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Through and circumstances
Through the swathings of terror, she jabbed deceit's sharp point -- Amy would be reborn, a new child, with new parents, living under new circumstances.
Through the treachery of some Lucanian exiles, he was compelled to engage under unfavourable circumstances near Padosia, on the banks of the Acheron, and was killed by the hand of one of the exiles, as he was crossing the river.
Through extremely fortunate circumstances the original microscope preparations on which Alzheimer based his description of the disease were rediscovered some years ago in Munich and his findings could thus be reevaluated. Alzheimer's grave in Frankfurt
Through a combination of circumstances, Ryan becomes responsible for shepherding the submarine — and Ramius — to safety from the pursuing Soviet fleet.
Through a combination of happy circumstances Gervaise is able to raise enough money to open her own laundry, and the couple's happiness appears to be complete with the birth of a daughter, Anna, nicknamed Nana ( the protagonist of Zola's later novel of the same title ).
Through this work, he gave a historical-sociological account of the creation, brief flourishing, and demise of a " bourgeois " public sphere based on rational-critical debate and discussion: Habermas stipulates that, due to specific historical circumstances, a new civic society emerged in the eighteenth century.
Through a number of complicated circumstances, the Department of Energy attempted to enjoin its publication, alleging that the article contained sensitive technical information which was ( 1 ) probably derived from classified sources, or ( 2 ) became a classified source when compiled in a correct way, even if it were derived from unclassified sources, based on the " born secret " provisions of the 1954 Atomic Energy Act.
Through these difficult circumstances, criminals often get the better of him and he must face the wrath of his ill-tempered, bullying Commissioner ( based on Herbert Lom's Commissioner Dreyfus ) who holds him in well-deserved contempt.
Through a series of circumstances, Minami comes to stay in Sena's house.
Through it we enter a world populated by ordinary people who did extraordinary things in exceptional circumstances as they worked to make the world a better place.
Through three Jewish zealots these circumstances came to the knowledge of the emperor, who ordered the governor, Collalto, to issue a decree permitting the Jews to return and promising them the restoration of their goods.
Through all circumstances.
Through a series of unlikely circumstances,
Through the kindness shown them, or any literature which may be given them, or any connection which they may establish with them, the American believers can thereby sow such seeds in their hearts as might, in future circumstances, germinate and yield the most unexpected results.
Through unrevealed circumstances he loses his wife and his sanity.
Through supplying ties for railroads, he knew the local circumstances of where the railroads were building and the opportunities available.
Through circumstances she was able to contact Mort Chandler and make him reveal to Ethan the truth about his bride to be's pregnancy on New Year's Eve.
Through a variety of more complicated circumstances, the DOE case began to wane, as it became clear that some of the data they were attempting to claim as " secret " had been published in a students ' encyclopedia a few years earlier.

Through and beyond
Through his decisive influence on Claude Lévi-Strauss and Roland Barthes, among others, Jakobson became a pivotal figure in the adaptation of structural analysis to disciplines beyond linguistics, including anthropology and literary theory ; this generalization of Saussurean methods, known as " structuralism ", became a major post-war intellectual movement in Europe and the United States.
Through this wordlessness, commentators have written, scat singing can describe matters beyond words.
Through his courage and personal example he earned the respect of the troops and the senior Bulgarian and German commanders, even that of the Generalquartiermeister of the German Army Erich Ludendorff, who preferred dealing personally with Boris and described him as excellently trained, a thoroughly soldierly person and mature beyond his years.
Through the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Lewes developed as the county town of East Sussex, expanding beyond the line of the town wall.
Through its email service, Samaritans ' work has extended well beyond the UK and Ireland, as messages are received from all around the world.
Through the use of his technical terms, such as " transcendental ," " transcendent ," " reason ," " intelligibility ," and " thing-in-itself " they attempted to speak of what exists beyond experience and, in this way, to revive the notions of God, free will, and immortality of soul.
Through the more perfect knowledge of God that is mystical knowledge, a knowledge beyond the attainments of reason even enlightened by faith, the soul contemplates directly the mysteries of divine light.
Through anthropological research methods, McAra explores beyond the level of public discourse on Buddhism to investigate group members ' narratives about a stupa that they completed in 1997, and their changing sense of relationship with the land.
Through tracks 5 to 9 on two island platforms and one side of a terminal platform, lead only to storage tracks near Akihabara Station for empty trains, but will in future continue on the Tōhoku Jūkan Line to Tokyo Station and beyond on the Tōkaidō Main Line.
Through my father's line, I am fortunate to trace my heritage back to the birth of our nation and beyond.
Through its many activities the School's core aim is to provide an environment for the support, evaluation and pursuit of research which is accessible to postgraduate, postdoctoral and senior members of all Higher Education institutions in the United Kingdom and beyond.
Through trade and commercial transactions these coins spread throughout Illyria and beyond its boundaries.
Through the eleven English Regional Groups, CBA Wales / Cymru and the Council for Scottish Archaeology ( all of which have individual membership ), the CBA provides a unique forum for the British archaeological community, and the public beyond.
Through the program, a $ 500 grant is given to every Maine resident who enrolls before their first birthday ; the money is intended to help Maine families plan for education beyond high school.
Through ignorance, one moves beyond knowledge and being, this contemplation being theoria.
Through the more perfect mystical knowledge of God, a knowledge beyond the attainments of reason ( even when enlightened by faith ), the soul contemplates directly the mysteries of divine light.
Through his experience fighting in the Livonian War, he learned war tactics and excelled beyond the other hetmans in skill.
Through events are usually beyond his control, he is thrust into positions of great responsibility where his mettle is tested in a number of spiritual and physical challenges.
Through its electronic catalog, databases, and webpages, the library provides access to a wide range of materials both within Park and beyond.
Through a process of ' scaffolding ' a learner can be extended beyond the limitations of physical maturation to the extent that the development process lags behind the learning process ( Vygotsky 1978 ).
Through early 2009, the agency had acquired or protected related to Forest Park, including beyond the existing park's northern boundary.
Through these activities, the museum provides a forum for art and the creative process to enhance the life of the university and the community beyond.
Through fractional-reserve banking, the modern banking system expands the money supply of a country beyond the amount initially created by the central bank.
Through legislation, the Government of Canada has made the Gas Tax Fund permanent at $ 2 billion per year beyond its current expiry in 2014.
Through further experimental procedures over the years, his strength has been increased beyond its original limits.

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