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Thus and Conservative
Thus, though often de facto the case, Conservative Judaism's halakhic system does not inherently see Orthodox halakhic practice as acceptable and legitimate halakhic practice for a Conservative Jew.
Thus, Conservative Jewish practice would allow weddings during this time, except on the 9th of Av itself.
Thus, for an American to say that he or she is a member of the Democratic or Republican party, is quite different from a Briton's stating that he or she is a member of the Conservative or Labour party.
Thus the Conservative movement recognizes the right of Jews to form such denominations, and recognizes their clergy as rabbis, but does not generally accept their decisions as valid.
Thus, for example, the Conservative movement typically does not accept Reform converts to Judaism whose conversions did not meet the requirements of Jewish law as being Jews.
Thus, most Conservative and Reform rabbis have not signed it, although many do agree with most of the document.
Thus, the Conservative People's Party is somewhat close to the mainstream of European conservatives, with an extra liberal streak.
Thus, the race was mostly between Conservative candidate Peter McKay and May.
Thus, Conservative ideology, under its philosophy of pluralism, supports a range of views on this subject, from views similar to the Orthodox view to views expressing a need for a contemporary reorientation.
Thus, Orthodox Judaism is officially recognised in Israel, while Reform Rabbis and Conservative Rabbis are not recognised and cannot perform marriages.
Thus, when the Conservative Party withdrew its support from Adolf Stoecker he was forced from the coalition government and eventually lost his seat.
Thus both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party in Britain now elect their leaders by processes which include all their members having the right to vote at some point.
Thus, in 1960, when Conservative Prime Minister Harold Macmillan offered him the chairmanship of the National Coal Board ( NCB ) he accepted enthusiastically.
Thus, the British Conservative statesman Stanley Baldwin is supposed to have quipped:
Thus, consistent with Conservative Judaism's philosophy of pluralism, both views of the continuing relevance of Temple-related concepts of ritual purity are permissible Conservative views.

Thus and Judaism
Thus, Judaism has also been characterized as a culture or as a civilization.
Thus, as an ethnic religion, Judaism holds that others may have their own, different, paths to God ( or holiness, or " salvation "), as long as they are consistent with the Seven Laws of Noah.
Thus fundamentally in Judaism, one is enjoined to bring holiness into life ( with the guidance of God's laws ), rather than removing oneself from life to be holy.
Thus, Judaism rejects the notion that anyone can or should die for anyone else's sin.
Thus, Christianity acquired an identity distinct from Rabbinic Judaism, but this distinction was not recognised all at once by the Roman Empire, see Split of early Christianity and Judaism for details.
Thus, although there is an esoteric tradition in Judaism ( Kabbalah ), Rabbinic scholar Max Kadushin has characterized normative Judaism as " normal mysticism ", because it involves everyday personal experiences of God through ways or modes that are common to all Jews.
Thus a Jew who claims to be an atheist or converts to another religion is still considered by traditional Judaism to be Jewish.
Thus, Judaism views Muslims as righteous people of God.
Thus, although Modern Orthodox Jews find all non-Orthodox forms of Judaism to be wrong, the non-Orthodox movements are not considered to be inherent antagonists ; rather they are perceived to be competitors offering a faulty product, so to speak.
Thus Orthodoxy should work together on some issues with non-Orthodox Judaism, and it is far better for Jews to be members of non-Orthodox Judaism than to assimilate and not be religious Jews at all.
Thus, in Judaism, the " Written Instruction " ( Torah she-bi-khtav תורה שבכתב ) comprises the Torah and the rest of the Tanakh ; the " Oral Instruction " ( Torah she-be ' al peh תורה שבעל פה ) was ultimately recorded in the Talmud ( lit.
Thus in all forms of Judaism following the Oral Law, women are allowed to marry whom they wish, including exogamously, whether they have gained an inheritance or not.
" Thus, in debating and disagreeing over the meaning of the Torah or how best to put it into practice, no rabbi felt that he ( or his opponent ) were in some way rejecting God or threatening Judaism ; on the contrary, it was precisely through such arguments that the rabbis imitated and honored God.
Thus, while early Jewish literature has few historical works, many notes on the history of Judaism have been introduced into the responsa.
Thus, in Europe of the early 19th century, all of Judaism that differed from the strictest forms present at the time was called " Reform ".
Thus, the martyrdom may have occurred in the aftermath of Septimus Severus ’ s decrees of 202 that forbade conversion to Judaism and Christianity .< ref > Brent Shaw, “ The Passion of Perpetua ,” Past and Present 139, ( May 1993 ), JSTOR 30 < http :// www. jstor. org / stable / 651089 >, 10-11.
Thus, he combined central figures in the founding of Judaism and Christianity.
Thus, any divergence from the tenets of Biblical Judaism espoused by Jesus would disqualify him from being considered a prophet in Judaism.
Thus Jews who had converted to Christianity could be regarded as especially deceitful and subversive, while Gentiles who had converted to Judaism were perceived as traitors to the " Aryan race " and were among the first to be persecuted and killed.

Thus and rejects
Thus, Sartre rejects what he calls " deterministic excuses " and claims that people must take responsibility for their behavior.
Thus, for example, the Gandhian ahimsa is a philosophy and strategy for social change that rejects the use of violence, but at the same time sees nonviolent action ( also called civil resistance ) as an alternative to passive acceptance of oppression or armed struggle against it.
Thus, King rejects " these present-day views signs from symptoms based on patient-subjective versus clinician-objective, however widely accepted, as quite faulty, at variance not only with ordinary usage but with the entire history of medicine.
( Thus a universal state with no transitions accepts unconditionally ; an existential state with no transitions rejects unconditionally ).
Thus, feminist research rejects Weber's value-free orientation in favour of being overtly political-doing research in pursuit of gender equality.
Thus, notwithstanding his veneration for Anan ben David, the founder of Karaism, and for Benjamin Nahawandi, he often rejects their interpretations.
Thus, Craig rejects this as a refutation of premise one.
Thus modern sociocultural evolutionism rejects most of classical social evolutionism due to various theoretical problems:
Thus modern socio-cultural evolutionism rejects most of classical social evolutionism due to various theoretical problems:
Thus special relativity rejects the absolute simultaneity assumed by classical mechanics ; and quantum mechanics does not permit one to speak of properties of the system ( exact position, say ) other than those that can be connected to macro scale observations.

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