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be and qualified
At this point a working definition of idea is in order, although our first definition will have to be qualified somewhat as we proceed.
In these days of serious shortage of properly trained teachers qualified to teach physically handicapped and mentally handicapped children, the establishment of such an institute will be a major contribution to the field.
if such person is deceased or is under a legal disability, payment shall be made to his legal representative: Provided, That if the total award is not over $500 and there is no qualified executor or administrator, payment may be made to the person or persons found by the Comptroller General of the United States to be entitled thereto, without the necessity of compliance with the requirements of law with respect to the administration of estates ; ;
The Peace Corps should be launched soon so that the opportunity to recruit the most qualified people from this year's graduating classes will not be lost.
If the superintendents do not receive more cooperation from Handlers, it has been suggested that licensed Judges also be qualified to judge this Class.
The Kansas City and the Topeka KCs are arranging that Juniors who win at their shows will be qualified to win points for Westminster.
Mr. Hawksley said he believed there are a number of qualified city residents who would be willing to take the full-time CD job.
In the academic world there is seldom anything so dramatic as a strike or a boycott: all that happens is that the better qualified teacher declines to gamble two or three years of his life on the chance that conditions at the Catholic institution will be as good as those elsewhere.
The result must be satisfactory to qualified peers to gain membership in professional societies.
To be marketed as a Bluetooth device, it must be qualified to standards defined by the SIG.
One scholar says, “ This person would have to be superior in authority to either party, ”; thus the arbiter for whom Job hopes would himself have to be divine, or else he would no more be qualified to “ lay his hand upon ” God than is Job.
In most cases, the Council votes on issues by qualified majority voting, meaning that there must be a minimum of 255 votes out of 345 ( 73. 9 %) and a majority of member states ( sometimes a two – third majority ).
In most western countries, to become a qualified dentist one must usually complete at least four years of postgraduate study ; within the European Union the education has to be at least five years.
In some countries, it is also an offense to serve alcohol to an already intoxicated person, and often alcohol can only be sold by persons qualified to serve responsibly through alcohol server training.
Qualification is based on achieving minimum scores at earlier competitions in the season, although athletes who place very highly at a national championship will be automatically qualified to compete at the next.
When the Council of Trent listed the books included in the canon, it qualified the books as being " entire with all their parts, as they have been used to be read in the Catholic Church, and as they are contained in the old Latin vulgate edition ".
With the passing of NCLB in the United States ( No Child Left Behind ), teachers must be highly qualified.
It ends with an account of how Paul was selected and qualified to be an apostle to the Gentiles, in the hope that this will keep them from being dispirited and lead him to pray for them.
During what is often referred to as the Islamic Golden Age, in order for a scholar to be qualified to issue a fatwā, it was required that he obtained an ijazat attadris wa ' l-ifta (" license to teach and issue legal opinions ") from a Madrassah in the medieval Islamic legal education system, which was developed by the 9th century during the formation of the Madh ' hab legal schools.

be and client
Cloud made an interesting statement in parting from his client: `` I wanted to be a lawyer, and Mrs. Wright wanted me to be an avenging angel.
As seen in the B. family, there must be an attempt to help the client develop conscious awareness of the problem, especially in the absence of a formal request for assistance.
`` The statements may be highly prejudicial to my client '', Bellows told the court.
It was Maire Gullichsen who acted as the main client, and she worked closely not only with Alvar but also Aino Aalto on the design, inspiring them to be more daring in their work.
This information hiding strategy allows the implementation of the module to be changed without disturbing the client programs.
It did not depend on the AIM client and could be used with only an AIM screenname via the WebConnect feature or a dedicated SIP device.
This can be at preferential rates, as the sole client using the IT installation is the bank.
The trade-credit must not only be known and guaranteed, but also be valued in an amount the media and advertising could have been purchased for had the " client " bought it themselves ( contract to eliminate ambiguity and risk ).
A PAS is a living document and after two years the document will be reviewed and a decision made with the client as to whether or not this should be taken forward to become a formal British standard.
It may be difficult to provide systemwide services when the client operating system typically used in this type of network is incapable of hosting the service.
Under client – server, should a critical server fail, clients ’ requests cannot be fulfilled by this failed entity, but may be taken by another parallel server which has access to the same data as the failed entity.
For small business, basic client service can be accomplished by a contact manager system: an integrated solution that lets organizations and individuals efficiently track and record interactions, including emails, documents, jobs, faxes, scheduling, and more.
Marketing staff should be able to leverage client information from sales and service to better target campaigns and offers.
The client or person must be proven to be guilty before he / she will be punished.
Context menus have received some criticism from usability analysts when improperly used, as some applications make certain features only available in context menus, which may confuse even experienced users ( especially when the context menus can only be activated in a limited area of the application's client window ).
The attitude and orientation of the counselor were demonstrated to be instrumental in the decisions made by the client.
In non-personal injury claims, for instance, a claim for professional negligence against solicitors, the measure of damages will be assessed by the loss suffered by the client due to the negligent act or omission by the solicitor giving rise to the loss.
Because the DHCP protocol must work correctly even before DHCP clients have been configured, the DHCP server and DHCP client must be connected to the same network link.
If the client and server are on different subnets, a DHCP Helper or DHCP Relay Agent may be used.

