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Time and reported
The controversy, as reported in Time, centered on Capp's portrayal of the United States Senate.
The controversy, as reported in Time, centered on Capp's portrayal of the U. S. Senate.
When Kemp became Dole's running mate in 1996, they appeared on the cover of the August 19, 1996 issue of Time magazine, but the pair barely edged out a story on the reported discovery of extraterrestrial life on Mars, which was so close to being the cover story that Time inset it on the cover and wrote about how difficult the decision was.
The book was re-published in 2010 with edits removing " the ' N ' word " as reported in Time online.
On 12 August 2008, Variety reported that Universal Pictures had optioned the rights to produce feature film adaptations of The Wheel of Time books.
Time reported that prior to the self-immolation incident, many Chinese had felt that Falun Gong posed no real threat, and that the state's crackdown had gone too far.
Although Eric Bischoff was nearing a deal to purchase the company complete, in March 2001, WWF Entertainment, Inc. acquired WCW from AOL Time Warner for a number reported to be around $ 7 million.
Time reported: " Through the darkness, from the West and south … intruders boldly sped … at least six of them … they opened fire on the destroyers with automatic weapons, this time from as close as 2, 000 yards.
In a pre-Broadway opening article in Time, Gerald Clarke reported nearly $ 1 million worth of tickets had been sold during the week following the first New York Times ad announcing Taylor's appearance.
Portugal moved to Central European Time and Central European Summer Time in 1992, but reverted to Western European Time in 1996 after concluding that energy savings were small, it had a disturbing effect on children's sleeping habits as it would not get dark until 22: 00 or 22: 30 in summer evenings and, during the winter mornings, the sun was still rising at 9: 00, with repercussions on standards of learning and school performance, and insurance companies reported a rise in the number of accidents.
" As Time magazine reported when featuring him on the cover in December 1926: " It is in the party caucuses, in the committee rooms, in the cloakrooms that he patches up troubles, puts through legislation.
The American newsmagazine, Time, reported that Banza " was dragged before a Cabinet meeting where Bokassa slashed him with a razor.
Time reported in 2008 that " anti-emo " groups attacked teenagers in Mexico City, Querétaro, and Tijuana.
Erhard stated to King that his family members ( as reported in Time Magazine ) had since retracted their allegations, which had been made under pressure from CBS, and that accusations of tax evasion aired in the program were " misunderstandings " that were in the process of being resolved.
* Time reported Irish Taoiseach Bertie Ahern as warning his country against " upsetting the apple tart " ( i. e., apple cart ) of his country's economic success.
Time magazine reported in 1946 that Rev.
As Time Magazine reported, Key scoured the U. S. and Europe for off-the-air transcriptions of Toscanini broadcasts, acquiring almost 5, 000 transcriptions ( all transferred to tape ) of previously unreleased material — a complete catalogue of broadcasts by the Maestro between 1933 and 1954.
In the 1950s, Time magazine reported that the numbers stations first appeared shortly after World War II and were using a format that had been used to send weather data during that war.
In a report in the May 15, 1972, edition of Time magazine, Herbert Armstrong was reported to have said that Garner Ted was " in the bonds of Satan.
Time reported that some suspected the date was not a coincidence, but a clue that the event was " a Communist trick ", and quoted a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution as saying, " subversive elements plan to make American children live in an environment that is good for them.
Time Magazine reported the 1933 Banking Act passed by “ accident because a Presidential blunder kept Congress in session four days longer than expected .” H. Parker Willis described Roosevelt as treating the final bill with “ indifference ” but not “ hostility.
* The Impressions ' 1965 hit song, " People Get Ready ", composed by Mayfield, has been chosen as one of the Top 10 Best Songs Of All Time by a panel of 20 top industry songwriters and producers, including Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, Hal David, and others, as reported to Britain's Mojo music magazine.

Time and 1962
Time Out was followed by several albums with a similar approach, including Time Further Out: Miro Reflections ( 1961 ), using more 5 / 4, 6 / 4, and 9 / 8, plus the first attempt at 7 / 4 ; Countdown: Time in Outer Space ( dedicated to John Glenn ) ( 1962 ), featuring 11 / 4 and more 7 / 4 ; Time Changes ( 1963 ), with much 3 / 4, 10 / 4 ( which was really 5 + 5 ), and 13 / 4 ; and Time In ( 1966 ).
