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Through and outreach
Through research and outreach that inspire action, the Worldwatch Institute works to accelerate the transition to a sustainable world that meets human needs.
Through its displays, exhibitions and outreach programmes the Museum also explores our current relationship with the sea and the future of the sea as an environmental force and resource.
Through the Bruderhof Foundation, a charity created to support outreach and service efforts, and through individual members, the Bruderhof remains actively involved in the neighborhoods that surround its communities, and in the world at large.
Through a variety of outreach efforts, APC works to promote the benefits of plastics and the plastics industry.
Through its Communications Committee, the ASM operates a number of public outreach initiatives designed to educate the general public about the importance of microbiology to their daily lives and behaviors that can help improve public health.
Through our educational programs, research and community outreach, we seek to build a community respectful of difference.
Through education, licensure advocacy, leadership training, multidisciplinary networking, and outreach, NSPE enhances the image of its members and their ability to ethically and professionally practice engineering.
Through outreach as well as active citizen enforcement of legal standards, Riverkeeper has empowered individuals to oppose corporate control.
Through quality programming using new technologies and community outreach, WEDU fulfills the needs of individuals for education, information, and culture enabling people and communities to connect, to grow, and to lead more fulfilling lives.
Through an integrated outreach strategy, ARY clinics promote linkage with the ARY Health Insurance scheme that helps the poor access good quality healthcare.
Through its educational, youth and outreach programmes, the Royal Commonwealth Society seeks to encourage young people to develop their skills and, with an increased understanding of their role as global citizens, to engage with challenges facing the international community.
In 1992, the company toured to South Africa in the " Dancing Through Barriers " tour that gave birth to the outreach program of the same name that still continues to operate.
The company's Dancing Through Barriers Ensemble does outreach throughout the US.
Through a series of mergers over a period of 12 years, it has over 20, 000 students a year in six locations, with a wide network of outreach centres throughout Warwickshire and one in Worcestershire, making it one of the largest General Further Education ( GFE ) colleges in the country.

Through and programs
Through the efforts of SAAMI's shooting development program these shooting activities, and many others, including assists in the development of public and privately financed shooting parks, trap and skeet leagues, rifle and pistol marksmanship programs have been promoted, to mention only a few.
Through the Graduate Studies program, Dartmouth grants doctorate and master's degrees in 19 Arts & Sciences graduate programs.
Through programs like the Deshpande Center, MIT faculty leverage their research and discoveries into multi-million-dollar commercial ventures.
Through the establishment of programs and centers that are outside the limitations of departments or colleges, the university has established leadership in fields such as computational finance, information systems management, arts management, product design, behavioral economics, human-computer interaction, entertainment technology, and decision science.
) Civil Society Empowerment Through Training and Skills Development ( proceedings of a series of hands-on training programs )
Through the funding and creation of programs and partnerships, they support innovative community efforts to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness.
Through the mid-1990s The Sentencing Project provided training and technical assistance in sentencing advocacy to programs in more than 20 states.
Through inpatient rehabilitation programs, patients recover quickly and return home with a renewed sense of self-sufficiency.
Through depicting these controversial issues, the series became arguably one of television's most influential comedic programs, as it injected the sitcom format with real-life conflicts.
Through its professional, preprofessional and career-oriented programs, both undergraduate and graduate, Greensboro College encourages, as well, the professional development of its students.
Through AISI, the industry is able to work through collaborative partnerships and pursue market development programs aimed at expanding markets for steel, research and development ( R & D ) projects aimed at best practices in steelmaking and initiatives designed to achieve new milestones in energy efficiency and sustainability.
" Through the partnership, students have the chance to enroll in dual-degree programs and participate in student exchanges and joint research with a national or international scope.
Through the USCA Graduate Office, more than 500 students each year pursue postgraduate degrees on the Aiken Campus through USCA graduate programs or the University of South Carolina's Extended Graduate Campus.
Through changing exhibitions, tours, and programs, the center aims to deepen appreciation of the past, present, and future significance of the pharmacy industry in the broader social context and in the development of American life, especially in the city of Philadelphia and the surrounding region.
Through existing programs, the user may have the text searched on Boolean retrieval functions of attributes or in-line key words ( such as " all sections of text concerned with or mentioning dogs or cats, but not hamsters ").
: Through a series of freak lightning accidents, both programs are transferred to the real world, and become a greater part of the life of Hitoshi.
Through its affiliation network, Einstein runs the largest postgraduate medical training program in the US, offering some 155 residency and fellowship programs to more than 2, 200 physicians in training.
Through affiliation with Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology, it also offers enrolment in joint programs.
Through its distance and alternative learning programs, the college provides off-campus and online services throughout western Nebraska.
You have numbers in your favor, and numbers mean a great deal .” Through union dues, she insists on plans to provide the proletariats ’ children with safe havens and increased access to education, to build palaces for the ill and wounded workers, and reach out to manufacturers and financiers, including those among the nobility, in order to sustain and maintain such programs.
Through its minority ownership of TSN, the network also airs some of ESPN's original programming as well, including Pardon the Interruption, Sunday NFL Countdown The Sports Reporters, and other ESPN programs and documentaries.
Through a variety of University Relations programs, CA is working with many universities to enable and promote innovation — including funding university research projects in specific areas, working with faculty to enhance curriculum, and providing opportunities to interact with CA research and development experts.
Through an array of programs including its signature Global Social Benefit Incubator ( GSBI ™), the Center engages an international network of business, investment capital, and technical resources to build the capacity of social enterprises around the world.
Through Northeastern Seminary, students can complete a Master of Arts in Theology, Master of Divinity, Doctor of Ministry degree, and several certificate programs in Buffalo and Rochester.
Through money collected from state employees, businessmen, and his own salary, Murray financed programs to feed Oklahoma's poor.

