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ensure and execution
The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe monitors the execution of judgements, particularly to ensure payment of the amounts awarded by the Court to the applicants in compensation for the damage they have sustained.
In 1888 he headed the commission that established the Official Table of Drops, listing how far a person of a particular weight should be dropped when hanged for a capital offence ( the only method of ' judicial execution ' in the United Kingdom at that time ), to ensure an instant and painless death, by cleanly breaking the neck between the 2nd and 3rd vertebrae, an ' exacting science ', eventually brought to perfection by Chief Executioner Albert Pierrepoint.
The President has the authority to promulgate laws passed by the Parliament, to issue supplementary regulations to ensure the execution of laws, and to negotiate and ratify treaties.
He supported the confiscation of southern plantations and even exile or execution of rebellion leaders as a means to ensure the permanent destruction of slavery.
Similar event handlers are frequently utilized in today's web based applications to handle other exceptional conditions but repeatedly parsing data input, to ensure its validity before execution, has nevertheless become much more commonplace-partly because processors have become faster ( and the perceived need for efficiency in this area less significant ) but, predominantly-because data structures have become less ' formalized ' ( e. g.. csv and. tsv files ) or uniquely identifiable ( e. g. packed decimal ).
Another key Middle Office role is to ensure that the economic risks are captured accurately ( as per agreement of commercial terms with the counterparty ), correctly ( as per standardized booking models in the most appropriate systems ) and on time ( typically within 30 minutes of trade execution ).
The targets of translated code blocks are back-patched to ensure execution takes place in code cache most of the time.
In April 1978, the Chicago Stock Exchange launched an Intermarket Trading System ( ITS ), a system that allows order to be sent from one exchange to another to ensure that customers receive the best execution available.
It is the responsibility of marketing managers in the marketing department or elsewhere to ensure that the execution of marketing programs achieves the desired objectives and does so in a cost-efficient manner.
However, after the events of the October Revolution and the Bolsheviks ascendency to power he was widely criticised for the failure to ensure that Tsar Nicholas II and his family were evacuated from Russia before their execution by the Bolsheviks at Ekaterinburg in 1918.
The operating system must manage the bank-switching operation to ensure that program execution can continue when part of memory is not accessible to the processor.
If we are in a situation that there is a chance that < tt > i2 </ tt > may be completed before < tt > i1 </ tt > ( i. e. with concurrent execution ) we must ensure that we do not store the result of register < tt > R3 </ tt > before < tt > i1 </ tt > has had a chance to fetch the operands.
The main NKVD execution chamber in the basement of the Lubyanka was deliberately avoided to ensure total secrecy.
After Justice William O. Douglas granted a stay of execution to the Rosenbergs at the last moment, Chief Justice Vinson sent special flights out to bring vacationing justices back to Washington in order to ensure the execution of the Rosenbergs.
The Constitution empowers the president to ensure the faithful execution of the laws made by Congress.
There is no door connecting the latter with the cella ; its existence is necessitated entirely by aesthetic considerations: to maintain the consistency of the peripteral temple and to ensure its viewability from all sides, the execution of the front has to be repeated at the rear.
In order to calculate the correct parameters for hanging Amery ( e. g. required height of the noose above the gallows trapdoor and length of subsequent " drop " to ensure a swift death ) his height and weight were recorded shortly before his execution: he measured 5 feet 7 inches and weighed 140 pounds.
Traditionally, marketing communications practitioners focused on the creation and execution of printed marketing collateral ; however, academic and professional research developed the practice to use strategic elements of branding and marketing in order to ensure consistency of message delivery throughout an organization-a consistent " look & feel ".
Unlike all previous work on Verification and Validation, VOMAS agents ensure that the simulations are validated in-simulation i. e. even during execution.
One component that makes up the response time is the time spent executing the software hence if the software worst case execution time can be determined, then the designer of the system can use this ( with other techniques such as schedulability analysis to ensure that the system responds fast enough.
The hardware architecture loaded code into memory on 2k segments, for optimal execution time it was critical to ensure that processing intensive loops did not cross the segment boundary and incur delays swapping segments in and out of memory.
With the exception of killings intended to send a message to any who would hinder their criminal activities or murders that presented no other alternative, a set method of execution was established by DeMeo and crew to ensure that victims would be dispatched quickly and then made to disappear.
He said that the U. S. adheres to these standards, and takes great care in the " planning and execution to ensure that only legitimate objectives are targeted, and that collateral damage is kept to a minimum.

