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Friend and Alfred
* The Little Friend, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2002.
His numerous appearances include episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Tales of Tomorrow ( episode " Ice from Space "), Frontier, Crusader, My Friend Flicka ( episode " When Bugles Blow "), Gunsmoke, Tightrope, State Trooper, COronado 9, he appeared twice The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show, Playhouse 90, The Rifleman, The Jack Benny Program, Perry Mason, 77 Sunset Strip, The Twilight Zone, Bonanza, The Man and the Challenge, The Untouchables, Have Gun-Will Travel, The Tab Hunter Show, and appearing twice on Mister Ed.
* My Friend Alfred Perlès: Coda to an Unfinished Autobiography ( 1973 )

Friend and Lord
The Commission heard evidence from Sir Matthew Nathan, Augustine Birrell, Lord Wimborne, Sir Neville Chamberlain ( Inspector-General of the Royal Irish Constabulary ), General Lovick Friend, Major Ivor Price of Military Intelligence and others.
Friend and spiritual heir to Théodore Géricault, Delacroix was also inspired by Lord Byron, with whom he shared a strong identification with the " forces of the sublime ", of nature in often violent action.
He was an authority on the history and practice of parliament and the constitution, and besides the pamphlets already mentioned above was the author of The Case Stated concerning the Judicature of the House of Peers in the Point of Appeals ( 1675 ); The Case Stated of the Jurisdiction of the House of Lords in the point of Impositions ( 1676 ); Letter of a Gentleman to his Friend showing that the Bishops are not to be judges in Parliament in Cases Capital ( 1679 ); Lord Holles his Remains, being a 2nd letter to a Friend concerning the judicature of the Bishops in Parliament ...
After discussions in February and March 1916 with Chief Secretary Augustine Birrell – who did not believe press talk of an armed Irish uprising but wanted more troops as a deterrent-Friend ( Commander-in-Chief, Ireland ) and Wimborne ( Lord Lieutenant ) French said that he could spare only a single cavalry brigade as reinforcements, and later offered an extra reserve infantry brigade, although in the event Friend declined ( 7 April ) to make formal application for the brigade to be sent.
See History of the Indian Administration ( Bentley, 1874 ), edited by Lord Colchester ; Minutes of Evidence taken before the Select Committee on Indian Territories ( June 1852 ); volume i. of the Calcutta Review ; the Friend of India, during the years 1842-1845 ; and John Hope, The House of Scindea: A Sketch ( Longmans, 1863 ).
* S-128-" I Know the Lord Will Make a Way "/" What a Friend We Have in Jesus "-The Caravans
Porbandar is a coastal city in the Indian state of Gujarat, perhaps best known for being the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi and Sudama ( Friend of Lord Krishna ).
The Indian mythology says its the birthplace of Sudhaama ( Friend of Lord Krishna ), hence its being referred to as Sudhaamapuri or Sudhamapuri.
* Ralph Richardson played him in adaptations of six Blandings shorts, made by the BBC and broadcast in 1967 ( only the first, adapted from the short " Lord Emsworth and the Girl Friend ", still remains in the BBC archives ).
Friend and confidant to Lord Nelson.
* " Lord Emsworth and the Girl Friend "
Unfortunately the master tapes of all but the first part (" Lord Emsworth and the Girl Friend "), were wiped, and no known copies exist.
In the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode " A Friend in Need ", it is said that Count Dregon was an old rival of Lord Zedd.
He was also involved, with his close and lifelong friend Rudyard Kipling and others, in a daily paper called The Friend started by Lord Roberts in Bloemfontein during the Boer War.
* " Lord Emsworth and the Girl Friend " ( Blandings Castle and Elsewhere, 1935 )
:" Be willing to occupy the lowest place, till the Lord Himself says, ' Friend, come up hither ' ( Luke xiv .).
The Lord AdiKesavaSwamy means ' Foremost Friend '.

Friend and wrote
In 1702, Thomas Savery wrote in The Miner's Friend: " So that an engine which will raise as much water as two horses, working together at one time in such a work, can do, and for which there must be constantly kept ten or twelve horses for doing the same.
Duer later wrote in support of the three Federalist authors under the name " Philo-Publius ", or " Friend of Publius ".
Throughout the rest of the decade, the duo wrote several hit shows for both Broadway and London, including Dearest Enemy ( 1925 ), The Girl Friend ( 1926 ), Peggy-Ann ( 1926 ), A Connecticut Yankee ( 1927 ), and Present Arms ( 1928 ).
He wrote a book called My Friend God.
" Our Friend is so contented with our girlies, says they have gone through heavy ' courses ' for their age and their souls have much developed ," Alexandra wrote to Nicholas on 6 December 1916.
" Our Friend is so contented with our girlies, says they have gone through heavy ' courses ' for their age and their souls have much developed ," Alexandra wrote to Nicholas on December 6, 1916.
Thomas R. Friend, who served Pickett as a courier, wrote that he " went as far as any Major General, Commanding a division, ought to have gone, and farther.
The pair also wrote " Passing Friend " for the Beach Boys ' album.
Sandy Wilson wrote a sequel to The Boy Friend.
Only five of the seventeen musical numbers from the stage musical were used in the film, and Meredith Willson wrote " He's My Friend " to extend the song score.
In his autobiography Dean entitled a chapter " My Friend Wilfred Burchett " and wrote " I like Burchett and am grateful to him ".
In his A Letter to a Friend, a medical treatise full of case-histories and witty speculations upon the human condition, he wrote of it:
In summer 1675, Shaftesbury wrote a 15, 000-word pamphlet entitled A Letter from a Person of Quality to his Friend in the Country denouncing Danby's Test Bill.
Peale wrote several books, among which were An Essay on Building Wooden Bridges ( 1797 ) and An Epistle to a Friend on the Means of Preserving Health ( 1803 ).
During this time, Tench wrote ( but probably did not send ) the letters that formed the basis of his third book, " Letters written in France to a Friend in London ".
Brooks wrote for several shows before being hired as a story editor on My Friend Tony and later creating the series Room 222.
Ashman and Menken had also written eleven songs intended for Aladdin, though only " Arabian Nights ," " Friend Like Me " and " Prince Ali " were included in the finished film, for which Menken wrote several new songs with Tim Rice.
" Of Friend, he wrote " Of all the officers I worked with in Blue Book, Colonel Friend earned my respect.
Hodgson wrote to the Serampore Mission journal, The Friend of India an essay titled " Pre-eminence of the Vernaculars ; Or, the Anglicists Answered.
In 1934, they wrote " You're Not the Only Oyster in the Stew " which was a novelty hit for Fats Waller, as was " My Very Good Friend, the Milkman ".
She wrote a nonfiction story called Brazil and My Friend Luizinho based on her experience at that time, about a Brazilian boy who loves dancing samba.
The room on the Remount Ranch outside Cheyenne, Wyoming where Mary O ' Hara wrote " My Friend Flicka " was added to the main house by Mary O ' Hara and her husband around 1931.
In 1991, Bradley, Bridie and Mountfort formed a side project, My Friend The Chocolate Cake, as an acoustic music group after Bridie took a holiday in New Zealand and wrote a collection of songs that did not fit into the Not Drowning, Waving style.

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