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:" and consider
:" I consider the evening twilight on Mt.
:" Now they say that Penthesileia was the last of the Amazons to win distinction for bravery and that for the future the race diminished more and more and then lost all its strength ; consequently in later times, whenever any writers recount their prowess, men consider the ancient stories about the Amazons to be fictitious tales.
:" Thirdly we consider in fire the quality of clarity, or brightness ; which signifies that these angels have in themselves an inextinguishable light, and that they also perfectly enlighten others.
:" the poets did not consider themselves bound by parallelism to such an extent as not to set it aside when the thought required it.
:" For concreteness, consider the passage of a high speed Alpha particle through an atom having a positive central charge Ne, and surrounded by a compensating charge of N electrons.
:" Go to the ant, thou sluggard ; consider her ways and be wise ; which having no chief, overseer, or ruler, provideth her bread in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest.
:" I should like you to consider that these functions ( including passion, memory, and imagination ) follow from the mere arrangement of the machine ’ s organs every bit as naturally as the movements of a clock or other automaton follow from the arrangement of its counter-weights and wheels.
:" The sole object of this work is to consider, firstly, whether man, like every other species, is descended from some pre-existing form ; secondly, the manner of his development ; and thirdly, the value of the differences between the so-called races of man.
:" Now, I am going to ask you to consider only one question in your deliberations, and that is, was it an arranged thing between the woman and the man?
:" They assemble, except in the case of a sudden emergency, on certain fixed days, either at new or at full moon ; for this they consider the most auspicious season for the transaction of business.
Katznelson also spoke of Jewish self-hatred, saying :" Is there another People on Earth so emotionally twisted that they consider everything their nation does despicable and hateful, while every murder, rape, robbery committed by their enemies fill their hearts with admiration and awe?
:" Composed of those you consider fit.
:" There is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price alone are that person's lawful prey.
:" Attendance at Nineteen Day Feasts is not Obligatory but very important, and every believer should consider it a duty and a privilege to present on such occasions.
:" For the future it is important to consider why scientists acted as they did.

:" and report
:" More than any other single factor or incident, Mojave Desert incident from Frémont's second expedition report is where the Kit Carson legend was born ..."
:" I received a report that there had been no resistance in the village, that there was no enemy activity in the area, and that about a hundred people were left in the village.
Regarding Pinochet's rise to power, the CIA concluded in a report issued in 2000 that :" The CIA actively supported the military junta after the overthrow of Allende but did not assist Pinochet to assume the Presidency.
and while they could not report on the quantity or types of weapons destroyed the witnesses said :" The experience of seeing this with our own eyes, on a minute-to-minute basis, provided us with evidence so clear and of its nature so incontrovertible that at the end of the process weapon decommissioning it demonstrated to us – and would have demonstrated to anyone who might have been with us – that beyond any shadow of doubt, the arms of the IRA have now been decommissioned.
from: 01 / 05 / 1996 till: 01 / 05 / 1996 color: CON $ right text :" May 1996-John Major commissions report into higher education funding ~ to be chaired by Sir Ron Dearing "
from: 23 / 07 / 1997 till: 23 / 07 / 1997 color: LAB $ right text :" 23rd July 1997-Dearing report is published "
from: 21 / 02 / 2000 till: 21 / 02 / 2000 color: LAB $ right text :" 21st Dec 1999-Cubie report published recommends replacing fees ~ in Scotland with a graduate endowment "
" Wang Zhen died on March 12, 1993, and his last spoken words was that :" I would visit Marx, and ( then ) report to Chairman Mao, Commander-in-Chief Zhu, and Premier Zhou ", the three people he was most loyal to, in addition to Deng Xiaoping, who was still alive.
:" We urge you to commit – immediately and publicly – to support the creation of a comprehensive, independent commission to investigate and report on the truth about all of these allegations, and to chart a course for how practices that violate the law should be addressed.
:" I have the honour to report that information has been received from Robert B. Campbell, Esq., United States Consul in London, of the wreck of the American ship ‘ Northern Belle ’ near Kingsgate, England, and the rescue of her crew by the aid of Lifeboats under circumstances of peculiar peril.
:" At this time Giorgio Vasari a great friend of Giulio, though they only knew each other by report and by letters, passed through Mantua on his way to Venice to see him and his works.
:" The GAO will finally issue its report on the White House — the vandalizing of the White House in between the Clinton-Gore administration — Clinton and Bush administrations.
:" I wanted to convey in the film the real pathos contained in a four line newspaper report that simultaneously records and dismisses the end of someone ’ s life "
:" From this report, the necessity of trading with these Indians can scarcely fail to be obvious.
:" Accordingly, the Volcae Tectosages, seized on those parts of Germany which are the most fruitful lie around the Hercynian forest, ( which, I perceive, was known by report to Eratosthenes and some other Greeks, and which they call Orcynia ), and settled there.
* the United States Environmental Protection Agency also endorses the LNT model in its 2011 report on radiogenic cancer risk :" Underlying the risk models is a large body of epidemiological and radiobiological data.
:" I have the honor herewith to submit a brief report of the part taken by the Marines on the 13th inst., on the island of Formosa.
:" The idea was well expressed long ago by Colonel Walter in an excellent and most suggestive report which may have influenced Lord Mayo when he founded the present college.
:" To investigate and report back to the Prime Minister on the rise of the compensation culture over the last decade coupled with the current low standing that health and safety legislation now enjoys and to suggest solutions.
:" Press dispatches having been sent for political purposes, from Salt Lake City, which have been widely published, to the effect that the Utah Commission, in their recent report to the Secretary of the Interior, allege that plural marriages have been contracted in Utah since last June or during the past year, also that in public discourses the leaders of the Church have taught, encouraged and urged the continuance of the practice of polygamy —
In that report, the NTSB determined the following probable cause for the accident :" The aircraft's encounter with adverse winds associated with a very strong thunderstorm located astride the ILS localizer course, which resulted in high descent rate into the non-frangible approach light towers.
:" The report we hand in contains a double outrage: that of massive murder, disappearance and torture ; and that of indolence, incompetence and indifference of those who could have stopped this humanitarian catastrophe but didn't.
:" Penta's small clusters of H < sub > 2 </ sub > O molecules have been proven by scientists at major universities to be able to more effectively hydrate cells, which is why so many people report that Penta helps them feel great!
:" The Scientific Advisory Board Secretariat has suggested that this project not be declassified for a variety of reasons, chief among which is that no scientific explanation for any of the fireballs and other phenomena was revealed by the report and that some reputable scientists still believe that the observed phenomena are man-made.

