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gain and wider
This presents itself with postural instability, in which the person tends to separate his / her feet upon standing, in order to gain a wider base and to avoid titubation ( bodily oscillations tending to be forward-backward ones ).
Oral Roberts's successful use of television as a medium to gain a wider audience led others to follow suit.
A disadvantage of the Cassegrain is that the feed horn ( s ) must have a narrower beamwidth ( higher gain ) to focus its radiation on the smaller secondary reflector, instead of the wider primary reflector as in front-fed dishes.
Instead of traditional means of bands reaching their audiences through large music labels, bands began recording, manufacturing albums and merchandise, booking their own tours, and creating opportunities for smaller bands to get wider recognition and gain cult status through repetitive low-cost DIY touring.
By the mid-1970s anti-nuclear activism had moved beyond local protests and politics to gain a wider appeal and influence.
Outside China, Falun Gong practitioners have set up international media organizations to gain wider exposure for their cause and challenge narratives of the Chinese state-run media.
The Umayyad regime, despite its administrative centralisation, mercenary army and struggle to gain wider social support, could neither harmonise the various ethnic groups inside al-Andalus nor dissolve the old tribal bounds which still organised sporadic ethnic in-fighting.
It had a lasting impact on the standard Dutch language, which was just then beginning to gain wider acceptance and developing a literary tradition.
With the advent of easy distribution over the internet and cheap video-editing software, fan-created videos began to gain wider notice in the late 1990s.
Though they had devoted fans, the Gipsy Kings then had yet to gain wider recognition.
Quarter sawing: This sawing method produces edge-grain or vertical gain lumber, in which annual growth rings run more consistently perpendicular to the pieces ' wider faces.
Government regulation governing domestic greywater use for landscape irrigation ( diversion for reuse ) is still a developing area and continues to gain wider support as the actual risks and benefits are considered and put into clearer perspective.
It has been suggested that the next evolutionary step after knowledge economy is the network economy, where the relatively localized knowledge is now being shared among and across various networks for the benefit of the network members as a whole, to gain economic of scale in a wider, more open scale.
Deng Xiaoping and Liu Shaoqi led Party efforts to revive the Chinese economy, and cultivated Peng's friendship as part of a wider effort to gain widespread support for their activities.
It remains to be seen though if the innovative split of Garrulacidae from Timaliidae will gain wider acceptance.
But his influence did gain wider acceptance especially in the period following Constantine.
Throughout the 19th century, premillennialism continued to gain wider acceptance in both the US and in Britain, particularly among the Irvingites, Plymouth Brethren, Christadelphians, Church of God, Christian Israelite Church.
Larger log periodics provide wider frequency coverage with comparable gain to rhombics.
Antennas can be tuned to be resonant over a wider spread of frequencies but, all other things being equal, this will mean the gain of the aerial is lower than one tuned for a single frequency or a group of frequencies.
Having translated the essay into English so that it could gain a wider audience, Clarkson published it in pamphlet-form in 1786 as " An essay on the slavery and commerce of the human species, particularly the African, translated from a Latin Dissertation ", which was honoured with the first prize in the University of Cambridge, for the year 1785.
It was the release of their third album when Junoon started to gain success and began to reach a wider audience when one of their singles, " Jazba-e-Junoon ", became the signature song of the Cricket World Cup.
A 2003 article in Fortune examined Hanson's work, noting, among other things, that he is a proponent of cryonics, his ideas have found some acceptance among extropians on the Internet, and he was motivated to seek his doctorate so that his theories would gain a wider audience.
While occasionally used experimentally in nonmalignant and nonhematologic indications such as severe disabling auto-immune disease and cardiovascular disease, the risk of fatal complications appears too high to gain wider acceptance.
It was well received by the critics, and helped Premchand gain wider recognition.

gain and acceptance
as part of a larger development effort, however, it may gain wide acceptance.
During the 1573 Polish election, Albert Frederick attempted to gain acceptance to the Polish senate but was opposed by the powerful Jan Zamoyski ( later Grand Hetman of the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland ) who feared the influence of Protestants in the Polish legislative body.
Various other speculative proposals have been made in the 19th and 20th centuries, all of them failing to gain significant acceptance because no significant proof of this connection was found.
While the person issuing it may intend to represent the teachings of Islam accurately, this does not mean that that person's interpretation will gain universal acceptance.
Other recurring themes include the breakdown of Niles ' marriage to the never-seen Maris, Frasier's search for love, Martin's new life after retirement and injury, and the various attempts by the two brothers to gain acceptance into Seattle's cultural elite.
The following years saw graphic design in the modern style gain widespread acceptance and application.
His determination to gain acceptance and respect for the gay press can be summed up by his 15 year battle to gain membership in the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association, one of the nation's oldest and most respected organizations for daily and weekly newspapers.
Like intelligent design, the concept it seeks to support, irreducible complexity has failed to gain any notable acceptance within the scientific community.
As explained by Kevie Kev in the book Yes Yes Yall, Prince Whipper Whip felt it necessary to keep his Afro-Puerto Rican background a secret in order to gain more positive acceptance.
Memes that fit within a successful memeplex may gain acceptance by " piggybacking " on the success of the memeplex.
The failure of the conciliar theory to gain broad acceptance after the 15th century is taken as a factor in the Protestant Reformation.
Due to resistance by Protestant Historicists, the preterist view was slow to gain acceptance outside the Roman Catholic Church.
UCSD p-System began around 1974 as the idea of UCSD's Kenneth Bowles, who believed that the number of new computing platforms coming out at the time would make it difficult for new programming languages to gain acceptance.
Michael Tori, a professor at Marist College ( Poughkeepsie, New York ) suggested that Moon's conviction helped the Unification Church gain more acceptance in mainstream American society, since it showed that he was financially accountable to the government and the public.
), had to receive the explicit acceptance of the population to gain any legal standing.
Two subsequent attempts to resolve the problem by means of a negotiated political settlement by James Baker, acting as Personal Envoy of the UN Secretary General, the first in 2000 and the second in 2003, failed to gain acceptance, the first being rejected by the Polisario and second by Morocco.
This enabled a small company's product to gain acceptance in the world market since second sources from far larger companies such as Toshiba started to manufacture the device.
Undeterred, Fridtjof Nansen worked with both Greece and Turkey to gain their acceptance of the proposed population exchange.
Screen printing was largely introduced to Western Europe from Asia sometime in the late 18th century, but did not gain large acceptance or use in Europe until silk mesh was more available for trade from the east and a profitable outlet for the medium discovered.
gain acceptance in the scientific community.
The commission proposed making the standard hour the base unit of metric time, but the proposal did not gain acceptance and was eventually abandoned.
Nestorius suggested the titleChristotokos ( Χριστοτόκος, " Christ-bearer "), but this proposal did not gain acceptance on either side.
According to art historian Andreas Beyer, it " offered a prelude of a genre that would only truly gain acceptance in Dutch painting of the seventeenth century ".
Henry VII of England held the throne for the House of Lancaster ( House of Tudor ), and had tried to gain the acceptance of the Yorkist faction by his marriage to their heiress, Elizabeth of York, but his hold on power was not entirely secure.

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