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deal and with
The forest had become an alien world where she strove, alone, unprotected, unguided, to deal with whatever hindrances were offered.
In fact it has caused us to give serious thought to moving our residence south, because it is not easy for the most objective Southerner to sit calmly by when his host is telling a roomful of people that the only way to deal with Southerners who oppose integration is to send in troops and shoot the bastards down.
But do the plays deal with the same facets of experience religion must also deal with??
`` Yes, for they deal with distress.
We shall return to these statements and deal with them more fully as the evidence for them accumulates.
We must be ever alert that freedom does not wither through the careless amassing of restrictive controls or the lack of courage to deal boldly with the issues of the day.
both Flugel and Ranyard West deal with the development and nature of conscience, as do such theologians as Niebuhr and Buber.
In Aristotle's analysis of tragedy in the Poetics, we find an attempt to isolate the art, to consider only those things proper to it, to discover how it differs from other arts, and to deal with the effects peculiar to it.
Alfred, who was a good deal older than Harry, had treated him like a son, and when Harry decided to stay in business with Lew instead of going with Alfred, Alfred looked on the decision as a betrayal.
Those who do have occasion to deal with the invasions in a more general way, like T.W. Shore and Arthur Wade-Evans, are on the side of a gradual and often peaceful Germanic penetration into Britain.
Nevertheless, Mrs. Lewis was still solicitous of his condition: let him do as he wished, let him sleep with chambermaids if he must, but, she begged Blackman, try to keep him from drinking a great deal and bring him back in good health.
It cannot become the source of a real Atlantic community if it remains organized to deal only with the military threat which first brought it into being ''.
But a powerful sense of community, even with little or no machinery, means a great deal.
The request for lower rates originated with the Southern railway, which has spent a good deal of time and money developing a 100-ton hopper car with which it says it can move grain at about half what it costs in the conventional, smaller car.
In order to form a new government it must deal with one of the two rival parties which gained strength.
The mother of a difficult child can do a great deal to help her own child and often, by sharing her experiences, she can help other mothers with the same problem.
Here, as in all sectors of the economy, quality and justice are both dependent on the right of the individual to deal directly with his employer if he so chooses.
It would be well to show the populace how we deal with adulterers ''.
He must deal with the question of how to manage a part when it cannot be handled without relation to the whole -- when the whole is too large to grasp.
I, for one, rather regret that Schnabel didn't collaborate with the Budapest Quartet, whose rugged, athletic playing was a good deal closer to this pianist's interpretative outlook than the style of the Belgian group.

deal and situation
The last thing in the world that resembled a war was our line of farmers and storekeepers and mechanics perched on top of a stone wall, and this dashing rider made us feel a good deal sharper and more alert to the situation.
It may help an individual to deal with a demanding situation by prompting them to cope with it.
After some political maneuvering, the Dutch Calvinists were able to convince Prince Maurice of Nassau to deal with the situation.
Following his success against the Moors, Afonso III had to deal with a political situation arising from the borders with Castile.
A great deal of strategy and teamwork goes into choosing the ideal path and placement of a stone for each situation, and the skills of the curlers determine how close to the desired result the stone will achieve.
He hoped that the curia would deal with the issue for the situation was headed for a famine.
Before drafting the specific terms of his peace deal, Wilson recruited a team led by Colonel House to compile information deemed pertinent in assessing Europe ’ s geo-political situation.
This contravened the League's covenant, so Greece appealed to the League to deal with the situation.
The famine soon spread throughout Hunan, reaching Shaoshan ; here, starving peasants seized some of his father's grain, and while Mao disapproved of their actions as morally wrong, he also claimed a great deal of sympathy for their situation.
This would deal with the situation, for example, when the accused imagines he is cutting through a loaf of bread, whereas in fact he is cutting through a person's neck.
They were not prepared to deal with this sort of situation.
In a deadlock situation, state legislatures would deal with the matter by holding " one vote at the beginning of the day — then the legislators would continue with their normal affairs ".
Attempts by the conservative Liberal-Reform coalition to deal with the situation with spending cuts and relief work were ineffective and unpopular.
The king had an opportunity to take advantage of the situation and reassert imperial control over the papacy, but choosing instead to deal with the Staufen resistance, he let his inferiors make the decision.
The situation proved a major obstacle in Gable accepting the role of Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind, as MGM head Louis B. Mayer sweetened the deal for a reluctant Gable by giving him money to settle a divorce agreement with Langham and marry Lombard.
To deal with the situation, Edward himself returned to England, arriving in London unannounced on 30 November 1340.
Such systems can often be used to retain soil moisture in areas where active desertification is occurring — so much so that some organizations educate people living in affected areas about water condensers to help them deal effectively with the situation .< ref >
Caroline, unhappy at her situation and treatment in Britain, negotiated a deal with the Foreign Secretary, Lord Castlereagh.
On the same day, a Western resolution that would have given Hammarskjöld increased powers to deal with the Congo situation was vetoed by the Soviet Union.
When he learned in March that Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Foveaux was returning to Sydney with orders to become acting Lieutenant-Governor, Paterson left Foveaux to deal with the prevailing situation.
In most places in the world, the EMS is summoned by members of the public ( or other emergency services, businesses, or authorities ) via an emergency telephone number which puts them in contact with a control facility, which will then dispatch a suitable resource to deal with the situation.
Owners usually react to this situation by offering a deal fee to the management team if a certain price threshold is reached.
With the uncertain labor situation, the WFL had the opportunity to provide players with a better deal than the NFL would give them, along with the promise of employment.
In addition, the situation can be confusing because of the different parties and the effort by many groups to deal with the controversy through a policy of deliberate ambiguity.

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