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Thus and word
Thus, one can think of a dictionary entry as a word rather than a form.
According to the Christian doctrine of Universal Reconciliation, the Greek New Testament scriptures use the word " eon " to mean a long period ( perhaps 1000 years ) and the word " eonian " to mean " during a long period "; Thus there was a time before the eons, and the eonian period is finite.
Thus, the word means taking hold of one's nerves.
Thus understood, the centuries-old English word Χmas, is actually a shortened form of CHmas, which is, itself, a shortened form for Christmas.
Thus far, the origins of the word remain inconclusive, as the term is not used outside Mexican-American communities, further indicating that the term is primarily self-identifying.
Thus, as church founder Joseph Smith, Jr. explained, the church believes the Bible to be the word of God " as far as it is translated correctly.
Thus the word retains two senses today, one architectural and the other ecclesiastical.
Thus, though knowledge requires justification, truth, and belief, the word " knowledge " can't be, according to Williamson's theory, accurately regarded as simply shorthand for " justified true belief.
Thus, the meaning of sentences containing the word " good " cannot be explained entirely in terms of sentences not containing the word " good.
Thus, in the word ship ( pronounced ), the digraph ⟨ sh ⟩ ( two letters ) represents the sound.
Thus, the word myth is of Greek origin, while pith is a Germanic word.
Thus, the word " haibun ", though counted as two syllables in English, is counted as four on in Japanese ( ha-i-bu-n ); and the word " on " itself, which English-speakers would view as a single syllable, comprises two on: the short vowel o and the moraic nasal
Thus, many typical household applications already in existence like word processing and email were designed specifically to avoid using floating point operations.
Thus, the Bible, written by prophets, is the word of God, so far as it is translated correctly.
Thus the Arabic word ثلاثة ( three ) is transliterated ṯalāṯah.
Thus, the algorithm matched locally unambiguous meanings ( for instance, while the word seal as such is ambiguous, there is only one meaning of " seal " in the animal subhierarchy ).
Thus represents a sequence of three phonemes,, ( the word push in standard English ), while represents the phonetic sequence of sounds ( aspirated " p "),, ( the usual pronunciation of push ).
Thus architects, archaeologists and design historians sometimes use the word to describe the accumulated iterations of a design or a site, whether in literal layers of archaeological remains, or by the figurative accumulation and reinforcement of design ideas over time.
Thus, the word ' left ' in American political parlance may refer to ' liberalism ' and be identified with the Democratic Party, whereas in a country such as France these positions would be regarded as relatively more right-wing, and ' left ' is more likely to refer to ' socialist ' positions rather than ' liberal ' ones.
Thus, it is so called “ reverse loan-word ” as the Pomeranian language borrowed the word from Low German in which it functioned as “ pomeranism ” ( a borrowing from the Pomeranian language ).
Thus the Peloponnesian League was not an " alliance " in the strictest sense of the word ( nor was it wholly Peloponnesian for the entirety of its existence ).

Thus and has
Thus we are compelled to face the urbanization of the South -- an urbanization which, despite its dramatic and overwhelming effects upon the Southern culture, has been utterly ignored by the bulk of Southern writers.
Thus Faulkner reminds us, and wisely, that the `` new '' South has gradually evolved out of the Old South, and consequently its agrarian roots persist.
Thus the image of man has suffered complete fragmentation in personal and spiritual qualities, and complete objectification in sub-human and quasi-mechanistic powers.
Thus earth has fallen to the center of the universe.
Thus science is the savior of mankind, and in this respect Childhood's End only blueprints in greater detail the vision of the future which, though not always so directly stated, has nevertheless been present in the minds of most science-fiction writers.
Thus the government simultaneously undertook the vast burden of social security which had traditionally been privately discharged, and created a national scarcity which has engendered calamitous problems of social security.
Thus, there has come into being a situation in which the state must raise all of its own revenues and, in addition, must give assistance to its local governments.
Thus F satisfies Af if and only if F has the form Af.
Thus in a context in which there has been discussion of snow but mention of local conditions is new, dominant stress will probably be on here in it rarely snows here, but in a context in which there has been discussion of local weather but no mention of snow, dominant stress will probably be on snows.
Thus to has light stress both in that was the conclusion that I came to and in that was the conclusion I came to.
Thus, the public-limit price is raised further by a given wage increase the longer it has been since the previous price increase.
Thus, during any given year ( A ) if the revenues from the residential service are $7,000,000, ( B ) if the operating expenses imputed to this class of service come to $5,000,000, and ( C ) if the net investment in ( or value of ) the plant and equipment deemed devoted to this service amounts to $30,000,000, the cost analyst will report that residential service, in the aggregate, has yielded a return of $2,000,000 or 6-2/3 per cent.
Thus, a well-planned adobe wall of the appropriate thickness is very effective at controlling inside temperature through the wide daily fluctuations typical of desert climates, a factor which has contributed to its longevity as a building material.
Thus the term asteroid has come increasingly to refer specifically to the small bodies of the inner Solar System out to the orbit of Jupiter, which are usually rocky or metallic.
Thus the negation of the axiom of choice states that there exists a set of nonempty sets which has no choice function.
For every group G there is a natural group homomorphism G → Aut ( G ) whose image is the group Inn ( G ) of inner automorphisms and whose kernel is the center of G. Thus, if G has trivial center it can be embedded into its own automorphism group.
Thus, at pH between 2. 2 and 9. 4, the predominant form adopted by α-amino acids contains a negative carboxylate and a positive α-ammonium group, as shown in structure ( 2 ) on the right, so has net zero charge.
Thus, if a two-dimensional array has rows and columns indexed from 1 to 10 and 1 to 20, respectively, then replacing B by B + c < sub > 1 </ sub >-− 3 c < sub > 1 </ sub > will cause them to be renumbered from 0 through 9 and 4 through 23, respectively.
In mathematics, an associative algebra A is an associative ring that has a compatible structure of a vector space over a certain field K or, more generally, of a module over a commutative ring R. Thus A is endowed with binary operations of addition and multiplication satisfying a number of axioms, including associativity of multiplication and distributivity, as well as compatible multiplication by the elements of the field K or the ring R.
Thus, study of this Barnum / Forer effect has been mostly focused on the level of acceptance of fake horoscopes and fake astrological personality profiles.
Thus, it has a year 0, the years before that are designated with negative numbers and the years after that are designated with positive numbers.
Thus the " Aegean Area " has now come to mean the Archipelago with Crete and Cyprus, the Hellenic peninsula with the Ionian islands, and Western Anatolia.
Thus, most recipes that use bay leaves will recommend their removal after the cooking process has finished.
Thus he has him murdered.

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