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Some Related Sentences

Thus and view
Thus the view from Whitehall early in 1916: If defeat was not imminent, neither was victory ; and the outcome of the war of attrition on the Western Front could not be predicted.
Thus the " correct " way to view Figure 8 is to imagine the x-axis as pointing towards the observer and thus seeing a concave corner.
Thus the logical view refers to the way the user views the data, and the physical view refers to the way the data are physically stored and processed.
Thus, the law of " interpenetrating opposites " records the inextricable interdependence of components: the " transformation of quantity to quality " defends a systems-based view of change that translates incremental inputs into alterations of state ; and the " negation of negation " describes the direction given to history because complex systems cannot revert exactly to previous states.
Thus, the word " haibun ", though counted as two syllables in English, is counted as four on in Japanese ( ha-i-bu-n ); and the word " on " itself, which English-speakers would view as a single syllable, comprises two on: the short vowel o and the moraic nasal
Thus it is not out of view of the immune system One of these pieces, a protein called
Thus to kiss an icon of Christ, in the Eastern Orthodox view, is to show love towards Christ Jesus himself, not mere wood and paint making up the physical substance of the icon.
Thus, the ship Cirne of the captain Diogo Fernandes Pereira, came into view of Réunion island on 9 February 1507.
Thus, Nathanael ’ s question, “ Can anything good come out of Nazareth ?” is consistent with a negative view of Nazareth in the canonical gospels, and with the Johannine proclamation that even his brothers did not believe in him.
Thus two people can view the same event and come away with entirely different perceptions of it, even disagreeing about simple facts.
Thus the Bahá ' í view promotes the unity of humanity, and that people's vision should be world-embracing and that people should love the whole world rather than just their nation.
Jeff Snyder is a spokesman for the view that gun possession is a civil right, and that therefore arguments about whether gun restrictions reduce or increase violent crime are beside the point: " I am not here engaged in ... recommending ... policy prescriptions on the basis of the promised or probable results crime ... Thus these essays are not fundamentally about guns at all.
Thus grammars that employ phrase structure rules are constituency grammars (= phrase structure grammars ), as opposed to dependency grammars, which view sentence structure as dependency-based.
Thus, some view Catiline as a reformer such as the Gracchi who met similar resistance from the government.
Thus the term " syāt " should be prefixed before each proposition giving it a conditional point of view and thus removing any dogmatism in the statement.
Thus from a certain point of view, regularity is not really the issue here, and we could impose a weaker condition instead to get the same result.
Thus, from a decision theory point of view, the distinction between " optimizing " and " satisficing " is essentially a stylistic issue ( that can nevertheless be very important in certain applications ) rather than a substantive issue.
Thus, a view could in effect be a new relational operator defined in terms of the existing operators.
Thus knowledge of Tages comes mainly from what is said about him by the classical authors, which is a legendary and quasi-mythical view ; Lydus suggests that Tages is only a parable.
Thus, Ọdịnala in this view is for every world but originated from Igboland.
Thus, by the absolutist view, only combatants can be attacked.
Thus, a neutral point of view requires testing measures consensual to anyone expected to believe the results.
Thus its view is called conditional predestination, since the predetermination of the destiny of individuals is based on God's foreknowledge of the way in which they will either freely reject Christ or freely accept him.

Thus and we
Thus we are compelled to face the urbanization of the South -- an urbanization which, despite its dramatic and overwhelming effects upon the Southern culture, has been utterly ignored by the bulk of Southern writers.
Thus shielded, we played many foolish games in comfortable unselfconsciousness ; ;
Thus Burns's `` My love is like a red, red rose '' and Hopkins' `` The thunder-purple sea-beach, plumed purple of Thunder '' although clearly intelligible in content, hardly present ideas of the sort with which we are here concerned.
Thus we will have a society consisting of the planners or conditioners, and the controlled.
Thus, we might provide limited assistance in such fields as education, essential transport, communications, and agricultural improvement despite the absence of acceptable country programs.
Thus, we have no part, and want none, in current discussions of the relative importance of science, the social studies, the humanities, the creative arts.
Thus we enter 1961 in a strong financial position.
Thus, for aqueous media, we can think of the idealized organic active as an oleophilic or hydrophobic surface-active agent, and of an idealized builder as a oleophobic or hydrophilic surface-active agent.
Thus we see that Af and Af.
Thus we do not score the number of bull's-eyes, and the random variable is not the number of successes.
Thus we obtain g{t} by introducing an oblique g{t}-axis in the Aj.
Thus, if we are to observe American folklore in the twentieth century, we will do well to establish the relationships between folklore, nationalism and imperialism at the outset.
Thus, in `` The Story Of Ruth '' we have Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz and sets that are meticulously authentic.
Thus we hear of abbots going out to hunt, with their men carrying bows and arrows ; keeping horses, dogs and huntsmen ; and special mention is made of an abbot of Leicester, c. 1360, who was the most skilled of all the nobility in hare hunting.
Thus we have the De officiis ministrorum, De viduis, De virginitate and De paenitentia.
Thus we were spared the affliction of his absence and the triumph of suffering for his principles.
Thus we have the story of his riding across a stick ( horse made of stick ) with his children and upon being discovered by a friend desiring that he not mention till he himself were the father of children ; and because of the affection of his son Archidamus ' for Cleonymus, he saved Sphodrias, Cleonymus ' father, from execution for his incursion into the Piraeus, and dishonorable retreat, in 378 BC.
Thus, if every historian were to claim that there was a solar eclipse in the year 1600, then though we might at first naively regard that as in violation of natural laws, we'd come to accept it as a fact.
This latter construal is sometimes expressed by saying " there is no fact of the matter as to whether or not P ." Thus, we may speak of anti-realism with respect to other minds, the past, the future, universals, mathematical entities ( such as natural numbers ), moral categories, the material world, or even thought.
Thus, intuitionists are ready to accept a statement of the form " P or Q " as true only if we can prove P or if we can prove Q:
Thus, current expected inflation reflects a weighted average of all past inflation, where the weights get smaller and smaller as we move further in the past.
Thus, Blackwood will not tell you what you want to know: Are we at risk of losing the first two tricks?

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