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Through and variety
Through the use of the multipart type, MIME allows messages to have parts arranged in a tree structure where the leaf nodes are any non-multipart content type and the non-leaf nodes are any of a variety of multipart types.
Through the intervening decades, there have been many different Pepsi theme songs sung on television by a variety of artists, from Joanie Summers to the Jacksons to Britney Spears.
Through nominalization, the root has taken on a variety of meanings.
Through his Paris business circa 1828 he produced a variety of crayon and color related products.
Through a process called " sagduction ", which refers to partial melting in downward-directed diapirs, a variety of mafic magmas produce intermediate and felsic rocks.
Through the gradual and eventual domestication of native grains from the Zagros foothills and extensive irrigation techniques, the area supported a vast variety of edible vegetation.
Through the 1980s, Matrox's cards followed changes in the hardware side of the market, to Multibus and then the variety of PC standards.
" The poet in reference is of course Addison and the passage Burke quoted is from Cato ( V. i. II ): " Through what variety of untried being ,/ Through what new scenes and changes must we pass!
Through the 1940s and early 1950s a wide variety of efforts were made to address the color problem.
Through his long career he designed in a variety of styles, including a style derived from the Tudor, an Arts & Crafts style reminiscent of Voysey and later the Neo-Georgian.
Through a variety of business initiatives Junkers was also active in founding and developing airlines around the globe initially aiming to sell its aircraft.
Through 1926, live broadcasts of his weekly variety show Roxy and His Gang from the Capitol Theatre in New York became increasingly popular.
Each year Head-Smashed-In hosts a number of special events and native festivals known throughout the world for their color, energy and authenticity, including a special Christmas festival called Heritage Through My Hands, which brings together First Nations artists and craftspeople who display a wide variety of jewelry, clothing, art and crafts.
Through research grants, published journals, the upkeep of the American Philosophical Society Museum, an extensive library, and regular meetings, the society continues to advance a variety of disciplines in the humanities and the sciences.
Through the late 1930s and early 1940s, Joe Grant and other artists worked on the story, taking a variety approaches, but Disney wasn't pleased with any of them, primarily because he thought Lady was too sweet, and there wasn't enough action.
Through a variety of factors, including dissatisfaction with the effects of the government's platform policies, deterioration of municipal services after downloading, the Walkerton Tragedy and Eves ' handling of the Northeast Blackout, the Progressive Conservatives were defeated in the 2003 provincial election by Dalton McGuinty.
Through a variety of outreach efforts, APC works to promote the benefits of plastics and the plastics industry.
On the athletic front, St. Albans has once again partnered with Headfirst, a provider of sports instruction and other recreational activities, and Power Through Sports Basketball to offer an impressive variety of camps to students.
Through a variety of University Relations programs, CA is working with many universities to enable and promote innovation — including funding university research projects in specific areas, working with faculty to enhance curriculum, and providing opportunities to interact with CA research and development experts.
Through a variety of ruses, Einstein arranged for the Kents to be in the immediate area when Kal-El's spaceship landed, thus ensuring he would be found and later adopted by them.
Through television, Garroway gave viewers access to a variety of people that included politicians, writers, artists, scientists, economists, and musicians.
Through a variety of presentation formats, the Empire Club invites local, national and international leaders and other change-agents to address the topical issues of the day.
Through the 1970s and 1980s he created horror-themed strips for a variety of comics, including " Creepy Creations " for Shiver and Shake, " Martha's Monster Makeup " for Monster Fun and " Tom Horror's World " for Wow !.

