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attempt and make
What they have objected to is the attempt of the Russians to make use of the tragedy of Dag Hammarskjold's death to turn the entire U.N. staff from the Secretary down into political agents of the respective countries from which they come.
It has become painfully clear that the very attempt to make the language of social research free of values by erecting mathematical and physical models, is itself a conditioned response to a world which pays a premium price for technological manipulation.
Police did make an attempt to check on Morse's alibi.
I make no attempt to measure the enduring satisfaction and material well-being of a man who went to work on graduation from high school and was highly successful in the business which he entered.
In the House, the Southern-Republican coalition is expected to make another major stand in opposition to the Administration's housing bill, while more jockeying is expected in an attempt to advance the aid-to-education bill.
It is danced by some thirty-five men and no women, and it contains everything in the books -- lusty comedy, gregarious cavorting, and tricks that only madmen or Russians would attempt to make the human body perform.
The defense counsel will then make a " plea in mitigation " ( also called " submissions on penalty ") wherein he or she will attempt to mitigate the relative seriousness of the offense and heavily refer to and rely upon the defendant's previous good character and good works ( if any ).
Agrippina began to support Britannicus in her attempt to make him emperor.
They make the whale regurgitate the watch, causing Kif to be covered in ambergris in his attempt to get the watch back.
Andronikos III's attempt to make up for this setback by annexing Bulgarian Thrace failed in 1332, when he was defeated by the new Bulgarian Emperor Ivan Alexander at Rousokastron.
On 9 / 11, the sucicide hijackers did not make any attempt to contact ground control to inform anyone about their hijackings, nor engage in any dialogue or negotiations at all.
The result of the Battle of Hohenlinden had, however, foredoomed the attempt, and the archduke had to make the armistice of Steyr.
* In tennis, the server is allowed two attempts to make a correct serve ; in badminton, the server is allowed only one attempt.
The use of the term Bretwalda was the attempt by a West Saxon chronicler to make some claim of West Saxon kings to the whole of Great Britain.
Beatmatching is a component of mixing which employs beatmatching combined with equalization, attention to phrasing and track selection in an attempt to make a single mix that flows together and has a good structure.
After the croquet stroke, the player plays a " continuation " stroke, during which the player may again attempt to make a roquet or run a hoop.
Alou at one point recanted, saying he would not have been able to make the play, but later said this was just an attempt to make Bartman feel better and believing the whole incident should be forgotten.
Most of the advice sought is diagnostic, with callers describing symptoms and demonstrating sounds of an ailing vehicle while the Magliozzis make an attempt at identifying the malfunction.
Cryptographically secure ciphers are designed to make any practical attempt of breaking infeasible.
Christians and Jews attempt to coexist ultimately by recognizing the fact that they both worship the same Almighty God, that they both recognize several of the same prophets, and that both religions attempt to make the world a better place.
In an attempt to make their refusal more difficult, he proposed that both sides agree to dedicate fissionable material away from weapons toward peaceful uses, such as power generation ; this approach was labeled " Atoms for Peace ".
In 1819, Dartmouth College was the subject of the historic Dartmouth College case, which challenged New Hampshire's 1816 attempt to amend the College's royal charter to make the school a public university.
David told Saul he was prepared to face Goliath alone, and Saul allowed him to make the attempt.

attempt and setting
The plane clipped the fence at the end of the runway on its next take-off attempt and a wing tore through a nearby house, setting it alight.
In the fall of 1991, in an attempt to win back viewers and attract a younger audience, the show's format and setting underwent a dramatic overhaul.
Buffalo drove to the Giants ' 29-yard line, setting up Norwood for a 47-yard field goal attempt with eight seconds left.
All these theories attempt to deal with the renormalization problem by setting up some lower bound on the length scales possible.
In the 1999 Will Smith film, Wild Wild West, the joining ceremony is the setting of an assassination attempt on then U. S. President Ulysses S. Grant by the film's antagonist Dr. Miguelito Quixote Loveless.
