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Through and equity
Through the process of debt restructuring and support given by financial institutions in coordination with IRCJ, the company has been acquired by IRCJ, Marubeni Corporation ( a trading company ) and Advantage Partners ( a private equity house ) in 2005.
Through preferred stock, financial institutions are able to gain leverage while receiving Tier 1 equity credit.
Through the acceleration of the credit crisis in September 2008, PIPE transactions provided quick access to capital at a reasonable transaction cost for companies that might otherwise have been unable to access the public equity markets.
Through its private equity investment arm, Teachers ' Private Capital, the OTPP owns or has interests in companies such as Samsonite, GNC, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, Parmalat Canada, Doane Pet Care, and Worldspan.

Through and with
Through the Frankfurt Jewish Kulturbund he began to give sonata recitals in synagogues, with Cellist Emanuel Feuermann.
Through the swathings of terror, she jabbed deceit's sharp point -- Amy would be reborn, a new child, with new parents, living under new circumstances.
Through trade and travel across the seas the American Merchant Marine is carrying out its historic mission of linking the United States of America with friendly nations across the seas ; ;
Through Secretary Herter, Ike offered President-elect Kennedy an opportunity to associate his new Administration with the breakoff decision.
" Through Methodism, Wesley's teachings also inspire a large scholarly following, with vocal proponents including J. Kenneth Grider, Stanley Hauerwas, Thomas Oden, Thomas Jay Oord, and William Willimon.
Through Ampère, Ozanam had contact with leaders of the neo-Catholic movement, such as François-René de Chateaubriand, Jean-Baptiste Henri Lacordaire, and Charles Forbes René de Montalembert.
Through his allies, Johnson maneuvered among the senators in an attempt to secure a favorable vote ; for example, a pledge was made to Sen. James W. Grimes to install a more highly respected War Secretary and to cease interference with Congress ' Reconstruction efforts.
Through Sven Markelius, Aalto became a member of the Congres Internationaux d ' Architecture Moderne ( CIAM ), attending the second congress in Frankfurt in 1929 and the fourth congress in Athens in 1933, where he established a close friendship with László Moholy-Nagy, Sigfried Giedion and Philip Morton Shand.
Through hardships and eventual establishment of trade with Britain, the West Indies and other regions, the colonists were able to establish themselves in the American colonies with a cuisine similar to their previous British cuisine.
The actual anointing of the sick person is done on the forehead, with the prayer " Through this holy anointing may the Lord in his love and mercy help you with the grace of the Holy Spirit ", and on the hands, with the prayer " May the Lord who frees you from sin save you and raise you up ".
An English translation of all three volumes, with notes, essays and appendices, was translated and edited by Rabbi Gordon Tucker, entitled Heavenly Torah: As Refracted Through the Generations.
Through the 1980s and 1990s, Brooks co-wrote ( with longtime collaborator Monica Johnson ), directed and starred in a series of well-received comedies, playing variants on his standard neurotic and self-obsessed character.
Through its song-setting the poetry became closely associated with that era, and with Shropshire itself.
Through coupling of this magnification method with time of flight mass spectrometry, ions evaporated by application of electric pulses can have their mass-to-charge ratio computed.
Truss bridge # Through_truss | Through truss bridge with steel girders and wooden carriageway
* 1759 A Journey Through Europe published by John Jefferys, the earliest board game with a designer whose name is known.
Through the long contact with Romance languages, Basque adopted a sizable number of Romance words.
Through the aegis of her scientific uncle, Sir Henry Enfield Roscoe, a chemist and vice chancellor of the University of London, she consulted with botanists at Kew Gardens, convincing George Massee of her ability to germinate spores and her theory of hybridisation.
3 ) Through direct sampling, estimate the genetic diversity of the captive bongo population and calculate its relatedness with the remaining isolated wild populations.
Through the construction of a glass tube filled with mercury and plugged at each end with a quartz crystal, delay lines could store bits of information within the quartz and transfer it through sound waves propagating through mercury.

Through and use
Through use of the DLINE statement, a means is provided for specifying both the editing of fields to be inserted in a print line area and the layout of the area itself.
Through the use of magical potions and a wand she transformed her enemies, or those who offended her, into animals.
Through the use of proper controls and published protocols ( need to add reference links here ), specificity of the antibody-antigen reaction can be achieved.
Through the use of manned and unmanned spacecraft, volcanism has been discovered on Venus, Mars, the Moon and Io, a satellite of Jupiter.
Through the process of photosynthesis, plants capture energy from light and use it to combine carbon dioxide and water to produce carbohydrates and oxygen.
Through the use of separate applications or plugins loaded into the node software, users can interact with the network in other ways, such as forums similar to web forums or Usenet or interfaces more similar to traditional p2p " filesharing " interfaces.
Through the use of special effects and excessive blood and guts, they tend to display an overt interest in the vulnerability of the human body and the theatricality of its mutilation.
Through the use of flags defined in the IMAP4 protocol, clients can keep track of message state: for example, whether or not the message has been read, replied to, or deleted.
Through use of the imagination, the poem is able to discuss issues surrounding tyranny, war, and contrasts that exist within paradise.
Through the use of the multipart type, MIME allows messages to have parts arranged in a tree structure where the leaf nodes are any non-multipart content type and the non-leaf nodes are any of a variety of multipart types.
Through the use of MIDI mapping, various MIDI controllers can be used to command the program.
Through the use of reciprocal doors, the correct path can intersect the incorrect path on a single plane.
Through the 1990s, the MIPS architecture was widely adopted by the embedded market, including for use in computer networking, telecommunications, video arcade games, video game consoles, computer printers, digital set-top boxes, digital televisions, DSL and cable modems, and personal digital assistants.
Through the use of a duplexer, the radar switches between transmitting and receiving at a predetermined rate.
The use of chess imagery as well as the correspondence of dream elements to elements in the narrator's waking life is reminiscent of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass.
Through numerous rounds of distillation, or the use of a fractioning still, the taste is modified and clarity is increased.
Through the use of machine-addressable transport guidance information, i. e., the message header, the message is automatically routed through an on-line direct connection through single or multiple transmission media.
Through the use of such a device, THD ( i ) can drop to 5 % over the full power range.
Through a combination of artillery and accurate rifle fire, and a better use of the ground, the Boers repelled all British attempts to cross the river.
Through use of their flagella, E. coli are able to move rapidly towards attractants and away from repellents.
Through use of the land trade along the Silk Road and maritime trade by sail at sea, the Tang were able to gain many new technologies, cultural practices, rare luxury, and contemporary items.
Through this early work on industrial films and TV series, Altman experimented with narrative technique and developed his characteristic use of overlapping dialogue.
Through cellular respiration, these organisms use oxygen to oxidize substances, like sugars or fats, in order to obtain energy.
Through the 1940s and 1950s, the use of ECT became widespread.
Through the use of a DC-DC converter, high DC voltages such as 48V to 72V DC can be stepped down to 36V, 24V, 18V, 12V or 5V to supply different loads.

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