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from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

Thus and when
Thus human perception and human volition is the immanent cause of all social change and this most truly when the change reaches the civilizational level.
Thus, when the Russians sent up their first sputnik, American chagrin was human enough, and American determination to put American satellites into orbit was perfectly understandable.
Thus, when you have prepared your foundation and laid the floor, these can be trucked to the site and erected with a small crew of friends in a weekend.
Thus, you avoid headaches when an employee wants off for his fourth cousin's funeral.
Thus, a child's Skeletal Age `` dots '' may be classified as `` advanced '' when they appear above the middle curve, `` moderate '' when they appear immediately above or below the middle curve, and `` delayed '' when they appear below the lower curve.
Thus, when more than one distinct form leads to a particular cell in the X-region, a chain of information cells must be created to accommodate the forms, one cell in the chain for each form.
Thus when yes, I have is the response to have you finished reading the paper??
Thus, when specifically permitted, the operand of a given line on the Autocoder coding sheet may be continued in the operand of from one to four additional lines which immediately follow.
Thus when Premier Khrushchev intimated even before inauguration that he hoped for an early meeting with the new President, Mr. Kennedy was confronted with a delicate problem.
The evaluation order does not affect the value of such expressions, and it can be shown that the same holds for expressions containing any number of operations .< ref > Thus, when is associative, the evaluation order can be left unspecified without causing ambiguity, by omitting the parentheses and writing simply:
Thus, if people are accustomed to using a particular machine name to access a particular service, their access will break when the service is moved to a different machine.
Thus, when the fluid finally does strike the object, it is forced to change its properties -- temperature, density, pressure, and Mach number -- in an extremely violent and irreversible fashion called a shock wave.
Thus, even when family and friends learn to recognize the mood swings, the individual often will deny that anything is wrong.
Thus, a player should use Blackwood only when he can ascertain that the partnership holds at least second-round controls in all suits ( kings or, if a suit fit is found, singletons ).
" Thus, even when reception was effected by a constitution, the common law was still subject to alteration by a legislature's statute.
Thus it is uncertain when he was born and when he died.
) Thus, when Odo returned, he was able to launch a near complete surprise attack on the besieging force, scattering it at the first attack, and slaughtering units caught resting or that fled without weapons or armour.
Thus, according to Aquinas, there must have been a time when nothing existed.
Thus it has been alleged that many credentes would eventually receive the consolamentum as death drew near — performing the ritual of liberation at a moment when the heavy obligations of purity required of Perfecti would be temporally short.
Thus, when ClearType sacrifices color accuracy in order to increase luminance detail, the overall effect — as seen by human eyes — should be an improvement for most people.
Thus it works as a separation sign and not as an indication for an alternative version of the i. Diacritics can be used for emphasis ( érg koud for very cold ) or for disambiguation between a number of words that are spelled the same when context doesn't indicate the correct meaning ( één appel

Thus and Winter
Thus, the first Olympic medals in curling, which at the time was played outside, were awarded for the 1924 Winter Games, with the gold medal won by Great Britain and Ireland, two silver medals by Sweden, and the bronze by France.
Thus, when the Winter War broke out, Finland was left alone to resist the Soviet attack.
Thus, Alexander remained in command of the 15th Army Group, and, with the support of numerous allied commanders, controversially authorised the bombing of the historic abbey at Cassino, which resulted in little advance on the German Winter Line defences.
Thus the cooperation begun in late 1940 ultimately developed in 1941 into preparations for re-annexation of the territories lost after the Winter War, in case Nazi Germany would realize the rumoured plans for an assault on the Soviet Union.
Thus, he commented on the Winter War as follows: “ I feel pity for the Finns, but I am for the Vyborg guberniya ”.
Thus was born the Saint Paul Winter Carnival.

Thus and Carnival
Thus, the most famous and iconic expression of the Brazilian Carnival takes place in the Rio Carnival, with samba schools parading in the Sambadrome (" sambódromo " in Portuguese ).
" Thus opens the novella from which the film " Lili " and the musical " Carnival " was drawn.
Thus the wonder of Anglo-Americans boasting of how their business prowess helped them construct a more elaborate version of the old Creole Carnival.

Thus and widely
Thus `` America '', the most widely sung of the patriotic songs, was written by a New England Baptist clergyman, Samuel Francis Smith ( 1808-1895 ), while a student in Andover Theological Seminary.
Thus, despite widely held popular belief outside the Orthodox cultures, there is not one bishop at the head of the Orthodox Church ; references to the Patriarch of Constantinople as a leader equivalent or comparable to a pope in the Roman Catholic Church are mistaken.
Thus, ATMs often provide one of the best possible official exchange rates for foreign travellers, and are also widely used for this purpose.
Thus, for instance, Russian is widely considered an SVO language, as this is the most frequent constituent order under such conditions — all sorts of variations are possible, though, and occur in texts.
Thus, the Russian Federation was widely accepted as the Soviet Union's successor state in diplomatic affairs and it assumed the USSR's permanent membership and veto in the UN Security Council ( see Russia and the United Nations ).
Thus, the rejection of the reform by more than 52 % of the voters was widely considered to be mostly motivated by weariness with de Gaulle, and ultimately provoked his resignation that year.
Thus there are two widely separated dates in the year when the Sun rises earlier than on adjoining dates, and so on.
The Common translation, which improved on Alexander Tille's earlier attempt, remained widely accepted until the more critical translations, titled Thus Spoke Zarathustra, separately by R. J. Hollingdale and Walter Kaufmann, which are considered to convey more accurately the German text than the Common version.
Thus he became the world's first widely reported railway passenger fatality.
Thus, it became widely accepted that ophiolites represent oceanic crust that had been emplaced on land.
Thus Kripke's argument that names are not equivalent to descriptions was widely construed as the view that names do not have senses ; or as a rejection of the sense-reference distinction.
Thus, since Neolithic times, slash-and-burn techniques have been widely used for converting forests into crop fields and pasture.
Thus the apparent attraction between bodies is, according to this theory, actually a diminished push from the direction of other bodies, so the theory is sometimes called push gravity or shadow gravity, although it is more widely referred to as Lesage gravity.
Thus, it was the primary production site of the widely used An-2 transport plane.
Thus it became one of the pioneers of this configuration, which eventually became widely used.
Thus it became known as the " Castle of Spite " as it was widely considered that the Duchess located the castle there to spite her husband's family and the settlement agreement.
Thus, King rejects " these present-day views signs from symptoms based on patient-subjective versus clinician-objective, however widely accepted, as quite faulty, at variance not only with ordinary usage but with the entire history of medicine.
Thus at the end of the scientific section, for instance, Duchenne " corrects " the expressions of three widely revered classic Greek or Roman antiquities: In no manner, argues Duchenne, do any of these countenances conform to nature as revealed by his electrophysiological research.
Thus the idea of a 20th hijacker came to be widely discussed.
Thus, macroeconomic models are widely used in academia, teaching and research, and are also widely used by international organizations, national governments and larger corporations, as well as by economics consultants and think tanks.
Thus, despite its name, the origin of the tree is widely believed to be from Italy, although it is possible it hailed from what is now Turkey, where it is still used in the cultivation of raisins.
Thus, Yang Chengfu is largely responsible for standardizing and popularizing the Yang-style t ' ai chi ch ' uan widely practised today.
Thus, at least as it is widely understood, an individual who does not suffer from chronic dehydration is in no danger of suffering from chronic cellular dehydration.

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