:" and Minister
:" Mr Cotton Mather was the most active and forward of any Minister in the Country in those matters Goodwin children and Goody Glover, taking home one of the Children, and managing such intrigues with that Child, and after printing such an account of the whole, in his Memorable Provinces in 1689, as conduced much to the kindling of those Flames, that in Sir Williams time Salem Witch Trials threatened the devouring of this Country.
In June 1937, when Lord Mount Temple, the Chairman of the Anglo-German Fellowship, asked to see the British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain after meeting Hitler in a visit arranged by Ribbentrop, Robert Vansittart, the British Foreign Office's Undersecretary wrote a memo stating that :" The P. M. Minister should certainly not see Lord Mount Temple – nor should the S of S. We really must put a stop to this eternal butting in of amateurs – and Lord Mount Temple is a particularly silly one.
When it came to time for Ribbentrop to present the German declaration of war on 22 June 1941 to the Soviet Ambassador, General Vladimir Dekanozov, Paul Schmidt described the scene :" It is just before four on the morning of Sunday, 22 June 1941 in the office of the Foreign Minister.
:" IRI initiated a post-election program that emphasized media and communications training for Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek's chancellory and cabinet.
Also, at the start of World War I, Albert I of Belgium stated he was in command of the Belgian army contrary to his Prime Minister Charles de Broqueville and, according to Raymond Fusilier, also against the Belgian Constitution Luc Schepens wrote similar opinions :" The two main casualties of World War I are the Constitution and the parliamentary regime.
On 29 June 2011: " During Prime Minister ’ s questions ", " Liberal Democrat MP Julian Huppert asked :" " Does the Prime Minister believe that drugs policy has been failing for decades, as he said in 2005, and does he agree that the Government should initiate a discussion of alternative ways including the possibility of legalisation regulation to tackle the global drugs dilemma as he voted for in 2002.
At about 6: 00 pm local time, Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi went on state television to say :" Since the president is temporarily unable to exercise his duties, it has been decided that the prime minister will exercise temporarily the ( presidential ) duties.
from: 02 / 05 / 1997 till: 02 / 05 / 1997 color: LAB $ left text :" 2nd May 1997-Labour win 1997 General Election ~ Tony Blair becomes Prime Minister "
from: 27 / 06 / 2007 till: 27 / 06 / 2007 color: LAB $ left text :" 27th June 2007-Gordon Brown becomes Prime Minister "
from: 11 / 05 / 2010 till: 11 / 05 / 2010 color: COA $ left text :" 11th May 2010-Conservative David Cameron becomes Prime Minister after ~ forming coaltion government with the Liberal Democrats "
:" We lecture children if they're telling lies / They will not prosper and they will not thrive .../ And even the First Minister must sometimes stand naked.
:" Jews who spent years in Soviet prisons were far less enthusiastic than most Israelis about Soviet Foreign Minister Alexander Bessmertnykh's historic visit here Friday ...' It's nothing but a bad dream ,' said Yosef Mendelevitch, another former Soviet prisoner, commenting on Bessmertnykh's visit, the first by a Soviet foreign minister to Israel.
:" Sir Henry Parkes, Father of Australian Federation, five times Prime Minister of New South Wales, arrived in Australia 25 July 1839, he worked as station-hand, Customs Officer and bone and ivory turner.
:" That this Assembly no longer has confidence in the Minister for Health, Katy Gallagher, for her continued neglect of the Health portfolio, most particularly ...... management failure, staff bullying, over working, and poor processes ;.... complete failure in the Calvary Hospital purchase ;.... and many instances of attacking those who made complaints, ignoring those who gave advice, and dealing with the problems through denial and neglect ;.... and the ongoing poor performance of the ACT health system ...."
:" Mr. Seaga ( Prime Minister of Jamaica, Edward Seaga ) thinks that the solution to Jamaica's problems is to get President Reagan to play Santa Claus.
:" Insofar as possible retaliatory action is concerned in Indonesia, there is always a danger of that ," the Prime Minister said.
:" This tablet marks the inauguration of development of the district of Belconnen by the Minister of State for the Interior The Honourable J. D. Anthony, M. P.

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