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address and concerns
# It appears to address theological concerns that developed after Athanasius died ( including the filioque ).
To address the concerns of parents that home computers were a better investment than consoles, the system was designed to be upgraded to a full-fledged home computer.
These issues have raised concerns among economists and unfunded liabilities were mentioned as a serious problem facing the United States in the President's 2006 State of the Union address.
Prominent novelist and Harvard Medical School graduate Michael Crichton appeared before the U. S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works to address such concerns and recommended the employment of double-blind experimentation in environmental research.
The call to boycott was rescinded after SOE held a summit to address player concerns, improve ( internal and external ) communication, and correct specific issues within the game.
The women first marched to the Hôtel de Ville, demanding that city officials address their concerns.
Critics have objected to GMOs on several grounds, including tampering with nature, ecological concerns, economic concerns raised by the fact these organisms are often subject to intellectual property law, whether food produced from GMOs should be banned or labelled, whether such food is safe, and whether GM crops are useful to address the world's food needs.
The European Union also agreed to address the " mutual concerns related to the protection of allied and U. S. national security capabilities.
For example, Napalm Death's songs address a variety of anarchist concerns, in the tradition of anarcho-punk.
Frustration among the laboring classes arose when the Constituent Assembly did not address the concerns of the workers.
While the BdV officially denied responsibility for this, no steps were taken to address the concerns raised.
New performance measures have been introduced that attempt to address some of theoretical concerns with traditional indicators, including: modified Sharpe ratios ; the Omega ratio introduced by Keating and Shadwick in 2002 ; Alternative Investments Risk Adjusted Performance ( AIRAP ) published by Sharma in 2004 ; and Kappa developed by Kaplan and Knowles in 2004.
The IEEE P802. 15 Wireless Next Generation Standing Committee ( SCwng ) is chartered to facilitate and stimulate presentations and discussions on new Wireless related Technologies that may be subject for new 802. 15 standardization projects or to address the whole 802. 15 work group with issues or concerns with current techniques or technologies.
Privacy extensions for IPv6 have been defined to address these privacy concerns.
In order to address speed concerns, several hardware upgrades have been incorporated into the Janet system.
Douglas was aware of their opinions and power, and knew that he needed to address their concerns.
To address these concerns, the Komodo National Park was founded in 1980 to protect Komodo dragon populations on islands including Komodo, Rinca, and Padar.
South Africa also voted against the resolution, arguing that since there were no peace and security concerns raised by its neighbours, the question did not belong in the Security Council when there were other more appropriate bodies to represent it, adding, " Ironically, should the Security Council adopt resolution ... the Human Rights Council would not be able to address the situation in Myanmar while the Council remains seized with the matter.
New activities have been initiated to address important concerns of Regulatory Compliance and Software Assurance, building upon the base standards of MDA.
To address anti-trust concerns, MCA set up a separate company, EMKA, Ltd., to sell these films to television.
At the end of this protest, when Singer attempted to address their concerns, a second group of protesters rose and began chanting " Singer raus!
The near-ubiquity of ASCII was a great help, but failed to address international and linguistic concerns.
At the annual convention, many presentations address the concerns central to effective public speaking.
The original socialists condemned liberal individualism as failing to address social concerns of poverty, social oppression, and gross inequality of wealth.

address and its
Hence, when the address Af is computed from Af, the cell Af and all Y-cells in its chain must be inspected to determine whether Af is already in the form list or whether it should be added to the form list and the chain.
* 1939 – NBC inaugurates its regularly scheduled television service in New York City, broadcasting President Franklin D. Roosevelt's N. Y. World's Fair opening day ceremonial address.
Armenia is trying to address its environmental problems.
Armenia is trying to " address its environmental problems ".
The same rule applies if one were to address a particle by its constituent components.
In order to keep track of its position within the display, the Electron maintains an internal display address counter.
Because of the early origin of its original form, it does not address some Christological issues defined in the later Nicene and other Christian Creeds.
To address this growing practice, and to restore integrity to the game, at its December 1868 meeting the NABBP established a professional category for the 1869 season.
Each receiving node checks the destination address of each frame, and simply ignores any frame not addressed to its own MAC.
The first chapter contains the first address ( 2-11 ) and its effects ( 12-15 ).
The checksum algorithms that are most used in practice, such as Fletcher's checksum, Adler-32, and cyclic redundancy checks ( CRCs ), address these weaknesses by considering not only the value of each word but also its position in the sequence.
A DNS name server is a server that stores the DNS records for a domain name, such as address ( A ) records, name server ( NS ) records, and mail exchanger ( MX ) records ( see also list of DNS record types ); a DNS name server responds with answers to queries against its database.
In principle the database storage can be viewed as a linear address space, where every bit of data has its unique address in this address space.
In principle the database storage can be viewed as a linear address space, where every bit of data has its unique address in this address space.
Data structures are generally based on the ability of a computer to fetch and store data at any place in its memory, specified by an addressa bit string that can be itself stored in memory and manipulated by the program.
A DHCP client can also request its last-known IP address ( in the example below, 192. 168. 1. 100 ).
The client sends a request to the DHCP server to release the DHCP information and the client deactivates its IP address.
DPNSS was developed in the early 1980s by BT, or its forerunner, Post Office Telecommunications in recognition that the emerging Digital Private Circuit Primary Rate product ' Megastream ' had to address the market for both data and voice, the latter being significantly greater because of the market for PBXs.
As a notable recent example, he criticized the search for aliens as conducted by fellow Harvard professor Paul Horowitz as being a waste of university and student resources, for its inability to address and answer a scientific question.
This is a purely descriptive approach to what we mean by " natural language " without attempting to address its emergence.
On January 9, 2000, the administration of President Jamil Mahuad announced its intention to adopt the U. S. dollar as the official currency of Ecuador to address the ongoing economic crisis.

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