Many films have been created which attempt to use a historic event or setting as a backdrop and actors portray fictional or historical figures set in these events.
Reason proved a highly controversial addition to the game, and was presumed to be part of an attempt by White Wolf to " retcon " Ars Magica as part of the backstory for their World of Darkness role-playing games ; neither the 4th nor the 5th edition of the games has included the " Realm of Reason ," and all references to it have been stricken from the canonical setting.
As a last-ditch attempt to get new monetary reforms approved, Louis XVI convoked the Estates-General on 8 August 1788, setting the date of their opening at 1 May 1789.
The good news was some of those allocated forces were already forward at Milne Bay, where he was setting a trap with the veteran mid-East blooded 7th Australian Division, for he fully expected the Japanese would continue trans-coastal landings in an attempt to out flank Port Moresby, bringing ground forces in and around the point, in an end-around past the eastern tip of New Guinea and land on undefended beaches there.
The rebels retreated through the city, setting fire to houses as they went in an attempt to slow the Royal army's advance.
The most recent successful attempt occurred on 11 June, 2011 in Toowoomba, Australia, when Quality Desserts and the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce made a Chocolate Lamington weighing 2, 361Kg, setting a new Guinness World Record.
While the music of Les pĂȘcheurs is atmospheric and deeply evocative of the opera's Eastern setting, in La jolie fille de Perth Bizet made no attempt to introduce Scottish colour or mood, though the scoring includes highly imaginative touches such as a separate band of woodwind and strings during the opera's Act III seduction scene.
Michelson and Morley and other early experimentalists using interferometric techniques in an attempt to measure the properties of the luminiferous aether, used monochromatic light only for initially setting up their equipment, always switching to white light for the actual measurements.
A rooftop helicopter rescue attempt results in further disaster when two women rush the aircraft, causing it to crash and explode due to the heavy winds, setting the roof ablaze.
Brent and Taylor attempt to stop Ursus from accidentally setting off the weapon, but Taylor is shot.
This attempt came at the death of Wulfstan, Bishop of Worcester in 1095, when the king sent writs to the free tenants of the bishop, setting the amount of relief owed to the king.
Lieutenant Jack Grayburn led an attempt to secure the southern end of the bridge but was unsuccessful, and a later attempt using a flame thrower only succeeded in setting the freshly painted girders of the bridge alight.
* It is interesting to note that Michelson and Morley ( 1887 ) and other early experimentalists using interferometric techniques in an attempt to measure the properties of the luminiferous aether, used monochromatic light only for initially setting up their equipment, always switching to white light for the actual measurements.
At the beginning of January 1204, Alexios IV retaliates against the Crusaders by setting fire to 17 ships and sending it against the Venetian fleet, but the attempt fails.
He believed that when an individual comes in contact with other people, that individual will attempt to control or guide the impression that others might make of him by changing or fixing his or her setting, appearance and manner.
He was an aviator of exceptional breadth of experience, from his quest to become the first person to achieve a solo balloon flight around the world ( finally succeeding on his sixth attempt, in 2002, becoming the first person to complete an uninterrupted and unrefueled solo circumnavigation of the world in any kind of aircraft ) to setting, with co-pilot Terry Delore, 10 of the 21 Glider Open records, including the first 2, 000 km Out-and-Return, the first 1, 500 km Triangle and the longest Straight Distance flights.
These books attempt to break fantasy conventions, including the introduction of firearms in a fantasy setting which is not universally considered a positive advancement.
In a 2008 interview, Doig referred to his use of photographs and postcards as painting " by proxy " and noted that his paintings " made no attempt to reflect setting.
Catiline's defeat at the same elections was the signal to begin his attempt at a violent coup d ' Ă©tat, with the aim of slaughtering most of the nobility, especially the plebeian nobles and senators, and setting up a small patrician-dominated oligarchy.

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