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choose and new
"... and choose myself new ones according to my will ;
The use of abeyance in such instances can allow such an organization to ' settle ' with the party without officially binding its actions in the future, should a new group of decision makers within the organization choose to pursue taking the dispute to court.
Upon the death of his predecessor Alexander in 328, more than fifty bishops gathered to choose a new leader to the Alexandrian see.
Ahasuerus then orders all beautiful young girls to be presented to him, so he can choose a new queen to replace Vashti.
A new constitution in January 1976 established Democratic Kampuchea as a Communist People's Republic, and a 250-member Assembly of the Representatives of the People of Kampuchea ( PRA ) was selected in March to choose the collective leadership of a State Presidium, the chairman of which became the head of state.
He refused the request of Alexandrian Greeks to dedicate a temple to his divinity, saying that only gods may choose new gods.
The DM may choose to deviate from the published rules or make up new ones if they feel it is necessary.
Norris ' first act was to choose a new name for the team – the Red Wings.
Canadian fans could choose from the Special Christmas Edition of Amarantine or an EP entitled Christmas Secrets, which contained only the four new songs.
The coming of each of these messengers is seen as the day of judgement to the adherents of the previous religion, who may choose to accept the new messenger and enter the ' heaven ' of belief, or denounce the new messenger and enter the ' hell ' of denial.
Free-trade areas and agreements ( FTAs ) are cascadable to some degree — if some countries sign agreements to form a free-trade area and choose to negotiate together ( either as a trade bloc or as a forum of individual members of their FTA ) another free-trade agreement with another country ( or countries ) — then the new FTA will consist of the old FTA plus the new country ( or countries ).
Some have attempted to argue that ICANN was never given the authority to decide policy, e. g., choose new TLDs or shut out other interested parties who refuse to pay ICANN's US $ 185, 000 fee, but was to be a technical caretaker.
A product is only truly " obsolete " if it has an advantage to nobody – if no person making a rational decision would choose to acquire it new.
When a player throws a 6 the player may bring a new piece onto the starting square, or may choose to move a piece already in play.
A contest was held in 1965 to choose the name of the new Miami AFL franchise.
Being able to choose the order of evaluation ( see lazy evaluation and non-strict functions ) enables the creation of new syntactic constructs ( e. g. control structures ) indistinguishable from those built into the language.
After seeing Trevor's latest porno film, Bletch decides they need a new pornstar, and Trevor choose Lucille ; he drugs her and tries to rape her as an audition but gets accidentally caught by Robert.
Conversely, birds of prey-which show distinct reverse sexual dimorphism — tend to be monogamous for long periods or mate for life ; some species like the Snail kite will choose new mates every year, polygyny is noted in many Harriers and polyandry has been observed in the Harris ' Hawk ( notable for being the only bird of prey to regularly live and hunt in family and social groups ) and the aforementioned Galapagos hawk.
Finite state machines choose a new state, the result of following the transition.
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern do not choose to move from setting to setting, but they appear in a new place without deciding to go there.
Depending on the choices made, the player may enter a new area, be presented with a new situation or character, or have to choose again if the previous selection was incorrect.

choose and name
The big question is whether, in the name of a restored Chinese-Soviet solidarity, the Chinese will choose to persuade the Albanians to present their humble apologies to Khrushchev -- or get rid of Enver Hoxa.
You may take His name upon your lips in oaths and curses if you so choose.
Upon completing a jump from all of the four object categories, a jumper may choose to apply for a " BASE number ", which are awarded sequentially .< ref name =" numbers ">
The same number however occurs in many other mathematical contexts, where it is denoted by ( often read as " n choose k "); notably it occurs as coefficient in the binomial formula, hence its name binomial coefficient.
Although the content of the document file is arranged in a format that the word-processing program understands, the user is able to choose the name and location of the file and provide the bulk of the information ( such as words and text ) that will be stored in the file.
Grammy-winning Mexican rock band " Jaguares " were also influenced by the magnificent animal to choose their band name.
Friedman's father objected to the name of the band, calling it a " negative, hostile, peculiar thing ", which gave Kinky even more reason to choose the name.
After you choose your unique character name you are able to select your gender as well as editing your characters physical description and personality.
A more stable isotope (< sup > 231 </ sup > Pa ) of protactinium was discovered in 1917 / 18 by Otto Hahn and Lise Meitner, and they choose the name proto-actinium, but then the IUPAC named it finally protactinium in 1949 and confirmed Hahn and Meitner as discoverers.
I choose John ... a name sweet to us because it is the name of our father, dear to me because it is the name of the humble parish church where I was baptized, the solemn name of numberless cathedrals scattered throughout the world, including our own basilica John Lateran.
He is the most recent Pope to choose to retain his birth name as his regnal name upon his accession.
After his death, it would be 415 years before another Pope would choose a name with an ordinal number less than IV ( John Paul I ).
One may choose to have one's name added to another list when moving and then be listed at both places.
The first two Space Quest games allowed the player to choose the character's name, which defaulted to Roger Wilco if left blank.
The name was made up, as a publicity stunt, by the film producers ; he had to choose from a list of twenty names and picked the one with his mother's initials.
The Dean of the Sacred College ( Cardinale Decano ) will then ask the freshly elected pope to choose his pastoral name, and as soon as the pope is dressed with the white habit, the Senior Cardinal-Deacon ( Cardinale Protodiacono ) appears on the major balcony of St. Peter's façade to introduce the new pope with the famous Latin sentence
" We choose then ", they said to the people, " our Archdeacon Hildebrand to be pope and successor to the Apostle, and to bear henceforward and forever the name of Gregory " ( 22 April 1073 ).