ensure and treaty's
The coalition's guide summarizes the process of the treaty's adoption, its fundamental provisions, and recommends that certain activities be undertaken to ensure its full enforcement.
The treaty's intent was to ensure the peaceful settlement of the prairies by European immigrants, while providing First Nations people with land, access to resources and other necessities for their survival.

ensure and terms
In terms of war strategy, Lincoln articulated two priorities: to ensure that Washington was well-defended, and to conduct an aggressive war effort that would satisfy the demand in the North for prompt, decisive victory ; major Northern newspaper editors expected victory within 90 days.
In a 1997 open letter to Ms. magazine she expressed displeasure that what she considers a way to ensure her own artistic freedom was seen by others solely in terms of its financial success.
" The divine call for massacre at Jericho and elsewhere can be explained in terms of cultural norms ( Israel wasn't the only Iron Age state to practice herem ) and theology ( a measure to ensure Israel's purity as well as the fulfillment of God's promise ), but Patrick D. Miller in his commentary on Deuteronomy remarks, " there is no real way to make such reports palatable to the hearts and minds of contemporary readers and believers.
The trip ended as an embarrassing failure however as the Spanish demanded that Charles must convert to Roman Catholicism and remain in Spain for a year after the wedding as hostage to ensure England's compliance with all the terms of the treaty.
Public copyright licenses that guarantee these freedoms (" libre licences ") often require attribution for contributors and sometimes include copyleft terms that ensure these essential freedoms remain in future derivative works.
For a thermodynamic account of a process in terms of the entropies of small local regions, the definition of entropy should be such as to ensure that the second law of thermodynamics applies in each small local region.
The chairman is elected by the Conference of the Parties at each of its sessions with due regard to ensure geographical distribution and adequate representation of affected Country Parties, particularly those in Africa, who shall not serve for more than two consecutive terms.
Despite these incidences of occasional violence between African and European forces however, many African states were able to ensure that any trade went on in their own terms, imposing custom duties on foreign ships, and in one case that occurred in 1525, the Kongolese king, Afonso I, seized a French vessel and its crew for illegally trading on his coast.
Despite the royal charter, Penn bought the land from the local Lenape to be on good terms with the Native Americans and ensure peace for his colony.
In accepting the conservation easement, the easement holder has a responsibility to monitor future uses of the land to ensure compliance with the terms of the easement and to enforce the terms if a violation occurs.
To keep the computational load reasonable, the mappings used by SVM schemes are designed to ensure that dot products may be computed easily in terms of the variables in the original space, by defining them in terms of a kernel function selected to suit the problem.
Many social democrats and " New Deal liberals ", have adopted this analysis for public policy, so they view market failures as a very common problem of any unregulated market system and therefore argue for state intervention in the economy in order to ensure both efficiency and social justice ( usually interpreted in terms of limiting avoidable inequalities in wealth and income ).
The technical condition to ensure that an infinite sum such as this converges to a meromorphic function is that on any compact set, after omitting the finitely many terms having poles in that set, the remaining series converges normally.
In terms of the Worst Forms of Child Labour Recommendation ratifying countries should ensure that forced or compulsory recruitment of children for use in armed conflict is a criminal offence, and also provide for other criminal, civil or administrative remedies to ensure the effective enforcement of such national legislation III ( 12 ) to ( 14 )).
Selectmen currently serve terms of three years each, and those terms are staggered to ensure that only one member is up for re-election in any given year.
In an effort to ensure continuity of operations, board positions overlap and span two year terms.
According to the terms of the Treaty on the European Union " In order to ensure the proper functioning and development of the common market, the Commission (…) formulate recommendations or deliver opinions on matters dealt with in this Treaty, if it expressively so provides or if the Commission considers it necessary.
In Democracy and Liberty, an essay published in 1998, Cohen reiterated many of these points, also emphasizing the concept of " reasonable pluralism " the acceptance of different, incompatible worldviews and the importance of good faith deliberative efforts to ensure that as far as possible the holders of these views can live together on terms acceptable to all.
The Jarring Mission of the United Nations was supposed to ensure that the terms of UN Security Council Resolution 242 would be observed, but by late 1970 it was clear that this mission had been a failure.

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