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Some Related Sentences

Thus and may
Thus, to cite but one example, the Pax Britannica of the nineteenth century, whether with the British navy ruling the seas or with the City of London ruling world finance, was strictly national in motivation, however much other nations ( e.g., the United States ) may have incidentally benefited.
Thus the member of an industrial union comes to regard his officers as business agents who may proceed without interference or recall ; ;
Thus the student of literature may sometimes find it helpful to classify a poem or an essay as being in idea or in ideal content or subject matter typical or atypical of its period.
Thus, as a development program is being launched, commitments and obligations must be entered into in a given year which may exceed by twofold or threefold the expenditures to be made in that year.
Thus, a child's Skeletal Age `` dots '' may be classified as `` advanced '' when they appear above the middle curve, `` moderate '' when they appear immediately above or below the middle curve, and `` delayed '' when they appear below the lower curve.
Thus in Mary wrote an account of the trip first strong stress on Mary marks Mary as the first in a series of people who wrote accounts of the trip, strong stress on wrote marks the writing as the first of a series of actions of Mary's concerned with an account of her trip ( about which she may later have made speeches, for example ), and strong stress on trip makes the trip the first of a series of subjects about which Mary wrote accounts.
Thus while his theory or technique may not be oversubscribed, it is commonplace for bullish and bearish positions to become temporarily over-subscribed.
Thus, if public pressure sets the effective limit to the price that the industry may charge, this pressure is itself a function of the wage rate.
Thus, when specifically permitted, the operand of a given line on the Autocoder coding sheet may be continued in the operand of from one to four additional lines which immediately follow.
Thus creativity may run all the way from making a cake, building a chicken coop, or producing a book, to founding a business, creating a League of Nations or, developing a mature character.
Thus a man who is butting a stone wall at the office may become unusually aggressive in bed -- the one place he can still be champion.
Thus he will be in a position to disabuse the Soviet leader of any notions he may have about grave Allied disunity.
Thus, while it remains possible that the Babylonians and/or the Pythagoreans may perhaps have had the magic square of three before the Chinese did, more definite evidence will have to turn up from the Middle East or the Classical World before China can lose her claim to the earliest known magic square by more than a thousand years.
Thus, giving grades and promotions based only on an individual's performance relative to a small local group, as is common, may reduce cooperative behaviors in the group.
Thus, while altruistic persons may under some circumstances be outcompeted by less altruistic persons at the individual level, according to group selection theory the opposite may occur at the group level where groups consisting of the more altruistic persons may outcompete groups consisting of the less altruistic persons.
Thus, although some things may be certain, they have little to do with Dasein's sense of care and existential anxiety, e. g., in the face of death.
Thus, a court officer taking possession of goods under a court order may use force if reasonably necessary.
Thus, a gene for antibiotic resistance that evolves via natural selection may be shared.
This latter construal is sometimes expressed by saying " there is no fact of the matter as to whether or not P ." Thus, we may speak of anti-realism with respect to other minds, the past, the future, universals, mathematical entities ( such as natural numbers ), moral categories, the material world, or even thought.
Thus it may be roughly translated as " protector of man ".
Thus, three eclipse calculations may be evidence for the suggestion that Romulus reigned from 746 BC to 709 BC, and Rome was founded during 745 BC.
Thus if the instrument depends on the pressure or suction effect alone, and this pressure or suction is measured against the air pressure in an ordinary room, in which the doors and windows are carefully closed and a newspaper is then burnt up the chimney, an effect may be produced equal to a wind of 10 mi / h ( 16 km / h ); and the opening of a window in rough weather, or the opening of a door, may entirely alter the registration.

Thus and be
Thus the cocktail party would appear to be the ideal system, but there is one weakness.
Thus, when you have prepared your foundation and laid the floor, these can be trucked to the site and erected with a small crew of friends in a weekend.
Thus the film can be applied to back-lighted translucent plastics faces ; ;
Thus, direct comparisons can be drawn with free burning arcs which have been studied in detail during the past years and decades by numerous investigators ( Ref. 3 ).
Thus if E is sufficiently small, there can be only one intersection of C and Af near Q, for if there were more than one intersection for every E then the difference between C and Af near Q would not be a monotone function.
Thus the multiplicity of Af for a given T must be an even number.
Thus, although the agenda of external assistance in the economic sphere are cumulative, and many of the policies suggested for nations in the earlier stages remain relevant, the basic purpose of American economic policy during the later stages of development should be to assure that movement into a stage of self-sustaining growth is not prevented by lack of foreign exchange.
Thus, casework involving a limited number of interviews is still to be regarded in terms of the quality of service rendered rather than of the quantity of time expended.
Thus, this readiness to relax controls, evidenced in the Kohnstamm situation, appears to be a more general personality factor.
Thus, when more than one distinct form leads to a particular cell in the X-region, a chain of information cells must be created to accommodate the forms, one cell in the chain for each form.
Thus in a context in which there has been discussion of snow but mention of local conditions is new, dominant stress will probably be on here in it rarely snows here, but in a context in which there has been discussion of local weather but no mention of snow, dominant stress will probably be on snows.
Thus in it's incredible what that boy can eat dominant stress is likely to be on incredible, and eat will have strong stress also.
Thus one line in five from The Iliad and The Odyssey is to be found somewhere else in the two poems.
Thus if the gyro and platform-controller combination maintains the platform with zero angular deviation about the **yf axis, the system can be rotated with an angular velocity Af if a torque is supplied to the gyro output axis Aj.
Thus, Sauternes or Barsacs should be very cold ; ;
Thus, red wine must, if possible, never be disturbed or shaken ; ;

