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Thus and 2001
Thus it was decided to follow the Germans ( Leopard 2A4 ) and British ( Challenger 2 ) in their application of a titanium-tungsten system, which was introduced to the Leclerc in 2001, in Batch 10.
Thus 2001 was the ninth indiction.
Thus, his 2001 proposal includes 5 branches for South Munda.
Thus some researchers have used mutant mouse models with severe oxidative damage as a model of " accelerated aging " to investigate the possible role of phosphatidylcholine supplementation as a way of slowing down aging-related processes < ref > Mei-Chu Hung, Koji Shibasaki, Riki Yoshida, Masao Sato and Katsumi Imaizumi ( 2001 ).
Thus the START II treaty was officially bypassed by the SORT treaty, agreed to by Presidents George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin at their summit meeting in November 2001, and signed at Moscow Summit on 24 May 2002.
Additionally, Nick Zedd has acted in such super-low-budget films as the Super-8 film The Manhattan Love Suicides ( 1985 ), What About Me ( 1993 ), Bubblegum ( 1995 ), Jonas In The Desert ( 1997 ), Troma Films ' Terror Firmer ( 1999 ) and Thus Spake Zarathustra ( 2001 ).
* Thus Spake Zarathustra ( 2001 )
Thus, she secured the role of that queen in the 2001 film The Affair of the Necklace.
Thus Emma continued her vocal training in 2001 and 2002 by taking singing lessons from vocal coach Maguy Vilette, and took guitar courses again for two months, because the musical style of pop rock attracted her.
Thus, in 2001, Fame and Greene hired attorneys Oren Warshavsky and Steven Ames Brown through Artists Rights Enforcement Corporation.
Thus is December 2001 WWO (" W Witrynach Odbicia ") ceased to exist and the group continued under their new name " W Wyjątkowych Okolicznościach ".
Thus the middle bar with the bar on the right and not the bar on the left with the bar on the right may provide a better model of swing in Scotland from 2001 to 2005.
Thus, the presidential papers of Ronald Reagan were due to be made public when George W. Bush took office in January 2001.
On its 103rd celebration last 2001, the Municipal Tourism Council proposed an innovation in the telling of " Cry " history-one which will catch the attention not only of local folks but that of foreign tourists, as well Thus, Kahilwayan Festival was launched in public during the 2001 " Cry " celebration.
Thus, for example, while there were easily 10, 000 people at the conference in 2001, in 2002, after 9 / 11, attendance dropped to 5, 000.
However, Usher felt that he needed to release " U Got It Bad " saying, “ If you wanna know what a Usher record is, then Got It Bad " is it ,” before adding, “ I have my own sound now after this record .” Thus, " U Got It Bad " was released as the second single from the album on September 4, 2001.
Thus far, the provincial Liberal government has ruled out the idea of bringing back photo radar, which it cancelled after first being elected in 2001.
Thus the total Hindu population in Sri Lanka stands at 2, 597, 000 as of 2001, making 13. 81 % of the total population ( Down from 15. 48 % in 1981 ).

Thus and Emperor
Thus, the 11th edition is " dedicated by Permission to His Majesty George the Fifth, King of Great Britain and Ireland and of the British Dominions beyond the Seas, Emperor of India, and to William Howard Taft, President of the United States of America.
Thus, on 2 December 1851, shortly before the end of his single three-year term in office was to expire, Louis Bonaparte staged a coup against the Second Republic in France, disbanded the elected Constituent Assembly, arrested some of the Republican leaders and declared himself Emperor Napoleon III of France.
Thus, most knowledge of Roman Britain has derived from archaeological investigations, and the epigraphic evidence lauding the Britannic achievements of an Emperor of Rome, such as Hadrian ( r. 117 – 38 ) and Antoninus Pius ( r. 138 – 61 ), whose walls demarcated the northern borders of Roman Britain.
Thus, through the mediation of Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, he lifted his ban against Visconti, obtaining Bologna only after he signed a hasty peace with Visconti that was highly favorable to him.
The Battle of Pavia ( 1525 ) marks a watershed in the city's fortunes, since by that time, the former cleavage between the supporters of the Pope and those of the Holy Roman Emperor had shifted to one between a French party ( allied with the Pope ) and a party supporting the Emperor and King of Spain Charles V. Thus during the Valois-Habsburg Italian Wars, Pavia was naturally on the Imperial ( and Spanish ) side.
Thus, Kublai Khan was simultaneously Khagan of the Mongols and Emperor of China.
Thus, in Botticelli's interpretation, Pankaspe ( the ancient living prototype of Simonetta ), the mistress of Alexander the Great ( the Laurentian predecessor ), becomes the lovely model for the lost Venus executed by the legendary Apelles ( reborn through the recreative talents of Botticelli ), which ended up in Rome, installed by Emperor Augustus in the temple dedicated to Florence's supposed founder Julius Caesar.
Thus the Emperor orders Genji pardoned, and he returns to Kyoto.
Thus, a substantial opposition movement developed in opposition to Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor.
Thus the tyranny of prescience will end with Siona — humanity can never again be bound by a powerful prescient like Muad ' dib or the God Emperor himself.
Thus, Emperor Go-Komatsu became the acknowledged, undisputed and legitimate emperor of Japan on October 21, 1392.
Thus the stage was set for Emperor Maurice to establish the Exarchates to deal with the constantly evolving situation of the provinces.
Thus, although armored riders were used in the Roman army as early as the 2nd century BC ( Polybios, VI, 25, 3 ), the first recorded deployment and use of cataphracts ( equites cataphractarii ) by the Roman Empire comes in the 2nd century AD, during the reign of Emperor Hadrian ( 117-138 AD ), who created the first, regular unit of auxiliary, mailed cavalry called the ala I Gallorum et Pannoniorum catafractata.
Thus, the main goal of the Sphere was the hakkō ichiu, the unification of the eight corners of the world under the rule ( kōdō ) of the Emperor.
Thus, Yongzheng got to succeed the throne, and his " son ", Hongli, subsequently became Emperor Qianlong.
Thus, a foreign monarch would also be referred to as Wang, implying that one was inferior in rank and thus subject to the Chinese Emperor.
Thus, the Holy Roman Emperor was in no position to crusade.
Thus Emperor Kangxi formerly took over the reins of power in a ceremony on August 25, a month after Sonin's death.
Thus the baths erected by Claudius Etruscus, the freedman of the Emperor Claudius, are styled by Statius balnea, and by Martial Etrusci thermulae.
Thus, Augustus had chosen Livilla as the wife of the future Emperor.
Thus in 1651, when he published the first printed edition of the works of George Acropolites, the 13th century emissary of the Byzantine Emperor who acknowledged the supremacy of the Roman pontiff and thus had become something of a celebrity, at least in the West, the Latin essay that formed the preface to this volume, De Georgiis eorumque Scriptis gained fame itself as a learned plea for the commonalities between the two churches.
Thus the Golden Bull of Emperor Charles IV names the bishops as prince-bishops, a rank not awarded to the other three Prussian bishops ( Culm, Pomesania, and Samland ).
Thus, he was not elected Latin Emperor and was given, as compensation, the Kingdom of Thessalonica and Crete.

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