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Tim and Finn
Other members have included his brother Tim Finn, Australians Paul Hester, Nick Seymour and Peter Jones and Americans Mark Hart and Matt Sherrod.
Queen Elizabeth II bestowed an OBE on both Neil and Tim Finn, in June 1993, for their contribution to the music of New Zealand.
Neil Finn had decided to end the band to concentrate on his solo career and the Finn Brothers project with Tim.
Neil is the younger brother of Split Enz founding member Tim Finn, who joined Crowded House in 1990 on vocals, guitars and keyboards for the album Woodface.
Neil Finn and his brother Tim recorded songs they had co-written for their own album, Finn.
Following the recording sessions with Tim, Neil began writing and recording a third Crowded House album with Hester and Seymour, but these tracks were rejected by the record company, so Neil asked Tim if Crowded House could use the Finn songs.
In June 1993 the New Zealand Government recommended that the Queen award an OBE to Neil and Tim Finn for their contribution to the music of New Zealand.
Tim Finn and Peter Jones both made guest appearances.
7 Worlds Collide saw him performing with guest musicians including Eddie Vedder, Johnny Marr, Ed O ' Brien and Phil Selway of Radiohead, Tim Finn, Lisa Germano and Betchadupa ( featuring his son Liam Finn ).
A 2003 compilation album, Classic Masters, was released only in the US, while 2005 saw the release of the album She Will Have Her Way, a collection of cover versions of Crowded House, Split Enz, Tim Finn and Finn Brothers songs by Australasian female artists.
bar: Tim text :" Tim Finn "
* Trouser Press commentary on Crowded House, Neil Finn and Tim Finn discography
Along with his brother Tim Finn, he was the co-frontman for Split Enz and is now frontman for Crowded House.
Finn rose to prominence in the late 1970s after replacing singer songwriter Phil Judd in his brother Tim Finn's band Split Enz.
While his brother Tim Finn left for England, Neil was the founder of Crowded House with Split Enz's final drummer Paul Hester in 1985.
He ended Crowded House in 1996 to embark upon what was to become a moderately successful solo career, and has released two albums with his brother Tim under the title the Finn Brothers.

Tim and had
Nellie was in the kitchen, had just come to work, when she heard Tim arguing with Julia in the living room.
She said she didn't know a thing -- Tim had left the house at six in the morning, as usual.
During the Fourth Test news broke that prominent England players had agreed to take part in a " rebel tour " of South Africa the following winter ; three of them ( Tim Robinson, Neil Foster and John Emburey ) were playing in the match, and were subsequently dropped from the England side.
When talking about those who have made " shipwreck " of their faith ( 1 Tim 1: 19 ), Wesley claims that " not one, or a hundred only, but I am persuaded, several thousands ... innumerable are the instances ... of those who had fallen but now stand upright.
* He / Tim will be a good manager ( in this case the word will can be stressed, and this is likely the intention in speech and informal writing, where'll would have been used if no stress had been intended )
He remained married to Coyne from 1960 until her death in 1973 and they had two children, Bridget and Tim.
And Tim Allen had that Shatner-esque swagger down pat.
With the help of his underling, Tim Stamper, Urquhart goes about making sure his competitors drop out of the race: Peter MacKenzie, secretary of health, accidentally runs his car over a protester at a demonstration staged by Urquhart and is forced to withdraw by the public outcry, while Harold Earle, secretary for education, is blackmailed into withdrawing when Urquhart anonymously sends pictures of him in the company of a rentboy he had paid for sex.
Employee Tim Anderson said of their situation, " It was phenomenal — we had a basement that just printed money.
By this time, Dalglish had added England internationals Tim Flowers and David Batty to his squad.
But he lost to Tim Henman, 6 – 7 ( 5 ), 3 – 6, in the second round of the Miami Masters, a player he had defeated eight times previously in as many matches.
Jack Mara had died in 1965, leaving his share of the club to his son Tim.
According to the foreword of Ubik: The Screenplay ( by Tim Powers, a friend of Dick's and fellow science fiction writer ), Dick had an idea for the film which involved " the film itself appearing to undergo a series of reversions: to black-and-white, then to the awkward jerkiness of very early movies, then to a crookedly jammed frame which proceeds to blacken, bubble and melt away, leaving only the white glare of the projection bulb, which in turn deteriorates to leave the theater in darkness, and might almost leave the moviegoer wondering what sort of dilapidated, antique jalopy he'll find his car-keys fitting when he goes outside.
In 1980, after promising to deliver IBM a Disk Operating System ( DOS ) they had not yet developed for the Intel 8088-based IBM PC, Allen spearheaded a deal for Microsoft to purchase a Quick and Dirty Operating System ( QDOS ) written by Tim Paterson who, at the time, was employed at Seattle Computer Products.
Giuliani had his agents arrest Tim Tabor, a young arbitrageur and former colleague of Wigton, so late that he had to stay overnight in jail before posting bond.
Likewise, Tim Goodwin, who conducted the orchestra that backed Orbison in Bulgaria, had been told that Orbison's voice would be a singular experience to hear.
Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, had been critical of Internet Explorer for its failure to support SVG.
The Giants already had their share of stars during its brief history at this point, such as Smiling Mickey Welch, Roger Connor, Tim Keefe, Jim O ' Rourke and John Montgomery Ward, the player-lawyer who formed the renegade Players League in 1890 to protest unfair player contracts.
Closer Robb Nen had 43 saves and a 2. 20 ERA, and setup men Felix Rodriguez and Tim Worrell were solid coming out of the bullpen.
Since then, Elfman has scored every film that Tim Burton has directed except for Ed Wood ( because of a falling out that they had ) and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street because the music was based on Stephen Sondheim's musical.
It was powered by an original gameplay and physics engine that now bears the game's name, one that had been in development for over three years in founder Tim Sweeney's garage before the game was released.