Through and provides
Through a modest International Military Education and Training program, the United States provides military training to members of the Gabonese armed forces each year.
Through babl GEGL provides an optimized and powerful ( optionally with SIMD support ) treatment of arbitrary color data ; This enables dependant applications to efficiently support a wide range of color spaces ( from 8-bit RGB to full floating point CMYK ) with minimal extra application code.
Through his hypothesized alpha and beta elements, Bion provides a language to help one think about what is occurring during the analytic hour.
Through its services, the program provides orientation, assistance with employment and housing, drug, alcohol and HIV education, Khmer literacy classes, counseling and referral services, in order to support returnees who seek help in becoming independent and productive members of society.
Through speaking events, lectures, and other activities, the Federalist Society provides a forum for legal experts of opposing views to interact with members of the legal profession, the judiciary, law students, and academics.
Through the classifieds of a tabloid, The National Tattler, Lecter provides Dolarhyde with Graham's home address, enabling him to disfigure Graham and attempt to kill his family.
) Through a menuing system this provides them access to many useful tools for application development and for administering the z / OS operating system.
Through its volunteer attorneys PVLA provides non-criminal legal assistance to artists and arts and cultural organizations on arts related issues.
Through the Mobile Numbering Portability by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, CELCOM also provides Virtual Mobile Operator services.
Through the U. S. Air Force Band and the U. S. Air Force Honor Guard, the 11th Wing also provides ceremonial and musical support throughout the National Capital Region and worldwide.
Through a program knowan as IRAP-the Industrial Research Assistance Program-the NRC provides grants and financial support to business ' looking to bring new and innovative technologies to the market Recently, the NRC gave a high-value grant to a small jewellery company, Dimples Fingerprint Jewellery, for its innovative maunfacturing process and use of green technologies
As well as providing statistics on the retail price index and other things one might expect in any country, the PCBS also provides statistics tailored to the particular issues faced by Palestinians in the West Bank And Gaza Strip, such as their 2003 " Survey on the Impact of separation Wall on the Location Where it Passed Through ".
Through Kuujjuaq in Nunavik and Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories ( NWT ), the airline provides services to 26 Inuit communities in Nunavut, Nunavik and the NWT.
Through several fundraisers and the contributions of local families, groups & businesses, the program provides new clothing and toys for over 250 children each year.
Through its OptusNet brand, it provides broadband, wireless and dial-up internet services.
Through its subsidiary, National Financial Services LLC, Fidelity Investments provides a number of services to its correspondent broker-dealers, institutional investment firms and registered investment advisors including brokerage clearing, back office support and a suite of software products for financial services firms.
Through its Public and Scientific Affairs Board ( PSAB ) the society regularly monitors public policy, specifically the United States federal government and Congress and provides comment and testimony on issues that affect microbiology.
Through Kiwibank, New Zealand Post provides banking services through its PostShops ( post offices ) and joint venture Books & More and Papermate outlets throughout New Zealand.
Through photographs, film, oral histories, and restoration of work stations the exhibits in the Red Barn illustrate how wooden aircraft structure with fabric overlays were manufactured in the early years of aviation and provides a history of aviation development through 1958.
Through academics, hands-on activities, and team-based learning, students explore the connections between math and science and real world applications ; Engineering Alliance-Developed through a partnership between Project Lead the Way ( PLTW ), TSA and SkillsUSA, Engineering Alliance offers a series of classroom level competitions and leadership development activities designed specifically for PLTW-affiliated middle and high school pre-engineering instructional programs ; VEX Robotics-The TSA VEX Robotics Competition provides students with a hands-on co-curricular competition for learning about science, technology, engineering and mathematics through robotics.
Through its ownership of several European ISP's, KPN also provides Internet access to 2. 1 million customers, and it offers business network services and data transport throughout Western Europe.
Through the eleven English Regional Groups, CBA Wales / Cymru and the Council for Scottish Archaeology ( all of which have individual membership ), the CBA provides a unique forum for the British archaeological community, and the public beyond.
Through CancerHelp UK, a website written in Plain English for anyone affected by cancer, it provides information on cancer and cancer care, and a unique clinical trials database.
Through the unity of the body, mind, and spirit, DMT provides a sense of wholeness to all individuals.

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