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Through and meditation
Through spending more time than usual in prayer and meditation on the Holy Scripture and the Holy Traditions of the Church, the believer in Christ becomes through the grace of God more godlike.
Padre Pio, who was devoted to the rosary, said: " Through the study of books one seeks God ; by meditation one finds him.
Through moral rectitude and the practice of meditation, practitioners of Falun Gong aspire to better health and, ultimately, spiritual enlightenment.
Through meditation on Swadhisthana, the following siddhis or occult powers are said to be obtained.
Through meditation, the yogi attempts to unite this drop with the red bodhicitta in the navel, and to experience the union of emptiness and bliss.
Through meditation, these characters were supposed to heal the sick and blind.
Through meditation, the Dzogchen practitioner experiences that thoughts have no substance.
Through restraint ( yama ) such as celibacy, abstaining from intoxicants, and careful attention to one's actions ( niyama ) of body, speech and mind, the human being becomes more fit to practice meditation.
Through its meditation centres and service projects around the world, Ananda Marga offers instruction in meditation, yoga and other self-development leadership practices on a non-commercial basis.
Through meditation and correctly repeating the virtue's Mantra one to three times at the shrine, the player gains insight and ultimately enlightenment in the virtue.
Through positive actions, pure thoughts, prayer, mantras and meditation, we can resolve the influence of karma in the present life and turn our destiny for the better.
Chögyam Trungpa coined the term spiritual materialism with his book Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism from talks explaining Buddhism given while opening the Karma Dzong meditation center in Boulder, Colorado.
Saint Padre Pio stated: " Through the study of books one seeks God ; by meditation one finds him ".
Through cultivating in union the wisdom realizing emptiness and the special Bodhisattva attitude, the altruistic mind of enlightenment, and through accompanying these practices with the six perfections ( phar phyin, pāramitā )-giving ( sbyin pa, dāna ), ethics ( tshul khrims, śīla ), patience ( bzod pa, kṣānti ), effort ( brtson grus, vīrya ), concentration ( bsam gtan, dhyāna ), and wisdom ( she rab, prajñā )-he ascended the five paths ( lam, mārga )-the paths of accumulation ( tshogs lam, saṃbhāramārga ), preparation ( prayogamārga, sbyor lam ), seeing ( mthong lam, darśanamārga ), meditation ( sgom lam, bhāvanāmārga ), and no more learning ( mi slob lam, aśaikṣamārga )-and the ten grounds ( sa, bhūmi ) and completed the collections of merit ( bsod nams, puṇya ) and exalted wisdom ( ye shes, jñāna ).
Through mindfulness and seated meditation, practitioners reflect on themselves and resolve to practice harmony, gratitude, kindness, and acceptance.

Through and various
Through analysis of various strontium isotopes, archaeologists have realized that much of the timber that composes Chacoan construction came from a number of distant mountain ranges, indicative also of the Chaco Road's economic significance.
Through that process a number of people were convinced and set up various fellowships that had sympathy with that position.
Through the ages, various rabbinical authorities have classified the commandments in various other ways.
Through the use of MIDI mapping, various MIDI controllers can be used to command the program.
Through the 1860 – 1871 period, various attempts to resurrect bi-metallic standards were made, including one based on the gold and silver franc ; however, with the rapid influx of silver from new deposits, the expectation of scarcity of silver ended.
Through various pathways, the putamen is connected to the substantia nigra and globus pallidus.
Through the various colors, motives and style, the Carnival highlighted four of the most renowned Javanese folk-legends: the Andhe-andhe lumut, Ratu Kencana Wungu, Ratu Laut Selatan ( The tale of the Queen of the South Seas ), and the romantic tale of Roro Jongrang that led to the creation of the Prambanan Temple.
Through an extensive legal inquiry, Edward investigated the tenure of various feudal liberties, while the law was reformed through a series of statutes regulating criminal and property law.
Through various theatrics, the mark is given the opportunity to make off with money without the stranger realising.
Through the rest of the 1970s, various Hipgnosis artists heavily — designed all Genesis studio albums.
By the 1970s he was confident and ambitious and made Vertical Features Remake and A Walk Through H. The former is an examination of various arithmetical editing structures, and the latter is a journey through the maps of a fictitious country.
Through the ages, the area of Arnhem has been known by various names, both official and unofficial.
Through the work of the International Institute of Socionics and other schools of Socionics, the issue 4 peer-reviewed journals and the annual International conferences on socionics, Socionics is taught in more then 150 universities in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries, as well as in Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, either as a separate course, or, in view of the applicability of the various methods of Socionics Humanities, as part of educational courses on Sociology, Pedagogy, Social Psychology, Management and Psychology of Management, human resource management, Conflictology, social services and Tourism, Computer Science and Programming, Philosophy, Neurology, Journalism, Library Science, Social Work, Didactics and others, including Engineering disciplines.
Through the various rounds, these are all whittled down until the final game, the victor of which becomes emperor.
Through a window that overlooks the restaurant / theater area, Horace operates the lights, the loudspeakers and various record players ( for example, DVD or VHS players ) to show cartoons at Minnie's direction.
* In Through the Out Door as various characters ( 1998 ) ( TV )
Through various dummy corporations, Walt Disney purchased of Florida swampland ( twice the size of Manhattan Island ) located between the cities of Orlando and Kissimmee ( see Reedy Creek Improvement District ).
Through its World Commission on Protected Areas ( WCPA ), IUCN have developed six Protected Area Management Categories that define protected areas according to their management objectives which are internationally recognised by various national governments and the United Nations.
Through the years, many businesses have come and gone in Pea Ridge, such as the Pea Ridge Canning Company, which for long years canned tomatoes under various brands, supplying some local families a cash income during lean times.
An interpretive historical trail, named the Trail Through Time, also overlays the trail system and stops at various farms, cellars and mills.
Through the last decades of its existence, Hague athletic teams were known as the Raiders, using various depicitions of Indians as their mascot.
Through federal funds and the influence of Gray Silver, a school where various aspects of growing apples was established at Inwood.
Through various experiments it has been found that in order to design the mechanical properties of new material, controlling the grain size and its distribution, amount of distribution and other is pinnacle.

