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Through and its
Through the splash of the rising waters, they could hear the roar of the river as it raged through its canyon, gnashing big chunks out of the banks.
Through trade and travel across the seas the American Merchant Marine is carrying out its historic mission of linking the United States of America with friendly nations across the seas ; ;
Through Amos, God tells the people that he is going to judge Israel for its sins, and it will be a foreign nation that will enact his judgment.
Through most of its history, astrology was considered a scholarly tradition.
Through the Internet, a movement began to develop in opposition to the doctrines of neoliberalism which were widely manifested in the 1990s when the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ( OECD ) proposed liberalisation of cross-border investment and trade restrictions through its Multilateral Agreement on Investment ( MAI ).
Through its song-setting the poetry became closely associated with that era, and with Shropshire itself.
3 ) Through direct sampling, estimate the genetic diversity of the captive bongo population and calculate its relatedness with the remaining isolated wild populations.
Through constant motion, the blitzkrieg attempts to keep its enemy off-balance, making it difficult to respond effectively at any given point before the front has already moved on.
Through its purported connections to the June 1914 assassination in Sarajevo of Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria, the Black Hand may have been one of the principal catalysts to the start of World War I, fueling the July Crisis of 1914 and giving Austria-Hungary a pretext to invade Serbia.
Through Chile ’ s trade agreements, its agricultural products have gained access to a market controlling 77 % of the world ’ s GDP and by approximately 2012, 74 % of Chilean agribusiness exports will be duty free.
Through the reputation of its venerable founder and its position as a major European centre of learning, Columba's Iona became a place of pilgrimage.
Through his writings the intellectual and physical struggles of first-through third-generation Puritans created an elevated appraisal in the minds of Americans about its appointed place among other nations.
Through cross-examinations, the TAT exhibits a tendency toward chauvinistic stimuli for its questions and has the “ potential for unfavorable clinical evaluation ” for women.
Through articles, he criticized society of its backward-looking affinities.
Through repeated applications of this method, the reactive mind could be " cleared " of its content having outlived its usefulness in the process of evolution ; a person who has completed this process would be " Clear ".
Through its discount and credit operations, Reserve Banks provide liquidity to banks to meet short-term needs stemming from seasonal fluctuations in deposits or unexpected withdrawals.
Through marriage, the County of Flanders was joined with most of the rest of the Low Countries around 1400 AD, and it lost its independence.
Through the use of special effects and excessive blood and guts, they tend to display an overt interest in the vulnerability of the human body and the theatricality of its mutilation.
Through its bark ; till a Wardle has swept them away,
Through this activity and others such as surveillance of its members ' economies and policies, the IMF works to improve the economies of its member countries.
Through bribes, diplomacy, and manipulation of weak native rulers, the company prospered in India, where it became the most powerful political force, and outrivaled its Portuguese, and French competitors.
Through their letters, Tycho and Kepler discussed a broad range of astronomical problems, dwelling on lunar phenomena and Copernican theory ( particularly its theological viability ).

Through and Public
* P Blumberg, ‘ Reflections on Proposals for Corporate Reform Through Change in the Composition of the Board of Directors: “ Special Interest ” or “ Public ” Directors ’ ( 1973 ) 53 Boston University Law Review 547
Through such broadcasts, the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda attempted to discourage and demoralize British, Canadian, Australian and American troops and the British population within radio listening range, to suppress the effectiveness of the Allied war effort through propaganda, and to motivate the Allies to agree to peace terms leaving the Nazi regime intact and in power.
Tobin is also a Senior Business Advisor with Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP in Toronto and is a member of the firm's Public Policy Group. Through his involvement in policy decisions first entered as ideals at the Fraser Institute, Tobin has influenced the sale of energy interests in Alberta including the sale of two billion dollars worth of Alberta oil and gas interests to Abu Dhaby a Middle Eastern company through their Houston affiliate as shown on the Fraser Milner Casgrain website.