choose and William
The King maintained that it was now his sole prerogative to choose a governor-general, and he wanted Field-Marshal Sir William Birdwood for the Australian post.
Holt's disappearance at the end of 1967 forced the party to choose a " wild card " successor from the Senate after the leading contender, deputy Liberal leader William McMahon, was unexpectedly eliminated from the contest due to a dispute with their Coalition partners, the Country Party.
Unlike most college-bound Virginians of his day, Madison did not choose the College of William and Mary, because the lowland climate of Williamsburg, where mosquitoes transmitted fevers and other infectious diseases during the summer, might have strained his delicate health.
According to his father's desire that his youngest son should choose a < em > gentleman's </ em > vocation, William, after his graduation from high school, entered the Cayuga County National Bank of Auburn as a clerk, where he spent long hours adding numbers.
* Former President of the United States Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to William H. Crawford, Secretary of War under President James Madison, on June 20, 1816: " In your letter to Fisk, you have fairly stated the alternatives between which we are to choose: 1, licentious commerce and gambling speculations for a few, with eternal war for the many ; or, 2, restricted commerce, peace, and steady occupations for all.
For their target, they choose widower William B. Tensy ( Gene Hackman ), a tobacco baron who is addicted to his own product.
Henry became the companion and friend of William II's successor King Henry I, and when in 1100 a division took place amongst the barons who had gathered together in the aftermath of the king's sudden death to choose a successor to William II, it was mainly owing to his advice that Henry was selected and when in the following year most of the barons were openly or secretly disloyal and favoured the attempt of Duke Robert to gain the Crown, he and his brother were amongst the few that remained faithful to the King.
The examples Aarseth gives include a diverse group of texts: wall inscriptions of the temples in ancient Egypt that are connected two-dimensionally ( on one wall ) or three dimensionally ( from wall to wall or room to room ); the I Ching ; Apollinaire ’ s Calligrammes in which the words of the poem “ are spread out in several directions to form a picture on the page, with no clear sequence in which to be read ”; Marc Saporta ’ s Composition No. 1, Roman, a novel with shuffleable pages ; Raymond Queneau ’ s One Hundred Thousand Billion Poems ; B. S. Johnson ’ s The Unfortunates ; Milorad Pavic ’ s Landscape Painted with Tea ; Joseph Weizenbaum ’ s ELIZA ; Ayn Rand ’ s play Night of January 16th, in which members of the audience form a jury and choose one of two endings ; William Chamberlain and Thomas Etter ’ s Racter ; Michael Joyce ’ s Afternoon: a story ; Roy Trubshaw and Richard Bartle ’ s Multi-User Dungeon ( aka MUD1 ); and James Aspnes ’ s TinyMUD.
The January convention was held at the Coliseum at Exhibition Place ( now the Ricoh Coliseum ) in Toronto to choose a replacement for William Davis, who had served as Ontario PC leader and Premier of the province of Ontario since 1971.
William Glasser ’ s Choice Theory is the theory that we all choose how to behave at any time, and cannot control anyone ’ s behavior but our own.
In 1704, William Walker and Benjamin Robinson, the chamberlain of the Duchess, went to London with a small party to choose items of furniture for the palace.
Anne's anger was only placated by an assurance from William that she could choose all the lower servants of the household.
* 6th: That ' tis lawfull ( sic ) for the Duke of Richmond to choose any Gamesters, who have played in either of His Grace's two last Matches with Sir William Gage ; and that ' tis lawfull ( sic ) for Mr. Brodrick to choose any Gamesters within three Miles of Pepperhara, provided they actually lived there last Lady Day.
However, William Carpenter Bompas did not choose to pursue a university education, instead opting to become articled in the same law firm where his brother George was working.
Chief Justice William Rehnquist wrote for the majority in finding that the regulations were a permissible construction of statutory law, that they do not violate the First Amendment free speech rights of the recipients, and that they do not violate the Fifth Amendment right of women to choose whether to terminate a pregnancy as established in Roe v. Wade.
Because of a chance 1957 conversation between Brother Francoeur of La Mennais College and Monsignor William Hughes of Youngstown, Ohio about the Brothers ' wish to move LaMennais College from Alfred, Maine, Bishop Walsh invited the Brothers to choose Canton, Ohio as the new location.

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