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Thus and many
Thus shielded, we played many foolish games in comfortable unselfconsciousness ; ;
Thus, many a creativity-oriented aspirant for a career in architecture, drama, or journalism, resigns himself to a real estate business ; ;
Thus, although the agenda of external assistance in the economic sphere are cumulative, and many of the policies suggested for nations in the earlier stages remain relevant, the basic purpose of American economic policy during the later stages of development should be to assure that movement into a stage of self-sustaining growth is not prevented by lack of foreign exchange.
Acts, then is a continuation of the Lucan Gospel, not in the sense that it relates what Jesus continued to do, but how his followers carried out his commission under the guidance of his Spirit .” Thus, part of the answer to the purpose of Acts is that Luke is writing to Theophilus, who is also mentioned in Luke 1: 3, in order to explain to him the occurrences that take place in the church that fulfill Jesus ’ promise to his disciples that you will be baptized with, the Holy Spirit not many days from now ” ( Acts 1: 5 ).
Thus, many users of a given BBS usually lived in the same area, and activities such as BBS Meets or Get Togethers were common, where users of the board would gather at a local restaurant, the SysOp ’ s home or similar venue and meet face to face.
Thus, they are the basis of many software vulnerabilities and can be maliciously exploited.
Thus, it has been known for many years that, due to repulsive Coulombic interactions, electrically charged macromolecules in an aqueous environment can exhibit long-range crystal-like correlations with interparticle separation distances, often being considerably greater than the individual particle diameter.
Thus criminal law grew out what 21st-century lawyers would call torts ; and, in real terms, many acts and omissions classified as crimes actually overlap with civil-law concepts.
Thus, many understood Eutyches to be advocating Docetism, a sort of reversal of Arianism where Arius had denied the consubstantial divinity of Jesus, Eutyches seemed to be denying his human nature.
Thus it has been alleged that many credentes would eventually receive the consolamentum as death drew near performing the ritual of liberation at a moment when the heavy obligations of purity required of Perfecti would be temporally short.
Thus, many levels of subtext are potentially lost on modern translators.
Thus the harmonisation was replaced in the 5th century by the canonical four gospels individually, in the Peshitta version, whose Syriac text nevertheless contains many Diatessaronic readings.
Thus, if rainfall amounts and intensities increase in many parts of the world as expected, erosion will also increase, unless amelioration measures are taken.
Thus many known exoplanets are " hot Jupiters ": planets of Jovian mass or larger in very small orbits with periods of only a few days.
Thus many Orthodox Churches adopt a national title ( e. g. Albanian Orthodox, Bulgarian Orthodox, Syrian Orthodox, Georgian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Macedonian Orthodox, Montenegrin Orthodox, Romanian Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Serbian Orthodox, Ukrainian Orthodox etc.
Thus, Euclid's algorithm, which computes the GCD of two integers, suffices to calculate the GCD of arbitrarily many integers.
Thus, most security researchers set maximum times ( such as 14 days or 30 days ) before fully revealing a vulnerability to the public, since otherwise many vendors would never fix even critical vulnerabilities in their products.
Thus like many of Cassidy's derivations, this proposed explanation appears quite improbable.
Thus, since the 19th century many historical Jesus scholars have argued that only one of the two traditions could be authentic.
Thus, many implementations include an extra callback, such as.
Thus, Heracles ' very existence proved at least one of Zeus ' many illicit affairs, and Hera often conspired against Zeus ' mortal offspring as revenge for her husband's infidelities.
Thus, many Celts were displaced in Aquitania or were enslaved and moved out of Gaul.
Thus, many of these early games had also absorbed the physically aggressive aspects of what the Mi ' kmaq in Nova Scotia called dehuntshigwa ' es ( lacrosse ).
Thus when there are many molecules in the gas, there will be an equal number moving in one direction as any other hence demonstrating isotropy.
Thus, many typical household applications already in existence like word processing and email were designed specifically to avoid using floating point operations.

Thus and Jews
Thus Jerome acknowledged the principle by which the canon was settled the judgment of the Church, rather than his own judgment or the judgment of Jews, though he wondered why one would sanction the version of a heretic and judaizer.
Thus, although there is an esoteric tradition in Judaism ( Kabbalah ), Rabbinic scholar Max Kadushin has characterized normative Judaism as " normal mysticism ", because it involves everyday personal experiences of God through ways or modes that are common to all Jews.
Thus, at a general level, there is a large degree of uniformity amongst all Orthodox Jews.
Thus Mizrahi and Sephardi Jews may choose to follow the opinion of the Ben Ish Chai when it conflicts with the Shulchan Aruch.
Thus the Christians, the Jews, and the Pagans are involved in the same error when they worship this God.
Thus, the term " Jews " in the Gospel is applied to those who deny the resurrection and believe that the disciples stole Jesus's corpse.
Thus the great messiah king whom the Jews are still waiting for has indeed now returned to earth, according to the Rastas.
Thus rationalizing the criticism that the Qur ' an would direct towards the main corpus of Jews ( and Christians ) for not accepting the concept of Qibla, particularly that of Kaaba.
Thus, Emet Ve-Emunah affirms belief in God and in God's revelation of Torah to the Jews ; however it also affirms the legitimacy of multiple interpretations of these issues.
Thus, although Modern Orthodox Jews find all non-Orthodox forms of Judaism to be wrong, the non-Orthodox movements are not considered to be inherent antagonists ; rather they are perceived to be competitors offering a faulty product, so to speak.
Thus Orthodoxy should work together on some issues with non-Orthodox Judaism, and it is far better for Jews to be members of non-Orthodox Judaism than to assimilate and not be religious Jews at all.
Thus the Conservative movement recognizes the right of Jews to form such denominations, and recognizes their clergy as rabbis, but does not generally accept their decisions as valid.
Thus, for example, the Conservative movement typically does not accept Reform converts to Judaism whose conversions did not meet the requirements of Jewish law as being Jews.
Thus, prosperity and comfort seemed to be dawning anew for the Jews.
Thus Birobidzhan was important for propaganda purposes as an argument against Zionism which was a rival ideology to Marxism among left-wing Jews.
Thus, many Jews feel that this document is white-washing Christian responsibility for the Holocaust.
Thus, what some refer to as the " golden age " for Jews began.
Thus, his opposition was based on a practical fear of Jews turning to the false messianism of Napoleon as he saw it.
Thus the English Jews, by an act of omission, as it were, became full citizens, subject to no more disabilities than those inherent in their own unwillingness, like Catholics and Nonconformists, to belong to the Church of England or, in their particular case, to swear Christian oaths.
Thus philo-Semitism, and similarly anti-Semitism, are rather new perceptual terms used by Jews to describe their perceptual relationship to the views of non-Jews ( both in their common society and abroad ).
Thus, the Jews of Algeria came to be considered part of the Pied-Noir community.
Thus when the knights of the First Crusade came to siege Jerusalem, one of Dolberger's family members rescued Jews in Palestine and carried them back to Worms to repay the favor.
However, he commented: " Only lately some well-to-do men came forward and purchased three copies of my code Mishneh Torah which they distributed through messengers ... Thus the horizon of these Jews was widened and the religious life in all communities as far as India revived.
Hohmann states: " Thus one could describe Jews with some justification as a nation of perpetrators ... Judged by these facts, it would feel justified to call the Jews a people of ' perpetrators '.

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