Tim and resumed
The Storm resumed full operations for the new league's 2010 season, with some players from the former roster, and once again coached by Tim Marcum and this time owned by Tampa Bay Storm Partners LLC, a group led by Todd Boren a previous partner with the Orlando Predators and the Arizona Rattlers.
Runciman resumed the position of opposition leader following the 2007 provincial election in which John Tory lost his seat and also served as interim party leader until Tim Hudak was elected to the position.

Tim and solo
Tim Blake ( synthesiser player on Planet Gong ) produced a solo album called " Blake's New Jerusalem ", including a 20 minute track with lyrics from Blake's poem.
Jim didn't return to the band to pursue a solo carer and was replaced by Tim Rayner.
Tim Finn had just released the very successful solo album Escapade, while younger brother Neil Finn had a child on the way.
It featured David Daltrey as Joseph, Tim Rice as Pharaoh, Andrew Lloyd Webber on the organ, Alan Doggett conducting, various solo vocalists and instrumentalists, and the Colet Court choir as the chorus.
In the bottom of the 11th inning, Aaron Boone launched a solo home run off knuckleballing Boston starter Tim Wakefield ( pitching in relief ) to win the game and the pennant for the Yankees.
Cornell was in the writing process of a second solo album, but decided to shelve that and pursue the opportunity to work with Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk when they approached him.
After the tour, from March to May 1978, Tim, Neil and Eddie returned a favour and contributed to Phil Manzanera's solo album, K-Scope.
The label is named after Saddle Creek Road, a street that cuts through the east side of midtown Omaha, and the beginnings of a scene whose members included Conor Oberst ( then a solo artist, currently of Bright Eyes, Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band, and Monsters of Folk ), Tim Kasher ( then of Slowdown Virginia, currently of Cursive and The Good Life ), and others.
Ribot has appeared on numerous recordings by John Zorn, including many of Zorn's Filmworks recordings, solo performances on Zorn's Masada Guitars ( also featuring Bill Frisell and Tim Sparks ), and is a member of Zorn's Bar Kokhba Sextet and Electric Masada.
Tim Sköld ( Swedish: sköld meaning shield ) born December 14, 1966, in Skövde, Sweden ) is a multi-instrumentalist who, in addition to producing solo work, has also collaborated with multiple musical groups including Shotgun Messiah, KMFDM and Marilyn Manson.
* Skold was a solo album released by Tim Skold in 1996, prior to his involvement with KMFDM.
* Tim Smith's OceanLandWorld ( Tim Smith's solo project )
An accomplished jazz guitarist, he works solo and for ten years ran the jazz-folk ensemble, Lammas, with Tim Garland.
Skold is the debut solo album released in 1996 by Tim Skold.
At the beginning of 2011, Tim Booth announced that he was working on some new solo material, although James remained active, participating in the Lollapalooza festival in Chile.
Parker has recorded a large number of albums both solo or as a group leader, and has recorded or performed with Peter Brötzmann ( including Brötzmann's epochal Machine Gun in 1968 and Michael Nyman's " Waltz in F " ( 1981 )), John Stevens, Derek Bailey, Keith Rowe, Joe McPhee, Anthony Braxton, Cecil Taylor, John Zorn, Fred Frith, Bill Laswell, Ikue Mori, Cyro Baptista, Milford Graves, George Lewis, Tim Berne, Mark Dresser, Dave Holland, Sylvie Courvoisier, and many others.
The town's best known residents are the Finn brothers, Tim and Neil, whose musical careers have stretched from Split Enz through the internationally successful Crowded House to their current solo and collaborative works.
Shortly after his two solo recordings, Conor Oberst ( guitar, vocals ) began playing with Tim Kasher ( bass ) and Matt Bowen ( drums ) to form Commander Venus the summer before Oberst's freshman year at Creighton Prep.
Singer Tim Kinsella has been the only permanent member of the group ; he has also recorded as a solo artist.
Left without a band once again, Tim Kinsella started working on songs for a solo album.
In 1990, Matthews recorded her debut solo album Émigré with the assistance of Absent Friends members, Beers, Kelly, King, Mason, Valentine and Andrew Duffield as well as Tim Finn and Blakeley.

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