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Throughout and series
Throughout the late 1950s and into the 1960s, the United States and the Soviet Union had been developing a series of missile systems with the ability to shoot down incoming ICBM warheads.
Throughout the series, Bebop crew members ' pasts catch up with them, and the show regularly utilizes flashbacks to illustrate the history of the main characters.
Throughout the series several planets and space stations are all shown to be remade in the Earth ’ s image.
Throughout the series, Clark never officially adopted a costume until around the eighth season, but prior to this was seen wearing Superman's traditional colors of red and blue, more often as the series progresses ( more commonly a blue shirt underneath a red jacket, reflecting Superman's uniform and cape colors ).
Throughout the first seven seasons of the series he has a complicated relationship with Lana Lang, as well as his self-perceived guilt over the fact that the meteor shower that killed Lana's parents and created most of the superhumans he fought in the show's first few years was caused by his rocket coming to Earth and dragging pieces of Krypton with it.
Throughout the 1980s and ' 90s, Young promised fans a follow-up to the original Decade collection, provisionally titled Decade II ; eventually, this idea was scrapped in favor of a much more comprehensive anthology to be titled Archives, spanning his entire career and ranging in size from a box set to an entire series of audio and / or video releases.
Throughout the series, Heero has several mobile suit battles with OZ's " Lightning Count ," Zechs Merquise ( whose true identity is Milliardo Peacecraft, Relena's older brother ).
Throughout the entire series, Unus the Untouchable and his squadron of mutants remain a problem ; they don't wish to be part of Xavier's group.
Throughout his career, Neusner has established publication programs and series with various academic publishers.
Throughout the century, Rousay's landlords demanded high rents from crofters, many of whom were made homeless in a series of clearances along the western coast, ordered by landowner George William Traill in the 1820s and 1830s.
Throughout the series, Burton was equipped with Geordi La Forge's trademark VISOR, which he found extremely unpleasant to wear: " It ’ s pretty much a living hell ... 85 to 90 per cent of my vision is taken away when the VISOR goes on ...
Throughout the series, there have been many different versions of the sonic screwdriver, as with subsequent Doctors the design of it was changed.
Throughout his career Capra depended upon his skill as an editor to achieve the contrast of the individual and the group, critical in the success of his Hollywood movies .” Capra thought it would be most effective to use the enemy ’ s original film and propaganda in the series in order to expose the enemies with their own images.
Throughout the series, magic is employed to represent different ideas — relationships, sexuality, ostracism, power, and particularly for Willow, addiction — that change between episodes and seasons.
Throughout the series, McGarrett and his Five-O team often refer to Hawaii as " the rock ".
Throughout the series, Data develops a frequently humorous affinity for theatrical acting and singing.
Throughout the series and the series of films, he is the Enterprise first officer until he accepts command of the USS Titan at the end of Star Trek: Nemesis.
Throughout the 1960s, Nimoy appeared in a number of other TV series including Bonanza ( 1960 ), The Rebel ( 1960 ), Two Faces West ( 1961 ), Rawhide ( episode, Incident Before Black Pass.
Throughout the series, the only three candidates for " Noir " are Mireille Bouquet, Kirika Yuumura and Chloe.
Throughout the series, the viewer is made aware that the Vulcans have more advanced warp drive technology than humans even in the 22nd century.
Throughout the series, he grows increasingly wary of Palpatine's designs on the Republic — and his influence on Anakin.
Throughout the 1980s Hu pursued a series of economic and political reforms under the direction of Deng.

Throughout and they
Throughout human history, political and economic leaders genuinely have been the cause of enormous amounts of death and misery, and they sometimes have engaged in conspiracies while at the same time promoting conspiracy theories about their targets.
Throughout the years, the Cowboys ' blue jersey has been popularly viewed to be " jinxed " because the team often seemed to lose when they wore them.
Throughout his life Orwell continually supported himself as a book reviewer, writing works so long and sophisticated they have had an influence on literary criticism.
Throughout this period, the Inquisition, a Roman Catholic organisation, had organised the mass suppression of peoples and views that they considered heretical.
Throughout history, women have not had the freedom or independence to pursue homosexual relationships as men have, but neither have they met the harsh punishment in some societies as homosexual men.
Throughout the rest of the wars with man, the Kzinti tended to always attack before they were ready, and subsequently lost all of them.
Throughout the next few decades, homosexuals were routinely discharged, regardless of whether they had engaged in sexual conduct while serving.
Throughout a great and open area, not only will there be a greater chance of favourable variations, arising from the large number of individuals of the same species there supported, but the conditions of life are much more complex from the large number of already existing species ; and if some of these species become modified and improved, others will have to be improved in a corresponding degree, or they will be exterminated.
Throughout Shoghi Effendi's life, nearly all remaining family members and descendants of ` Abdu ' l-Bahá were expelled by him as covenant-breakers when they didn't abide by Shoghi Effendi's request to cut contact with covenant-breakers, as specified by ` Abdu ' l-Bahá.
Throughout history, people have claimed to see visions of God or have claimed to go into mystical ecstacies and so forth by which they procured some understanding of God.
In his autobiography, he discussed the years of problems they had experienced because of Leigh's illness: " Throughout her possession by that uncannily evil monster, manic depression, with its deadly ever-tightening spirals, she retained her own individual canniness – an ability to disguise her true mental condition from almost all except me, for whom she could hardly be expected to take the trouble.
Throughout their career they have maintained a sound based on Hill's and Beard's rhythm section support, accentuated by Gibbons ' guitar and vocal style.
Throughout the speech, Bryan had the delegates in the palm of his hand ; they cheered on cue.
Throughout the course of the film, he becomes romantically involved with a Russian woman, whom he later impregnates, as they attempt to survive the prolonged siege and the secret police, because relationships with foreigners are forbidden.
Throughout the course of time he expresses, communicates and converses in his works, great spiritual experiences and desires that they might be of advantage to the progress of many, even the whole family ( Guadium Et Spes Part II, Chapter II, Paragraph II ).
Throughout the Soviet era, the production of brandy remained a source of pride for the communist regime, and they continued to produce some excellent varieties — most famously the Jubilee Brandies of 1967, 1977, and 1987.
Throughout their lives they draw enormous media coverage in the form of photographic, written and televised commentary on their activities, family relationships, rites of passage, personalities, attire, behaviour, and public roles.
Throughout the war, skirmishing tactics against British troops on the move continued to be a key factor in Rebel success ; however, they may also have encouraged the occasional incidents, particularly in the later stages, where British troops used alleged surrender violations as a justification for killing large numbers of captives ( e. g. Waxhaw and Groton Heights ).
Throughout history, people have worn their hair in a wide variety of ways, largely determined by the fashions of the culture they live in.
Throughout the history of these houses, ministers have lived by agreement in whatever rooms they thought necessary.
Throughout the early and mid-20th century they continued to be successful.
Throughout history this has also raised a social question: " What shall we make of those who do not agree with consensus realities of others, or of the society they live in?
Throughout 1917, Lenin argued that the Russian Provisional Government was unrepresentative of the proletariat ’ s interests because, in his estimation, they represented the “ dictatorship of the bourgeoisie ”.

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