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Through and these
Through all these years, Mrs. Sandburg has pointedly avoided the limelight.
Through the efforts of SAAMI's shooting development program these shooting activities, and many others, including assists in the development of public and privately financed shooting parks, trap and skeet leagues, rifle and pistol marksmanship programs have been promoted, to mention only a few.
Through further insertion of non-day units of time, the calendar year can be further synchronized ; however, these extra units of time are not considered part of the calendar.
Through this reenactment, these societies achieve an " eternal return " to the mythical age.
Through these work projects, Corps Members develop a strong work ethic, strengthen their leadership skills, and learn how to take personal responsibility for their actions.
Through these experiments, Boyle noted that the gas volume varied inversely with the pressure.
Through these years, 50 studies were published, of which 33 were contributed by investigators other than Rhine and the Duke University group ; 61 % of these independent studies reported significant results suggestive of ESP.
Through these two railroad companies, United Fruit dominated the banana trade in Honduras.
Through these conquests, Russia acquired a significant Muslim Tatar population and emerged as a multiethnic and multiconfessional state.
Through much of 2006 the country and Congress was immersed in a debate about these proposals.
Through Rousseau, your masters are resolved to destroy these aristocratic prejudices.
Through these series, through reference works that he conceived and edited, and through the conferences he has sponsored, Neusner has advanced the careers of dozens of younger scholars from across the globe.
Through one of these lodgers, the seven-year-old Pickford won a big part at Toronto's Princess Theatre in a stock company production of The Silver King.
Through these institutions MERCAZ works with on issues such as aliyah and absorption, education, young leadership, and community affairs.
Through all these changes, however, the discs have continued to be known as " phonograph records " or, much more commonly, simply as " records ".
Some of these books, such as The Number of the Beast and The Cat Who Walks Through Walls, start out as tightly constructed adventure stories, but transform into philosophical fantasias at the end.
Through most of the 20th century, many of these techniques were expensive and involved a small number of dedicated craft practitioners, while the reusability of props, models, effects, or animation techniques made it easier to keep using them.
Through a series of mutation experiments comparing these mutants with each other and other known amino acid codons, Sydney Brenner concluded that the amber and ochre mutations corresponded to the nucleotide triplets " UAG " and " UAA ".
Through the whole compass of human knowledge, there are no inferences more certain and infallible than these.
Through these professional bodies, transport planners and engineers can train for a number of professional qualifications, including:
Through these two men a military revolution was speedily accomplished ; they refused to renew their vows of allegiance to Emperor Galba on 1 January 69, and early in 69 Vitellius was proclaimed emperor at Cologne.
Through these systems, the whole of Zanzibar ( Unguja and Pemba ) is widely covered and connected to most parts of the world.
Through these collections, insertional mutants are available for most genes in arabidopsis.
Through these written words, humans communicate with each other.

Through and campaigns
Through the most rancorous battles of political controversy and the most bitterly fought national and presidential campaigns his character shines as an example of dignity and honesty, forthrightness and nobility.
Through the RCNL, Howard led campaigns to expose brutality by the Mississippi state highway patrol and to encourage blacks to make deposits in the black-owned Tri-State Bank of Nashville which, in turn, gave loans to civil rights activists who were victims of a " credit squeeze " by the White Citizens ' Councils.
" Take Back The Night " depicts the Prince's escape into exile, and " Through a Glass Darkly " depicts him in the aftermath of the failed campaigns, a broken, often drunken man.
Through a program of military campaigns, alliances, marriages and land grants, he achieved a unification of the country bordered by China to the north, Champa ( now Central Vietnam ) to the east, the ocean to the south and a place identified by a stone inscription as " the land of cardamoms and mangoes " to the west.
Through this and her husband's legal practice, she was involved in a number of civil rights campaigns, notably the failed attempt to stop the execution of Willie McGee, an African-American accused of raping a white woman.
Through advocacy and awareness campaigns, and by sponsoring coexistence projects, The Abraham Fund Initiatives fosters increased dialogue, tolerance and understanding between Arabs and Jews ...." The Abraham Fund
Through his various governmental positions and campaigns, Kucinich has attracted attention for consistently delivering " the strongest liberal " perspective.
Through coordinated direct actions, demonstrations, teach-ins, letter-writing campaigns, dissemination of materials, and other tactics, SPAN activists all over the country challenge unjust policies and work for non-violent, constructive alternatives.
Through extensive advertising campaigns he made it one of the most well known brands in Canada.
Through his multiple campaigns he became the political voice for the gay community, promoting himself as the " Mayor of Castro Street.
Through his various campaigns, he destroyed 15 tons of books, 284, 000 pounds of plates for printing ' objectionable ' books, and nearly 4, 000, 000 pictures.
Through this it has had a close involvement with the NUS Anti-Racism and Anti-Fascism campaigns in recent years.
Through these programs and advertising campaigns, NJOP has successfully reached more than 1, 120, 500 Jews in North America and engaged them in Jewish life ( as advertised by NJOP as of 1 / 10 ).
Through the Grad Council, the RSU works to build community, advocate through campaigns and support the work of Graduate Student Associations.
Through publications, websites, and related public information campaigns, the CVA educates people about what they feel are the distinct health, environmental, and animal-related advantages of plant-based eating, including " respectfully address humans ' relationship with animals from a comprehensive biblical perspective.
Through modern computerized interpolation, a third virtual filter can be created to recreate true color photographs that, while not particularly useful for scientific analysis, are popular for public display in textbooks and fund raising campaigns.
Through these partnerships, Wright has appeared in television commercials and ad campaigns around New York City and in Men's Fitness, Men's Health, VIBE and VIBE VixeN magazines.
Through his work in various the campaigns, Wilkinson found that he enjoyed the challenges of competing in the political arena.
Through such actions as the publishing of a magazine and volumes of essays and the organising of seminars, lectures, debates, training sessions, international conferences and campaigns, it hopes to raise people ’ s awareness of North-South inequalities.
The Conservatory, as it appeared in 1879, before its dome was replaced following the 1883 fire. Through its life, the Conservatory of Flowers has undergone several repair campaigns.
Through awareness campaigns, investment funds from Scandinavian countries decided to divest from Walmart Mexico for repeating the same violations: destroying archeological vestiges and world cultural heritage.
Through well-planned marketing campaigns, the Haflinger became the dominant small-horse breed in the region.
He campaigns against Islamophobia in both traditional and contemporary media, and is the author of " The Voyage in: Second Life Islamophobia ", in S Sayyid & Abdoolkarim Vakil ( Editors ) Thinking Through Islamophobia: Global Perspectives ( Hurst and Co, 2010 ).

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