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Through and 1860
His dispatches to the Times were collected into three volumes ( A Journey in the Seaboard Slave States ( 1856 ), A Journey Through Texas ( 1857 ), A Journey in the Back Country in the Winter of 1853-4 ( 1860 )) which remain vivid first-person social documents of the pre-war South.
Through the years they developed correspondence with other Baptist associations-Mount Zion Association in 1835, Indian Creek in 1840, Union in 1848, Mount Moriah in 1851, Mount Pleasant circa 1860, East Union in 1890, Ebenezer and Mount Olive in 1891, Liberty in 1894, New Liberty in 1925, and Mount Pleasant No. 2 in 1965.
Through the 1830s, 1840s, and 1850s, not only local projects, but long-distance links, were completed, so that by 1860 the eastern half of the continent, especially the Northeast, was linked by a network of connecting railroads.
Through their contacts with the Western business community, and Ward's own relentless self promotion, in the spring of 1860 Wu and Fang reached out to Ward and became his employers.
In 1861, he struck gold with Problematische Naturen ( 1860 1861 ; English translation “ Problematic Characters ,” by Prof. Schele de Vere, New York, 1869 ); it was followed a year later by a sequel, Durch Nacht zum Licht ( English translation,Through Night to Light ,” by Prof. Schele de Vere, New York, 1869 ), then by Die von Hohenstein ( 1863 ; English translation, “ The Hohensteins ,” by Prof. Schele de Vere, 1870 ), In Reih ' und Glied ( 1866 ), Hammer und Amboß ( 1869 ; English translation, “ Hammer and Anvil ,” by William Hand Browne, 1873 ), Deutsche Pioniere ( 1870 ), Allzeit voran ( 1872 ), Was die Schwalbe sang ( 1873 ; English translation, “ What the Swallow Sang ,” 1873 ), Ultimo ( 1874 ), Liebe für Liebe ( a drama, which has was produced in Leipzig ; 1875 ), Sturmflut ( based on the financial crises in Berlin following the Franco-Prussian War ; 1876 ), Plattland ( 1878 ), Quisisana ( 1880 ), Angela ( 1881 ), Uhlenhans ( 1884 ), Ein neuer Pharao ( 1889 ), Faustulus ( 1897 ) and Freigeboren ( 1900 ) among many others.