Through and esoteric
Through spiritual or esoteric practice, Steiner believed mankind could find its way back to a connection with higher realities and to renewed harmony with the universe.

Through and practices
Through Sony's effort to " certain meanings and practices which have become emblematic of -- which seem to stand for or to represent -- a distinctive ' way of life ': the culture of late-modern, post-industrial societies ", the Walkman remains, largely due to effective advertisement, a symbol of the freedom and portability that Sony sought to convey among the younger demographic.
Through use of the land trade along the Silk Road and maritime trade by sail at sea, the Tang were able to gain many new technologies, cultural practices, rare luxury, and contemporary items.
Through this philosophy, long-standing practices such as foot binding, prostitution and trafficking of women were abolished.
Through spiritual practices and guidance of a tariqa the aspirant seeks ḥaqīqah-ultimate truth.
Through AISI, the industry is able to work through collaborative partnerships and pursue market development programs aimed at expanding markets for steel, research and development ( R & D ) projects aimed at best practices in steelmaking and initiatives designed to achieve new milestones in energy efficiency and sustainability.
Through its subsidiary label Archiv Produktion it also stimulated interest in Western medieval and renaissance music, 15th – 16th century choral polyphony, Gregorian chant, and pioneering use of historical instruments and performance practices in recordings.
Through early 1980s Thames experienced a series of local disputes while management deliberately confronted contractual ‘ rackets ’ and pursued the introduction of new technologies based on operational requirements rather than precedent For Thames ’ s management, this was a materialist operations with a clear dimension, to wedded out unscrupulous bargaining and working practices.
Through these practices Valentino was eventually moved to write a book of poetry, Daydreams, with many poems about Rambova.
Among the exhibitions held in the museum were ' Common Goods: Cultures Meet Through Craft ', which featured crafts made by artists from various Commonwealth countries and ' CARVE: Indigenous carving practices ', a series of demonstrations of traditional indigenous carving practices and techniques from Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
The groups joined in 1973, the same year that RPAG released to the public, ‘’ Paying Through the Ear ," a report documenting acts of unscrupulous sales practices in the hearing aid industry.
Through vignettes and interviews, The Corporation examines and criticizes corporate business practices.
Through their practices they are believed to have reached stages of insight which enabled them to tune into the powers hidden in various material substances and practices, useful for suffering and ignorant mankind.
Through these roles, Holzschlag promotes standards and best practices to create highly sustainable, maintainable, accessible, interactive and beautiful Web sites.
Through the establishment of the SERC, the University seeks to help and support the local software industry in establishing and improving their processes and practices through continuous feedback and training.
Through his business practices Argyros has achieved a net worth around $ 1 billion.
Through good times and bad, ZBT has been in the forefront in pioneering new concepts – as evidenced by its very founding, its elimination of sectarian membership practices, its acceptance of mergers, and its elimination of pledging.
Through the voices of Crainic, Alexandru Gregorian and N. Crevedia, the two extremist journals Porunca Vremii and Sfarmă-Piatră repeatedly targeted Sadoveanu with antisemitic and antimasonic epithets, accusing him of having become a tool for Jewish interests and, as leader of the Romanian Freemasonry, of promoting occult practices.
Through time and language practices traditional German language adapted to local market requirements and eventually adapted to English.
Through the flagship magazine, licensed editions, website, and books, HBR provides professionals around the world with rigorous insights and best practices to lead themselves and their organizations more effectively and to make a positive impact.
Through the use of illegal practices such as cyanide fishing, coral reefs and fish communities are put in grave danger.

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