Per Time Magazine's 1962 editorial on the war, however, this may not have been the case.
* 1962 – Nanne Grönvall, Swedish singer-songwriter ( One More Time )
In 1962, Time Magazine described Occidental as a little giant in a story about the college ’ s rise to national prominence.
Warner Bros. rebounded in the late 1950s, specializing in adaptations of popular plays like The Bad Seed ( 1956 ), No Time for Sergeants ( 1958 ), and Gypsy ( 1962 ).
In telephone networks, digital communication is utilized for transferring many phone calls over the same copper cable or fiber cable by means of Pulse code modulation ( PCM ), i. e. sampling and digitization, in combination with Time division multiplexing ( TDM ) ( 1962 ).
* A Gift of Time ( February – May 1962 )
* Irish — Dillon, Gerard: Many works, including Bird and Bird Canvas ( c. 1958 ), And the Time Passes ( 1962 ), The Brothers ( 1967 ), Beginnings ( 1968 ), Encounter ( c. 1968 ), Red Nude with Loving Pierrot ( c. 1970 ); Robinson, Markey: Many works.
Her novel La plaça del diamant (' The diamond square ', translated as ' The Time of the Doves ', 1962 ) has become the most acclaimed Catalan novel of all time and since the year it was published for the first time, it has been translated into over 20 languages.
* La plaça del diamant ( The Time of the Doves ) ( 1962 )
In fact, in 1962 one of Fagandini's interval signals " Time Beat " was reworked with assistance from George Martin ( in his pre-Beatles days ) and commercially released as a single using the pseudonym Ray Cathode.
* Time Without Clocks ( 1962 ), an autobiographical sketch of her early married life
After the announcement of the fall 1962 network television schedule Time magazine characterized The Jetsons as one of several new situation comedies ( along with The Beverly Hillbillies, I'm Dickens ...
* The Kindly Ones ( novel ) ( 1962 ), the sixth of twelve volumes of Anthony Powell's novel sequence A Dance to the Music of Time
The final broadcasts of Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar and Suspense, ending at 7: 00 pm Eastern Time on September 30, 1962, are often cited as the end of the Golden Age of Radio.
Lucas ( RHD Ltd ) 1950 ; All in Due Time by Humphry House ( RHD Ltd ) 1955 ; George Moore: Letters to Lady Cunard 1895-1933 ( RHD Ltd ) 1957 ; The Letters of Oscar Wilde ( RHD Ltd ) 1962 ; Max Beerbohm: Letters to Reggie Turner ( RHD Ltd ) 1964 ; More Theatres by Max Beerbohm ( RHD Ltd ) 1969 ; Last Theatres by Max Beerbohm ( RHD Ltd ) 1970 ; A Peep into the Past by Max Beerbohm ( Heinemann ) 1972 ; A Catalogue of the Caricatures of Max Beerbohm ( Macmillan ) 1972 ; The Autobiography of Arthur Ransome ( Cape ) 1976 ; Electric Delights by William Plomer ( Cape ) 1978 ; Selected Letters of Oscar Wilde ( Oxford ) 1979 ; Two Men of Letters ( Michael Joseph ) 1979 ; Siegfried Sassoon: Diaries 1920-1922 3 vols.
* 1962: Gospel Time ( Philips Records )
Part of The Nation < nowiki >'</ nowiki > s headline of 9 July 1962 read ' General Ne Win States Give Us Time to Work: Obstructionists are Warned: Will Fight Sword with Sword ').</ ref > On 13 July 1962, less than a week after the speech, Ne Win left for Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom " for a medical check up ".
According to the July 14, 1967 Time magazine article, after " Don't Make Me Over " hit in 1962, she answered the call of her manager (" C ' mon, baby, you gotta go "), left school and went on a tour of France, where critics crowned her " Paris ' Black Pearl ," having been introduced on stage at Paris Olympia that year by Marlene Dietrich.
According to a 1963 article from Time magazine, Stroessner spent 33 % of the 1962 annual budget on army and police, 15 % for education, and 2 % for public works.

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