Through and
Through his father, Alfred Nobel was a descendant of the Swedish scientist Olaus Rudbeck ( 1630 1702 ), and in his turn the boy was interested in engineering, particularly explosives, learning the basic principles from his father at a young age.
* 1980 Brandan Schieppati, American singer-songwriter and guitarist ( Bleeding Through, Eighteen Visions, and Throwdown )
La Longue Marche à travers la théorie de Galois Long March Through Galois Theory is an approximately 1600-page handwritten manuscript produced by Grothendieck during the years 1980 1981, containing many of the ideas leading to the Esquisse d ' un programme ( see below, and also a more detailed entry ), and in particular studying the Teichmüller theory.
Through the work of Werner Israel, Brandon Carter, and David Robinson the no-hair theorem emerged, stating that a stationary black hole solution is completely described by the three parameters of the Kerr Newman metric ; mass, angular momentum, and electric charge.
* A. K. Bulatovich, Ethiopia Through Russian Eyes: Country in Transition, 1896 1898, translated by Richard Seltzer, 2000
Although Bohr, Fowler, Pauli, and other physicists agreed with Chandrasekhar's analysis, at the time, owing to Eddington's status, they were unwilling to publicly support Chandrasekhar .< sup >, pp. 110 111 </ sup > Through the rest of his life, Eddington held to his position in his writings, including his work on his fundamental theory.
Defoe also wrote a three-volume travel book, Tour Through the Whole Island of Great Britain ( 1724 27 ) that provided a vivid first-hand account of the state of the country.
Through the decade, with Mickey Redmond having two 50 goal seasons and Marcel Dionne starting to reach his prime ( which he did not attain until he was traded to the Los Angeles Kings ), a lack of defensive and goaltending ability continually hampered the Wings.
Through the activities of the theologian Origen ( 185 / 6 254 ) and the school of his follower Pamphilus ( later 3rd century 309 ), Caesarea became a center of Christian learning.
Radio collaborations include Euroclassic Notturno an overnight classical music stream, produced by BBC Radio 3 and broadcast in the United Kingdom as Through the Night and special theme days, such as the annual Christmas music relays from around Europe.
* Mangajin's Basic Japanese Through Comics I New York: Weatherhill, 1998: 48 49
Through analysis of this and other of Hayek's works, Block purports, " in making the case against socialism, Hayek was led into making all sort of compromises with what otherwise appeared to be his own philosophical perspective so much so, that if a system was erected on the basis of them, it would not differ too sharply from what this author explicitly opposed.
* " You're Gonna Love Tomorrow " / " Love Will See Us Through " Young Ben, Young Sally, Young Phyllis and Young Buddy
Through his magazine, Famous Monsters of Filmland ( 1958 1983 ), Ackerman introduced the history of the science fiction, fantasy and horror film genres to a generation of young readers.
* GenoDynamics: Understanding Genocide Through Time and Space by Christian Davenport ( Kroc Institute University of Notre Dame ) and Allan Stam ( University of Michigan )
Through nudism, Gardner made a number of notable friends, including James Laver ( 1899 1975 ), who became the Keeper of Prints and Drawings at the Victoria and Albert Museum, and Cottie Arthur Burland ( 1905 1983 ), who was the Curator of the Department of Ethnography at the British Museum.
* 1980 Through cooperation between the U. S. and Canadian governments, six American diplomats secretly escape hostilities in Iran in the culmination of the Canadian caper.
Through 13 games in 2008, the Royals were 8 5 and in first place in the AL Central, a vast improvement over their start from the previous season.
Through the 2010 season, the Cardinals hold the series advantage 34 26.
Through translations made available by Danilo Montaldi and others, the Italian autonomists drew upon previous activist research in the United States by the Johnson Forest Tendency and in France by the group Socialisme ou Barbarie.
Through involvement in the world being-in-the-world the perceiver tacitly experiences all the perspectives upon that object coming from all the surrounding things of its environment, as well as the potential perspectives that that object has upon the beings around it.

Through and 1871
To establish his place within the Alice canon, Tenniel drew ninety-two drawings for Lewis Carroll ’ s Alice ’ s Adventures in Wonderland ( London: Macmillan, 1865 ) and Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There ( London: Macmillan, 1871 ).
" Jabberwocky " is a nonsense verse poem written by Lewis Carroll in his 1871 novel Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There, a sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
* Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found there ( 1871 ) is one of the best-loved uses of mirrors in literature.
Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There ( 1871 ) is a work of literature by Lewis Carroll ( Charles Lutwidge Dodgson ).
Perhaps its best-known appearance is in Lewis Carroll's whimsical poem " The Walrus and the Carpenter " that appears in his 1871 book Through the Looking-Glass.
* Through the Looking-Glass, the 1871 sequel
Carroll published Through the Looking-Glass in 1871.
Jabberwocky, a poem ( of nonsense verse ) found in Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There by Lewis Carroll ( 1871 ), is a nonsense poem written in the English language.
Through fundraising, £ 7, 000 were collected, which allowed for the purchase of land either at Hitchin or near Cambridge in 1871.
" Anglo-Saxon attitudes " is a phrase spoofed by Lewis Carroll in Through the Looking-Glass ( 1871 ):
" The Walrus and the Carpenter " is a narrative poem by Lewis Carroll that appeared in his book Through the Looking-Glass, published in December 1871.
Campbell's playwright career began in 1871 with the play Through Fire, which ran for four weeks and motivated him to quit journalism.
Quitting this post in 1867, he undertook extensive travels, his descriptions of which appeared as Promenade au tour du monde, 1871 ( 1873 ; English translation by Lady Herbert, 1874 ) and Through the British Empire ( 1886 ).
* Nineteenth Century Baseball: Year-By-Year Statistics for the Major League Teams, 1871 Through 1900 ( ISBN 0-7864-0181-8 )
" from verse three of the White Knight ’ s poem, Haddocks ' Eyes from Chapter eight of Through the Looking-Glass ( 1871 ) by Lewis Carroll.

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