incidents, including Jean having Wolverine kill her a number of times, Jean trapping herself in a glacier, the Phoenix Force jumping into Emma Frost, and parts of the X-Men being trapped in a Shi ' Ar-generated event horizon, Jean Grey managed to assert herself and gain control of the Phoenix Force, with emotional support of all the X-Men.
Through the royal connections she would have had during her service to the queen at Versailles, she managed to contract the French navy to help construct the famed ' pit ' on the island.
Through cunning political maneuvers, he managed to secure his power base.
Through the years Lockport has managed to retain its small town quality-a quality that welcomes visitors who travel along Bayou Lafourche, the longest street in the world
Through the afternoon, Soult, Augereau, and Murat managed to hold their ground while Davout, assisted by Saint-Hilaire, gradually bent the Russian left back further and further.
Through his agents, he managed to acquire such pieces as the Medusa Rondanini, the Barberini Faun, and, in 1813, the figures from the Aphaea temple on Aegina.
Through an ambitious program of public works, by fostering the state cult of Athena, by encouraging the creation of festivals and supporting the Panathenaean games, in which prizes were jars of olive oil, and in his support of the Dionosia ( leading to the development of Athenian drama ) Peisistratus managed to maintain his personal popularity.
" Through the 1980s, Hall's mother managed his career, eventually relinquishing that role to her second husband.
Through his connections, he managed to gain the favor of high ranking nobles in Kyoto, which helped him to be appointed abbot of Mount Kōya.
You know me from Wheel of Fortune but I'd really like to do something else now, so I'm willing to work for nothing to get some stuff on tape " Through her perseverance Smillie managed to pick up the odd presenting job and soon had enough material to create a show-reel to present to TV companies.
Through his arrogance and arbitrary actions ( Thucydides says " violence "), Pausanias managed to alienate many of the Allied contingents, particularly those that had just been freed from Persian overlordship.
Through their combined efforts, the X-Men and Magik managed to banish both Witchfire and the Elder Gods, but not without losing four of the five Bloodstones.
Through a plot, she managed to assume power in February 914, practically removing Patriarch Nicholas from the government, disowning and obscuring his recognition of Simeon's imperial title and rejecting the planned marriage of her son to one of Simeon's daughters.
Through gun and mortar fire, the men of the 2nd Regiment managed to set up machine guns and return fire, surprising and overwhelming the Germans.
Through vigorous campaigning, by 1908 Willett had managed to gain the support of a Member of Parliament ( MP ), Robert Pearce, who made several unsuccessful attempts to get it passed into law.
Through its Small Grants Programme ( SGP ), managed by Delfin Ganapin, Jr., the GEF has also made more than 12, 000 small grants directly to nongovernmental and community organizations, totalling $ 495 million.
Through these organizations he soon managed to control a large part of the opium traffic in China, using the money earned to fund his covert operations.
Through her friends, she managed to publish two texts: Olympe de Gouges au tribunal révolutionnaire, where she related her interrogations and her last work, Une patriote persécutée, where she condemned the Terror.
Through the Treaty of San Stefano, the Russians, led by chancellor Alexander Gorchakov, had managed to create a Bulgarian autonomous principality under the nominal rule of the Ottoman Empire, thus sparking British well-entrenched fears of growing Russian influence in the East.

Through and arrange
Through a boys ' boxing club, Hartnell met the art collector Hugh Blaker, who would become his unofficial guardian and arrange for him initially to train as a jockey ( horses were his first love ) and helped him enter the Italia Conti Academy.
Through magic and mortal means, she tries to arrange Arthur's downfall, most famously when she arranges for her lover Accolon to obtain the sword Excalibur and use it against Arthur in single combat.
The same organisers also arrange the Belgrade Race Through History, a race around the city's Kalemegdan fortress, which started in 1996.

Through and escape
* 1980 – Through cooperation between the U. S. and Canadian governments, six American diplomats secretly escape hostilities in Iran in the culmination of the Canadian caper.
" Take Back The Night " depicts the Prince's escape into exile, and " Through a Glass Darkly " depicts him in the aftermath of the failed campaigns, a broken, often drunken man.
The title is Through the mountains, in reference to Escriva's escape from the Republican zone through the mountains of Andorra during the Spanish Civil War.
Through flashbacks, we learn about his family of seven unattractive sisters, his accidental murder of one sister's lover, his imprisonment in an insane asylum, his rape of a patient, and his volunteering to be a soldier to escape confinement.
Through the help of the American Allen Dulles in Berne, Switzerland and of the German Legation ( in Berne )' s Georg Federer, the passport was modified and a visa obtained for Gisevius that enabled him to escape to Spain.
Through PiHKAL ( and later TiHKAL ), Shulgin sought to ensure that his discoveries would escape the limits of professional research labs and find their way to the public ; a goal consistent with his stated beliefs that psychedelic drugs can be valuable tools for self-exploration.
Through the ages, as the mahasiddha or ' great masters ' of the tantras hid themselves to escape the touch of the increasingly worldly people, these teachings were lost during the Kali Yuga or ' degenerate age '.
Doctor Stephen Franklin of Babylon 5 participated in an underground railroad to help rogue telepaths escape from the Corps (" A Race Through Dark Places ").
Through X-Man's actions, Onslaught was able to escape Xavier's mind and move independently.
Through his writings Fletcher " inspired a generation of young Americans to take up backpacking as means of filling a spiritual void ," and to escape from the confusion of Vietnam-era America :" After Vietnam, I was trying to figure out what to do with my life.
Through Akemi's elaborate machinations, Ukiko manages to escape Control Corps just as her former partners arrive to eliminate her, resulting in the death of one of them.
Through them, he claimed that Nikolai Dolgorouki, his supposed father, had used a pseudonym of Nicholas di Fonzo to escape the October Revolution and lived under the name.
During the escape, Kayley uses the forest's plants to heal Garrett's wounds, and they develop a mutual attraction and feelings towards one another ( Looking Through Your Eyes ).
As Dreyfus's henchmen, Fassbender, and his daughter, and eventually Clouseau himself escape the dissolving castle, Dreyfus plays " Tiptoe Through the Tulips " on the castle's pipe organ, while gradually disintegrating.
Through staging a fire in the jail that allowed one of the bomb-briefcase men to escape, Khan and his men managed to track down and capture Hilal, but they are distraught to hear that Altaaf and the other terrorists have left for to launch the missiles, something which neither the police nor the army can take action, as they still don't have any idea or time to find out where the missiles will be launched.
( This is, however, disputed — other historians feel that Hitler simply wanted to avoid the risk to his armored formations that a battle of annihilation would have required, and Alexander Procofieff de Seversky in Victory Through Air Power inferred that the cover of land-based Royal Air Force aircraft allowed the army at Dunkirk to escape ).
Through her intervention, the Skybolts escape ruin by a selfish Captain, and Kero herself takes the Captaincy.
Through the indirect intervention of Jimmy's dead brother ( who acts as a guardian angel figure throughout the film ), Jimmy is able to escape alive, and make his way back home to prepare for the bank robbery.
Through the 1930s, more than 1. 5 million blacks would leave the South for lives in the North, seeking work and the chance to escape lynchings and legal segregation.

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