Thus and referring
Thus literary criticism became highly theoretical and some of those practicing it began referring to the theoretical dimension of their work as " critical theory "-a philosophically inspired theory of literary criticism.
Thus, living birds were divided into carinates ( keeled ) and ratites ( from ratis, " raft ", referring to the flatness of the sternum ).
Thus Ockham argued that " Socrates has wisdom ", which apparently asserts the existence of a reference for " wisdom ", can be rewritten as " Socrates is wise ", which contains only the referring phrase " Socrates ".
Thus the sky might be called naturalistically él-ker “ squall-vat ” ( Markús Skeggjason: Eiríksdrápa 3 ) or described in mythical terms as Ymis haus “ Ymir ’ s skull ” ( Arnórr jarlaskáld: Magnúsdrápa 19 ), referring to the idea that the sky was made out of the skull of the primeval giant Ymir.
Thus, the two often confuse their own names, as do the other characters when referring to them.
Thus, the use of the term " diocese " referring to geography is the most equivalent in the United Methodist Church, whereas each annual conference is part of one episcopal area ( though that area may contain more than one conference ).
Thus, he advocates the usage of both " Hmong " and " Mong " when referring to the entire ethnic group.
Thus the term heat for means that amount of energy added or removed by conduction of heat or by thermal radiation, rather than referring to a form of energy within the system.
" ( Thus, today Chinese people often refer to her as Wu Mei or Wu Meiniang ( 武媚娘 ) when they write about her youth, whereas they refer to her as Empress Wu ( 武后 ) when referring to her as empress and empress dowager and Wu Zetian ( 武則天 ) when referring to her reign as " emperor.
Thus pharmacists have a significant role in assessing medication management in patients, and in referring patients to physicians.
Thus Salar de Uyuni can be loosely translated as a salt flat with enclosures, the latter possibly referring to the " islands " of the Salar ; or as " salt flat at town named ' pen for animals '".
Thus in contemporary discussions of the accessory nerve, the common practice is to dismiss the cranial part altogether, referring to the accessory nerve specifically as the spinal accessory nerve.
Thus the term timbales is ambiguous when referring to bands playing the danzón in the 1900 – 1930 period.
Thus, to refer to Maya as Mayans would be similar to referring to Americans as Germanics because they speak a language belonging to the Germanic language family.
) Thus in parliamentary proceedings one may find, for example, a heading referring to " Act for the shirrefdome of Dumbartane " but the text " the sevine kirkis to Dumbartane schyr "
Thus slowdowns, speed ups, improvements in the education of the labor force and all sorts of things will appear as ’ technical change ’ ” Since then more specific descriptions of productivity sources have emerged referring to investment, innovations, skills, enterprise and competition ( ONS 3, 20 ).
Thus, Conan declares that referring to the monster simply as " Frankenstein " is correct.
Thus the decline of the Mauryan empire cannot be satisfactorily explained by referring to Military inactivity, Brahmin resentment, popular uprising or economic pressure.
" ( Thus perish the enemies of the Republic ), referring to how fictional character Mère Royaume poured boiling hot vegetable soup on soldiers climbing up the walls of the city.
Thus our modern day use of a name such as ' Christopher Columbus ' can be thought of as referring to Columbus through a causal chain that terminates not simply in one instance of his naming, but rather in a series of grounding uses of the name that occurred throughout his life.
Thus for example, in 1965 we find Gerd Buchdahl reporting " A Revolution in Historiography of Science " referring to the innovative studies of Thomas Kuhn and Joseph Agassi.
Thus, referring to Paul McCartney in King George ( I need a McCartney song ); in 27 Years, where they make reference to a famous song of his: Band on the Run, and in their latest album, Follow The City Lights, one of the songs which is called ' Dear McCartney '.
Thus, referring to the property of X-ray density as radiodensity appears contradictory by current knowledge, but is still used as a historical artifact.

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