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Time and magazine
And let me add Murray's new book as another symptom of it, particularly so in view of the attention Time magazine gave it when it came out recently.
Time magazine reviewed it and suggested that the Federation Assembly Daily Record should be translated into the medium.
In 1999, Time magazine named Fleming one of the 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century, stating:
According to Time magazine, one of the witnesses, Angela Wright, may not have been considered credible on the issue of sexual harassment because she had been fired from the EEOC by Thomas.
Time magazine however, remarked in 1994 that " Their book doesn't quite nail that conclusion.
* Time magazine, AKIO MORITA: Guru Of Gadgets
" I was indignant as hell about that leg ," he would reveal in a November 1950 interview in Time magazine.
Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz ( Hebrew: עדין שטיינזלץ ) or Adin Even Yisrael ( Hebrew: עדין אבן ישראל ) ( born 1937 ) is a teacher, philosopher, social critic, and spiritual mentor, who has been hailed by Time magazine as a " once-in-a-millennium scholar ".
In 2012, the album was ranked # 385 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, while Newsweek magazine pronounced it the second best album of its decade.
Time magazine named him " One of the 25 most influential Evangelicals in America.
In 1999, an article in Time magazine claimed " In Cuba [...] hitchhiking is custom.
It went on to be declared one of the best albums of all time by Rolling Stone magazine in their 500 Greatest Albums of All Time issue in 2003.
Charles has been involved in journalism and has had a column in Time Out magazine.
The entertainment and cultural magazine Time Out Chicago and GRAB Magazine are also published in the city.
Flockhart also appeared on the June 29, 1998, cover of Time magazine, placed as the newest iteration in the evolution of feminism, relating to the ongoing debate about the role depicted by her character.
In 1954, he was featured on the cover of Time ( magazine ), the second jazz musician to be so honored ( the first was Louis Armstrong on February 21, 1949 ).
In 2002, the anime character was acclaimed as an Asian Hero in a special feature survey conducted by Time Asia magazine.
In 2004, Rolling Stone magazine ranked him 39th on their list of the 100 Greatest Rock Artists of All Time and the 23rd best singer of all time.
Time magazine contributor James Poniewozik praised the Monkees ' classic sitcom, and Jones in particular, saying " even if the show never meant to be more than entertainment and a hit-single generator, we shouldn ’ t sell The Monkees short.
On the release of the 14th edition, Time magazine dubbed the Britannica the " Patriarch of the Library ".
" In Time magazine, Richard Corliss wrote, " John Carpenter is offering this summer's moviegoers a rare opportunity: to escape from the air-conditioned torpor of ordinary entertainment into the hothouse humidity of their own paranoia.
" Sullivan had little acting ability ; in 1967, 20 years after his show's debut, Time magazine asked " What exactly is Ed Sullivan's talent?
Monato is a general news magazine " like a genuinely international Time or Newsweek ", but written by local correspondents.
In 2008, Empire magazine included Evil Dead II on their list of The 500 Greatest Movies of All Time, ranked # 49.
Time magazine writer Richard Corliss was less scathing, but agreed that it was forgettable, saying that people would " forget all about movie by the time they leave the multiplex ," even joking at the end of his review that he had forgotten the film's name.

Time and 1983
Newcomb's tables formed the basis of all astronomical ephemerides of the Sun from 1900 through 1983: they were originally expressed ( and published ) in terms of Greenwich Mean Time and the mean solar day, but later, in respect of the period 1960 – 1983, they were treated as expressed in terms of ET, in accordance with the adopted ET proposal of 1948 – 52.
Some major works composed during this period include Wavemaker ( 1977 ), Phrygian Gates for solo piano ( 1977 ), Shaker Loops ( 1978 ), Common Tones in Simple Time ( 1979 ), Harmonium ( 1980 – 81 ), Grand Pianola Music ( 1982 ), Light Over Water ( 1983 ), Harmonielehre ( 1984 – 85 ), The Chairman Dances ( 1985 ), Short Ride in a Fast Machine ( 1986 ), and Nixon in China ( 1985 – 87 ).
* 1983: " Party Time?
* Kern, Stephen, The Culture of Time and Space, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1983
The Time Lords are able to divert the TARDIS's flight path (" The Ribos Operation " ( 1978 )), or have the ability to totally override and recall any TARDIS by the order of the Council (" Arc of Infinity " ( 1983 )).
* Metagalactic Llamas Battle at the Edge of Time ( VIC-20, 1983 ; C64, 1984 ) ( A. K. A.
The Decade of North American Geology 1983 Geologic Time Scale.
He returned to the role of the Doctor in the 1983 20th anniversary television special The Five Doctors and in the 1993 charity special Dimensions in Time for Children in Need.
She achieved success in the mid-1980s with the release of the debut solo album She's So Unusual in 1983, which included four Billboard Hot 100 top five songs: " Girls Just Want to Have Fun ," " Time After Time ," " She Bop ," and " All Through the Night.
* Time After Time, a 1983 novel by Molly Keane
* Dead on Time ( 1983 ) ...
He also narrated for the 1983 film Twilight Zone: The Movie, which made reference to " Time " during its opening sequence, with the characters discussing the episode in detail.
The band is best known for the hit songs " Lady " (# 6, 1975 ), " Come Sail Away " (# 8, 1977 ), " Babe " (# 1, 1979 ), " The Best of Times " (# 3, 1981 ), " Too Much Time on My Hands " (# 9, 1981 ), and " Mr. Roboto " (# 3, 1983 ).
In 1983, the band released an extended play entitled ... And a Time to Dance, which was well received by critics but only sold about 50, 000 copies.
*... And a Time to Dance, 1983
* Pressure by Pressure ‒ " Save A Little Time " ( 1983 )
In 1983, Cinemax's parent company Time-Life Inc. ( which merged with Warner Communications in 1989 to form the present-day Time Warner ), had filed a federal trademark infringement lawsuit against then-independent station KOKI ( channel 23, now a Fox affiliate ) in Tulsa, Oklahoma and its owners Tulsa 23, Ltd. over the use of the slogan " We Are Your Movie Star " ( which was Cinemax's slogan at that time ).
In the 1980s and 1990s Channel was among the roster of regions contributing episodes to two series which travelled the UK to broadcast each episode from a different location ; these were Sunday evening religious series Highway ( 1983 – 93 ) and weekday morning talk show strand The Time, The Place ( 1987 – 98 ).
In 1983, Lyngstad assisted with Abbacadabra, and recorded one of the tracks with two different male vocalists in different languages, including Frenchman Daniel Balavoine on the track " Belle " and on the English version " Time " with B.
* For a Time and Place ( 1983 )
For her role as Angela Channing, Wyman was nominated for a Soap Opera Digest Award five times ( for Outstanding Actress in a Leading Role and for Outstanding Villainess: Prime Time Serial ), and was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award in 1983 and 1984.

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