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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 333
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Some Related Sentences

Thus and fictional
In his fictional historical essay " The Hyborian Age ", Howard describes how the people of Atlantis — the land where his character King Kull originated — had to move east after a great cataclysm changed the face of the world and sank their island, settling where Ireland and Scotland would eventually be located, Thus they are ( in Howard's work ) the ancestors of the Irish and Scottish ( the Celtic Gaels ) and not the Picts, the other ancestor of modern Scots who also appear in Howard's work.
Thus Barker explores possible relationships between real people and fictional characters.
Thus an expert in marketing or insurance policies for instance cannot be chosen as the fictional person skilled in the art, while a computer hardware or memory management expert may be chosen as the reference fictional person.
Thus, as in the case of Pirandello's Sei personaggi, the typical traits of a metalepsis can here also be recognized: a fictional representation consisting of several distinct worlds and levels, among which unorthodox transgression occur.
" Thus this fictional nickname of Dian Wei stuck with him, and he was henceforth known as " E Lai " Dian Wei.
" ( Thus perish the enemies of the Republic ), referring to how fictional character Mère Royaume poured boiling hot vegetable soup on soldiers climbing up the walls of the city.
Thus, Colonel Falkner is the inspiration for an integral part of the history of Faulkner's fictional Yoknapatawpha County.
Thus, for example, Emmerton added a " cent-shop " resembling that operated by the author's fictional character Hepzibah Pyncheon.
She resumed her acting career in New York, appearing as vixen " Gloria Trenell " on the ( fictional ) daytime soap opera As Thus We Are.
Thus the study of liminality in sociology, ritual and theatre reveals the fictional elements underpinning society.
Thus there is no Island of Sodor ; rather, the fictional island takes its name from an archipelago.
Thus, the Goa ' uld and their Jaffa servants know the humans of Earth as the " Tau ' ri " ( or ), which means " the first ones " or " those of the first world " in their fictional language.

Thus and detective
Thus the transformation of Adam Smith's ideal entrepreneur into a mythological detective coincides closely with the decline of the real entrepreneur in economic life.
Thus, Peter Wimsey remained forever fixed on the background of inter-war England, and the books are nowadays often read for their evocation of that period as much as for the intrinsic detective mysteries.
Thus, while sometimes a successful detective, he is prone to bungling cases as well.
" Thus, " The Shadow " premiered over CBS airwaves on July 31, 1930, as the host of the Detective Story Hour, narrating " tales of mystery and suspense from the pages of the premier detective fiction magazine.
Thus, when the police detective took hold of Terry and patted him down on that Cleveland street, the detective " seized " Terry and subjected him to a " search " within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment.
Thus Jim Collins in Uncommon Cultures sees crime fiction opposing a smart private detective and an inefficient police force as a critique of state justice.

Thus and is
Thus, there is freshness not only in the individual movements of the dance but in the shape of their continuity as well.
Thus jazz is transmuted into something holy, the sacred road to integration of being.
Thus the cocktail party would appear to be the ideal system, but there is one weakness.
Thus in both types attention is focused on the community itself, and its phenomenological life.
Thus, it is no mystical intuition, but an analyzable conception to say that man and his tradition can `` fall out of existence ''.
Thus human perception and human volition is the immanent cause of all social change and this most truly when the change reaches the civilizational level.
Thus, circular motion is itself one of the essential characteristics of completely perfect celestial existence.
Thus, in no ordinary sense of ' simplicity ' is the Ptolemaic theory simpler than the Copernican.
Thus Burns's `` My love is like a red, red rose '' and Hopkins' `` The thunder-purple sea-beach, plumed purple of Thunder '' although clearly intelligible in content, hardly present ideas of the sort with which we are here concerned.
Thus science is the savior of mankind, and in this respect Childhood's End only blueprints in greater detail the vision of the future which, though not always so directly stated, has nevertheless been present in the minds of most science-fiction writers.
Thus the copywriter in the world of the space merchants is the person who in earlier ages might have been a lyric poet, the person `` capable of putting together words that stir and move and sing ''.
Thus there is a clearer division of authority, administrative and legislative.
Thus, as a development program is being launched, commitments and obligations must be entered into in a given year which may exceed by twofold or threefold the expenditures to be made in that year.
Thus, the need for the B-70 as a strategic weapon system is doubtful.
Thus technical efficiency is achieved at the expense of actual experience.
Thus, there is an added incentive to stay on the job.
Thus, the Span of its ossification was shortened and the center's ability to `` catch up '' in ossification is demonstrated.
Thus T is not diagonalizable.
Thus Af is divisible by the minimal polynomial P of T, i.e., Af divides Af.
Thus, the study of the solutions to the equation Af is reduced to the study of the space of solutions of a differential equation of the form Af.
Thus in the three-dice example Af, Af, and the independence assumption imply that the probability that the three dice fall ace, not-ace, ace in that order is Af.
Thus we do not score the number of bull's-eyes, and the random variable is not the number of successes.
Thus if E is sufficiently small, there can be only one intersection of C and Af near Q, for if there were more than one intersection for every E then the difference between C and Af near Q would not be a monotone function.
Thus Af is also continuous at Af, and in a neighborhood of Af which does not contain a tangent point.

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