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Some Related Sentences

Thus and West
Thus the Eastern First Council of Constantinople became ecumenical only when its decrees were accepted in the West also.
" Thus, by the 4th century, there existed unanimity in the West concerning the New Testament canon, and by the 5th century the East, with a few exceptions, had come to accept the Book of Revelation and thus had come into harmony on the matter of the canon.
Thus, some claim that, from the 4th century, there existed unanimity in the West concerning the New Testament canon ( as it is today ), and that, by the 5th century, the Eastern Church, with a few exceptions, had come to accept the Book of Revelation and thus had come into harmony on the matter of the canon.
Thus Wheeling Island, the largest inhabited island in the Ohio River, belongs to West Virginia, although it is closer to the Ohio shore than to the West Virginia shore.
Thus, on the coins and charters issued in her name, Tamar is identified as " by the will of God, King of Kings and Queen of Queens of the Abkhazians, Kartvelians, Arranians, Kakhetians, and Armenians ; Shirvanshah and Shahanshah ; Autocrat of all the East and the West, Glory of the World and Faith ; Champion of the Messiah.
Thus the strip is now 5. 31 arcseconds West.
Thus, the reunification was not a merger that created a third state out of the two, but an incorporation, by which West Germany absorbed East Germany.
Thus, on Unification Day, 3 October 1990, the German Democratic Republic ceased to exist, giving way to five new Federal States, and East and West Berlin were also unified as a single city-state, forming a sixth new Federal State.
Thus West Greek is the most accurate name for the classical dialects.
Thus, the Graham Lakes region has remained entirely rural, and the lake shores of both East Graham Lake and West Graham Lake remain undeveloped.
Thus founding the city of Kirkland in 1888, officially one of the earliest on the Eastside at the time, Kirk ’ s vision of a " Pittsburgh of the West " was beginning to take form.
Thus, traditional societies, historical societies, religious societies, either in the East or in the West ( be they tribal, Bedouin, civilized Muslim or non-Muslim societies, in whatever social or cultural stage of civilization they may be ) have all been directly or indirectly influenced by these thoughts, intellectual currents and even new social realities.
Thus by the end of the 1850s, the GNR had gained access to most of West Yorkshire, although without at this time owning any lines beyond Askern Junction, a few miles north of Doncaster.
Thus, they sent separate teams to the 1952 Summer Olympics and also to the 1954 World Cup qualifiers, when Saarland finished below West Germany but above Norway in their qualification group, having won in Oslo.
Most often, however, the term " American West " is used for the area west of the Mississippi River during the 19th century. Thus, the Midwest and parts of the American South, though no longer considered " western ," have a frontier heritage along with the modern western states.
Thus, German aircraft of the East German flag carrier Interflug could use Schönefeld airport, while West German Lufthansa was denied access to Berlin-Tegel and Tempelhof airports.
Thus, German aircraft of the East German flag carrier Interflug, could use Schönefeld airport, whilst West German Lufthansa was denied access to Berlin-Tegel or Tempelhof airports.
Thus, the mean salaries of teachers in the North and South is compared against the mean salary of the teachers in the West.
Thus, Soviet perceptions of the West left a strong undercurrent of tension and hostility between the Allied powers.
Thus, on October 25, 1783, General Henry Knox honorably discharged Deborah Sampson from the Army at West Point, after a year and a half of service.
Thus in the West the acronym became even the more undesired and using it was often considered either unreflecting or even expressing naïve Communist sympathies.
Thus, if this is the case, then the Scythians settled roughly North Ossetia, effectively cutting the Zygii nation in half ( Herodotus noted that Zygii were still present West of the Scythians in the Caucasus ).
Thus Dunkirk ( France ) is a rendering of an original Dutch form, Duinkerke ( West Flemish Duunkerke, French Dunkerque ).

Thus and notion
Thus, this notion, which remained relevant throughout Chinese history, reflects the order of nature.
Thus, Judaism rejects the notion that anyone can or should die for anyone else's sin.
Thus, the only logical possibilities are to accept non-Euclidean geometry as physically real, or to reject the entire notion of physical tests of the axioms of geometry, which can then be imagined as a formal system without any intrinsic real-world meaning.
Thus another approach is to incorporate the notion of suffering into the definition.
Thus, the challenge is to create agile or discovery-driven implementations of the EVM principle, and not simply to reject the notion of measuring technical performance objectively.
Thus, for example, around 60 manuscripts are extant containing Welsh-language versions of the Historia, the earliest of which were created in the 13th century ; the old notion that some of these Welsh versions actually underlie Geoffrey's Historia, advanced by antiquarians such as the 18th-century Lewis Morris, has long since been discounted in academic circles.
Thus three major themes in 19th century mathematics were combined by Lie in creating his new theory: the idea of symmetry, as exemplified by Galois through the algebraic notion of a group ; geometric theory and the explicit solutions of differential equations of mechanics, worked out by Poisson and Jacobi ; and the new understanding of geometry that emerged in the works of Plücker, Möbius, Grassmann and others, and culminated in Riemann's revolutionary vision of the subject.
Thus, null sets may be interpreted as negligible sets, defining a notion of almost everywhere.
Thus, in place of God's role as guarantor of the coherence of the world, Kant posits a faculty of reason structured by the forms of our intuition ( our sense of time and space ) and the categories of our understanding ( like the notion of cause and effect ).
Thus, lineally and geopolitically, Bruce attempted to support his anticipated notion of a pan-Gaelic alliance between Scottish-Irish Gaelic populations, under his kingship.
Thus, justification is a normative notion.
Thus, he developed his notion of hamartia, or tragic flaw, which was really an error in judgment by the main character or protagonist.
There is no sustained, mature analysis of the notion ..." Thus, some critics object, it would be acceptable to torture one person if this would produce an amount of happiness in other people outweighing the unhappiness of the tortured individual.
Thus, in a sense, the notion of a Noetherian ring unifies the ideal structure of various " natural rings ".
Thus, the general notion of a statistical ensemble with nearest-neighbor interactions leads to Markov random fields, which again find broad applicability ; for example in Hopfield networks.
Thus, nationalism is invoked in conscience to quell tribal conflict and the notion of a Brotherhood of Man is invoked to quell national conflicts.
Thus, it encouraged biological fathers to reject not only the notion of an obligation to marry the mother but also the very idea of a paternal obligation.
Thus, he described his notion of an esoteric philosophy which referenced the eternal truth or wisdom which lies at the heart of all traditions as a " science of reality " based on the method of " certain demonstration " ( al-burhan al-yaqini ).
Thus, the notion that the Trinity consists of " Three persons in one God " is not a part of Latter-day Saint beliefs.
Thus Kant presents the notion of the hypothetical Kingdom of Ends of which he suggests all people should consider themselves both means and ends.
Thus if we set aside the notion of standardization, I believe it would be more appropriate to speak of 25 languages derived from Old Tibetan.
Thus the Governor-General hit upon the notion to name the outpost Nueva ( meaning new Ecija ). Both the New and Old Ecija were washed by navigable rivers-the former, by Rio Grande de Pampanga and the latter, by the river Genil.
The notion is closely related to the idea of a multiplicative character in group theory, which is a homomorphism χ from a group G to the multiplicative group of a field F. Thus χ: G → F < sup >×</ sup > satisfies χ ( e ) = 1 ( where e is the identity element of G ) and
Thus weights are primarily of interest for abelian Lie algebras, where they reduce to the simple notion of a generalized eigenvalue for space of commuting linear transformations.

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