be and individual
Recognizing that the Rule of Law is `` a dynamic concept which should be employed not only to safeguard the civil and political rights of the individual in a free society '', the Congress asserted that it also included the responsibility `` to establish social, economic, educational and cultural conditions under which his legitimate aspirations and dignity may be realized ''.
In both cases the individual tends to be treated as an instrument of the organic reality.
These moments are historical events in the lives of individual authors with which the student of comparative literature must be frequently concerned.
We must avoid the notion, suggested to some people by examples such as those just mentioned, that ideas are `` units '' in some way comparable to coins or counters that can be passed intact from one group of people to another or even, for that matter, from one individual to another.
Life, they say, should be regarded as sacred and, therefore, as something that neither an individual nor his society has a right to take away.
According to the original program, Premier Khrushchev expected the millions looking toward the Kremlin this morning to be filled with admiration or rage -- depending upon individual or national politics -- because of the `` bold program for building communism in our time '' which the Congress will adopt.
When the fate of the individual is visited on the group, then ( the warm sweet butter dripped from her raised trembling fork and she pushed her head forward belligerently ), ah, then the true bitterness of existence could be tasted.
It is difficult to tabulate exactly what was meant in each individual situation, but the conclusion may be drawn that 21 towns do not assess movable personal property, and of the remainder only certain types are valued for tax purposes.
However, it must be stressed that much depends upon the financial condition of the individual cities and towns involved.
The measure, for federal income tax purposes, of the dividend to individual stockholders would be the fair market value of the shares at the time of each annual distribution.
The guiding principle indeed should not be anything like compensation for individual services.
Under unusual circumstances a resident individual may be granted an extension of time to file a return.
And lest anybody think that considerations such as these are not germane in a foundation report, let me enlighten them with the truths that, under Communism there would have been no capital with which to endow the Foundation, and that there would not be that individual freedom within which the Fellows might proceed, untrammeled in every way, toward their discoveries, their creative efforts for the good of mankind.
The return spring tension may be adjusted to suit individual requirements by gripping the spring housing with a pair of pliers ( to prevent the spring from unwinding when it is released ), loosening the lock nut or screw, and rotating the housing until the desired tension is achieved.
What can be done for the `` individual contributor '' who is extremely important -- and likely to be more so -- in the operation of the technically oriented company??
In this instance, because of incomplete septation, the secondary lobule does not constitute in itself what appears to be a small individual lung as in type 1.
As one approach to doing this, Figures 3 and 4 have be constructed from the mean ages and the individual onset and completion ages for boy 34 and girl 2.
Since emotional reactions in the higher vertebrates depend on individual experience and are aroused in man, in addition, by complex symbols, one would expect that the hypothalamus could be excited from the cortex.
In addition, in many cases, a variety of concrete social resources -- homemaker, day care, medical and financial aid -- must be reasonably available for the reality support needed to bolster the family in its individual and collective coping and integrative efforts.
As shown earlier, the highly anxious individual may be superior in his memorizing of simple elements.
With tone, individual differences may be greater than the linguistic contrasts which are superimposed on them.
Personal financial assistance would enable more emphasis to be placed on the interests of the individual.
With respect to positions not covered by subparagraph ( 1 ) or ( 2 ) of this paragraph, any individual may be referred to a place of employment in which a labor dispute exists, provided he is given written notice of such dispute prior to or at the time of his referral.

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