Through the Public Safety Commission — which Burnquist created in 1917 to monitor public sentiment toward the war — he quashed pacifist demonstrations and denounced in his final inaugural message those " few socialistically and anarchistically inclined " who questioned America's involvement in " the world's baptism of blood.
These were the 1957 Regulations on Reeducation Through Labor, which were reissued in 1979 with amendments, and the 1957 Regulations Governing Offenses Against Public Order, which were rescinded and replaced in 1986 by regulations of the same name.
Through the Cadet Vocational Qualifications Organisation ( CVQO ) the School CCF offers cadets ( aged 16 – 19 ) and above the opportunity to gain internationally-recognised BTEC First Diploma qualifications in Public Services.
Through its own Management Board, Netherlands Public Broadcasting acts as a figurehead to current and aspiring broadcasting associations, the public broadcasters NOS and NTR and minority and religious associations.
Through a search engine called Fusion, students may search through 400, 000 records found in the library catalogs for the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, and the Vigo County Public Library.
" Whereas the " Sphere of Public Authority " dealt with the State, or realm of the police, and the ruling class, the public sphere crossed over both these realms and " Through the vehicle of public opinion it put the state in touch with the needs of society.
Through the Cadet Vocational Qualifications Organisation ( CVQO ) the school Combined Cadet Force offers cadets ( aged 16 – 19 ) and above the opportunity to gain internationally-recognised BTEC First Diploma qualifications in Public Services.
Through the Cadet Vocational Qualifications Organisation ( CVQO ) the School CCF offers cadets ( aged 16 – 19 ) and above the opportunity to gain internationally-recognised BTEC First Diploma qualifications in Public Services.
Through the generous support of the MetLife Foundation, these concerts were broadcast live on WQXR and re-broadcast on American Public Media affiliate stations nationwide, as well as made available for free on-line streaming through the WQXR program archives.
Through its Graduate Studies Program, the School of Medicine offers master ’ s degree programs in Public Health, Microbiology, and Anatomy.
Through the Board of Public Works, the Virginia state government helped finance turnpikes among its programs to encourage internal improvements, with tolls collected to defray operating costs and retire debt.
* United Nations Environment Programme ( 2010 ), Driving a Green Economy Through Public Finance and Fiscal Policy Reform.
" Chapter 18, The Defense Industry in the Post-Cold War Era: Corporate Strategy and Public Policy Perspectives ", The Conversion of Defense Engineers ' Skills: Explaining Success and Failure Through Customer-Based Learning, Teaming and Managerial Integration, pp. 281-318.
From 1994 through 2002, Sparta Consulting Corporation led by Severin Sorensen, CPP managed the US Government's largest CPTED technical assistance and training program titled Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design ( CPTED ) in Public Housing Technical Assistance and Training Program, funded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.
Through publicity from acquisitions and the late 1960s bull market, the stock rose from its Initial Public Offering price of $ 6 a share to $ 140.
Through the Emerging Writers Group, The Public continues its rich legacy of supporting current and future generations of our country ’ s most important writers via The Public Writers Initiative – a long-term initiative that provides key support and resources for writers at every stage of their careers.
Through the use of public subscriptions along with Queens Park and Phillips Park in Manchester the original site Lark Hill estate and mansion was purchased for its purpose to become the first Royal Museum and Public Library to open to the public in November 1850.
Through the 1890s to the 1920s, Goldstein actively supported women's rights and emancipation in a variety of fora, including the National Council of Women, the Victorian Women's Public Servants ' Association and the Women Writers ' Club.
* Conservation Through Public Health
Through the Bureau of Public Enterprises ( BPE ), the Federal Government of Nigeria intends to grant a concession to a sole Concessionaire who will enter into an investment commitment, and essentially operate the stadium with a primary goal of generating revenue from the proceeds of sporting events, concerts, religious activities, corporate sponsorship, corporate advertising and other promotional activities.

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