Through and measures
Through these occupation measures, and the simultaneous prevention of government services, the Jewish communities suffered serious shortages.
Through specific conservation measures in past years, the retreat of the bat population in the Harz has been halted.
Through the order, Sukarno assigned Suharto to " take all measures considered necessary to guarantee security, calm and stability of the government and the revolution and to guarantee the personal safety and authority Sukarno ".
Through such measures and by the appointment of a generation of able and committed bishops, Albert and Isabella laid the foundation of the catholic confessionalisation of the population.
Through the Great Lakes agreement, a Remedial Action Plan ( RAP ) was created to initiate cleanup measures.
Through such measures Qaitbay gained a reputation for piety, charity, and royal self-confidence.
Through corrupt measures of the money lenders, the debts multiplied to an amount for which a generation of the santal family had to work as slaves.
In 2008, Vassilikos was among to 41 other personalities of Greece that condemned the action of the withdrawal of Ersi Sotiropoulou's book Zigzag Through the Bitter-Orange Trees from the Greek school libraries, after the appeal of insurance measures by Konstantinos Plevris against to the Ministry of National Education of Greece for this issue.
Through these and other measures of government, Suárez complied with the conditions that the opposition groups first demanded in 1974.
Through his political action committee, Wilkinson opposed both measures, and both were rejected by the state's voters in the November 1990 elections.

Through and area's
Through the game, Billy manages to defeat each area's Crow Boss and free the six chicken elders.
Through what he had learned about the people of southern West Virginia and southside Virginia, while building the Virginian Railway to maximize the natural resource of coal, Rogers had also come to appreciate the potential for development of the area's human resources as well.

Through and air
Through those efforts, in mid-2012, the Swedish Artemis Racing team announced that they would create their team base in one of the former air station hangars on Alameda Point.
It is explained in Quidditch Through the Ages that the Quaffle is enchanted to fall very slowly through the air when dropped to prevent players from having to continuously dive to retrieve it.
Through 1942 and 1943, the Allies gradually won the war at sea and in the air, blockading Germany and subjecting her to a strategic bombing campaign of increasing effectiveness Strategic bombing during World War II.
Through the FWC its subordinate units supervised Red Flag operational training and other continuing air exercises, such as Green Flag and Silver Flag Alpha.
Through her generosity she arranged for Trenchard to see a specialist who told Trenchard that he needed to spend several months in Switzerland where the air was likely to be of benefit to his lung.
Through its capital, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental is only 50 minutes from Manila and 30 minutes from Cebu by air.
Through her smile you could see that she was in great pain and having a terrible time getting air into her lungs.
Through combined air and sea landings, the Axis powers hoped to eliminate Malta as a British air and naval base and secure an uninterrupted flow of supplies across the Mediterranean Sea to their forces fighting in Libya and Egypt.
* " Soul Mates " was originally intended to air after " A Race Through Dark Places ", rather than before.
Through the air, Nall's best receivers were Edell Shepherd ( 518 yards, 4 touchdowns ) and John Minardi ( 470 yards, 5 touchdowns ).
Through a heat transfer process at Toronto's John Street Pumping Station, heat from the air conditioning of major buildings in Toronto's downtown core is not returned directly to the lake, once it has been run through the heat exchange system.
Through her books, published in Hungarian in several editions as well as in some other languages, interviews ( in print and on the air ) and conversations, she tried to share this joy with generations.
Through VATSIM, ordinary people have come together as a network of pilots interacting with air traffic controllers to produce a vast, organic simulation of actual air traffic.
The flow of the furnace is then reversed so that fuel and air pass through the chamber and are heated by the bricks. Through this method, an open-hearth furnace can reach temperatures high enough to melt steel, but Siemens did not initially use it for that.
Through the backing of cable operators, QVC launched a hostile takeover of CVN and wound up buying it out, only to take CVN off the air and replace it with QVC programming.
Through this experience, he gains a slight air of sophistication, and the story begins to influence the clothes that he makes.
Through the students and the community programmers, the station stays live on the air 24 / 7, 365 days a year.
Through its services division, Direct Energy installs and services heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment.
Through the air, dander can enter the mucous membranes in the lungs, causing allergies to some individuals.
Through the early 1980s an open air Sunday market was held on the site up until the site was developed for shopping.
Through unfortunate clumsiness, Scraps knocks the mooring line loose and the air castle floats away, with Alexample hanging onto the tethering rope.

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