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Through and these
Through all these years, Mrs. Sandburg has pointedly avoided the limelight.
Through the efforts of SAAMI's shooting development program these shooting activities, and many others, including assists in the development of public and privately financed shooting parks, trap and skeet leagues, rifle and pistol marksmanship programs have been promoted, to mention only a few.
Through further insertion of non-day units of time, the calendar year can be further synchronized ; however, these extra units of time are not considered part of the calendar.
Through this reenactment, these societies achieve an " eternal return " to the mythical age.
Through these work projects, Corps Members develop a strong work ethic, strengthen their leadership skills, and learn how to take personal responsibility for their actions.
Through these experiments, Boyle noted that the gas volume varied inversely with the pressure.
Through these years, 50 studies were published, of which 33 were contributed by investigators other than Rhine and the Duke University group ; 61 % of these independent studies reported significant results suggestive of ESP.
Through these two railroad companies, United Fruit dominated the banana trade in Honduras.
Through these conquests, Russia acquired a significant Muslim Tatar population and emerged as a multiethnic and multiconfessional state.
Through much of 2006 the country and Congress was immersed in a debate about these proposals.
Through Rousseau, your masters are resolved to destroy these aristocratic prejudices.
Through these series, through reference works that he conceived and edited, and through the conferences he has sponsored, Neusner has advanced the careers of dozens of younger scholars from across the globe.
Through one of these lodgers, the seven-year-old Pickford won a big part at Toronto's Princess Theatre in a stock company production of The Silver King.
Through these institutions MERCAZ works with on issues such as aliyah and absorption, education, young leadership, and community affairs.
Through all these changes, however, the discs have continued to be known as " phonograph records " or, much more commonly, simply as " records ".
Some of these books, such as The Number of the Beast and The Cat Who Walks Through Walls, start out as tightly constructed adventure stories, but transform into philosophical fantasias at the end.
Through most of the 20th century, many of these techniques were expensive and involved a small number of dedicated craft practitioners, while the reusability of props, models, effects, or animation techniques made it easier to keep using them.
Through a series of mutation experiments comparing these mutants with each other and other known amino acid codons, Sydney Brenner concluded that the amber and ochre mutations corresponded to the nucleotide triplets " UAG " and " UAA ".
Through the whole compass of human knowledge, there are no inferences more certain and infallible than these.
Through these professional bodies, transport planners and engineers can train for a number of professional qualifications, including:
Through these two men a military revolution was speedily accomplished ; they refused to renew their vows of allegiance to Emperor Galba on 1 January 69, and early in 69 Vitellius was proclaimed emperor at Cologne.
Through these systems, the whole of Zanzibar ( Unguja and Pemba ) is widely covered and connected to most parts of the world.
Through these collections, insertional mutants are available for most genes in arabidopsis.
Through these written words, humans communicate with each other.

Through and programs
Through the Graduate Studies program, Dartmouth grants doctorate and master's degrees in 19 Arts & Sciences graduate programs.
Through programs like the Deshpande Center, MIT faculty leverage their research and discoveries into multi-million-dollar commercial ventures.
Through the establishment of programs and centers that are outside the limitations of departments or colleges, the university has established leadership in fields such as computational finance, information systems management, arts management, product design, behavioral economics, human-computer interaction, entertainment technology, and decision science.
) Civil Society Empowerment Through Training and Skills Development ( proceedings of a series of hands-on training programs )
Through the funding and creation of programs and partnerships, they support innovative community efforts to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness.
Through the mid-1990s The Sentencing Project provided training and technical assistance in sentencing advocacy to programs in more than 20 states.
Through inpatient rehabilitation programs, patients recover quickly and return home with a renewed sense of self-sufficiency.
Through depicting these controversial issues, the series became arguably one of television's most influential comedic programs, as it injected the sitcom format with real-life conflicts.
Through its professional, preprofessional and career-oriented programs, both undergraduate and graduate, Greensboro College encourages, as well, the professional development of its students.
Through AISI, the industry is able to work through collaborative partnerships and pursue market development programs aimed at expanding markets for steel, research and development ( R & D ) projects aimed at best practices in steelmaking and initiatives designed to achieve new milestones in energy efficiency and sustainability.
" Through the partnership, students have the chance to enroll in dual-degree programs and participate in student exchanges and joint research with a national or international scope.
Through the USCA Graduate Office, more than 500 students each year pursue postgraduate degrees on the Aiken Campus through USCA graduate programs or the University of South Carolina's Extended Graduate Campus.
Through changing exhibitions, tours, and programs, the center aims to deepen appreciation of the past, present, and future significance of the pharmacy industry in the broader social context and in the development of American life, especially in the city of Philadelphia and the surrounding region.
Through existing programs, the user may have the text searched on Boolean retrieval functions of attributes or in-line key words ( such as " all sections of text concerned with or mentioning dogs or cats, but not hamsters ").
: Through a series of freak lightning accidents, both programs are transferred to the real world, and become a greater part of the life of Hitoshi.
Through its affiliation network, Einstein runs the largest postgraduate medical training program in the US, offering some 155 residency and fellowship programs to more than 2, 200 physicians in training.
Through affiliation with Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology, it also offers enrolment in joint programs.
Through its distance and alternative learning programs, the college provides off-campus and online services throughout western Nebraska.
You have numbers in your favor, and numbers mean a great deal .” Through union dues, she insists on plans to provide the proletariats ’ children with safe havens and increased access to education, to build palaces for the ill and wounded workers, and reach out to manufacturers and financiers, including those among the nobility, in order to sustain and maintain such programs.
Through its minority ownership of TSN, the network also airs some of ESPN's original programming as well, including Pardon the Interruption, Sunday NFL Countdown The Sports Reporters, and other ESPN programs and documentaries.
Through a variety of University Relations programs, CA is working with many universities to enable and promote innovation — including funding university research projects in specific areas, working with faculty to enhance curriculum, and providing opportunities to interact with CA research and development experts.
Through an array of programs including its signature Global Social Benefit Incubator ( GSBI ™), the Center engages an international network of business, investment capital, and technical resources to build the capacity of social enterprises around the world.
Through Northeastern Seminary, students can complete a Master of Arts in Theology, Master of Divinity, Doctor of Ministry degree, and several certificate programs in Buffalo and Rochester.
Through money collected from state employees, businessmen, and his own salary, Murray financed programs to feed Oklahoma's poor.

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