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help and States
If the President of the United States really feels he won himself a `` lousy job '', then heaven help us all.
The United States can help by communicating a genuine concern with the problems these countries face and a readiness to provide technical and other appropriate forms of assistance where possible.
Economically, Martin said, the United States could best help foreign countries by helping them help themselves.
* 1861 – American Civil War: in order to help pay for the war effort, the United States government levies the first income tax as part of the Revenue Act of 1861 ( 3 % of all incomes over US $ 800 ; rescinded in 1872 ).
The United States has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to help with infrastructure, humanitarian aid, economic development, and military reconstruction in Herzegovina and Bosnia.
Today's strip artists, with the help of the NCS, enthusiastically promote the medium, which is considered to be in decline due to fewer markets ( today few strips are published in newspapers outside the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada, mainly because of the smaller interest there, with translated versions of popular strips-particularly in Spanish-are primarily read over the internet ) and ever-shrinking newspaper space.
Until at least September 2005, the United States funded efforts to help protect a major pipeline, the 769-kilometer-long Caño Limón – Puerto Coveñas pipeline, which carries about 20 percent of Colombia's oil production to Puerto Coveñas from the guerrilla-infested Arauca region in the eastern Andean foothills and Amazonian jungle.
In 1954, Secretary of the Air Force Harold E. Talbott sought out DeMille for help in designing the cadet uniforms at the newly established United States Air Force Academy.
* 1930 – Great Depression: US President Herbert Hoover goes before the United States Congress and asks for a US $ 150 million public works program to help generate jobs and stimulate the economy.
* 1942 – Year-round Daylight saving time is re-instated in the United States as a wartime measure to help conserve energy resources.
Funds from the multilateral lending institutions, which eventually would help fill the gap left by the reduction of United States aid, were still under negotiation in 1989 and would be conditioned first on payment of arrears on the country's enormous external debt.
The IAEA is raising money to help efforts by its Member States to save lives and to reduce suffering of cancer victims.
The Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications focuses on the use of non-power nuclear and isotope techniques to help IAEA Member States in the areas of water, energy, health, biodiversity, and agriculture.
The Crown had purchased land from the Mississaugas and other First Nations to given the Loyalists land grants in partial compensation for property lost in the United States, and to help them set up new communities.
In 1994 the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund ( IMF ), and the United States Environmental Protection Agency agreed to give Kazakhstan US $ 62 million to help the country overcome ecological problems.
Since the war, Kuwait, with the help of the United States and other allies, has made significant efforts to increase the size and modernity of their armed forces.
On June 10, 2000, Mihdhar left the United States and returned to Yemen to visit his wife, against the wishes of Mohammed who wanted him to remain in the United States to help Hazmi adapt.
Braun went to the United States at the beginning of World War I ( before the U. S. had entered the war ) to help defend the German wireless station at Sayville, New York, against attacks by the British-controlled Marconi Corporation.
The United States had a long history of intervening in Liberia's internal affairs, occasionally sending naval vessels to help the Americo-Liberian ( freed slave ) ruling minority put down insurrections by indigenous tribes ( in 1821, 1843, 1876, 1910, and 1915 ).
In the United States, the release of the National Assessment of Adult Literacy ( NAAL ) report in 2005 revealed that approximately 14 % of adults function at the lowest level of literacy ; 29 % of adults function at the basic functional literacy level and cannot help their children with homework beyond the first few grades.
The Marshall Plan ( officially the European Recovery Program, ERP ) was the American program to aid Europe where the United States gave monetary support to help rebuild European economies after the end of World War II in order to prevent the spread of Soviet communism.
The United States was already spending a great deal to help Europe recover.
Because of food rationing during the Second World War, people in the northeastern United States were encouraged to stretch their sugar rations by sweetening foods with maple syrup and maple sugar, and recipe books were printed to help housewives employ this alternative source.

help and decide
Depending on the nature of the case, non-judge experts ( doctors, appraisers, actuaries, and so on ) may be called by the court as conciliators to help decide the case.
Archibald Scott Couper in 1858 and Joseph Loschmidt in 1861 suggested possible structures that contained multiple double bonds or multiple rings, but the study of aromatic compounds was in its earliest years, and too little evidence was then available to help chemists decide on any particular structure.
Can Leibniz's Law help us decide whether it is S2 or S3 that is the same as the original Theseus?
Initially, it could help the managers decide on what type of business they want to form.
Sigurd tells the old man that he is going to choose a horse, and asks the old man to come with him to help him decide.
In this venue, members can decide amongst themselves with the help of peers if a scientific paper's ethical standards are met.
The use of advanced triage may become necessary when medical professionals decide that the medical resources available are not sufficient to treat all the people who need help.
The show also features judges who act as counselors, mediators and sometimes mentors to help contestants develop their skills further or perhaps decide their future position in the competition.
Each year they review federal agency budget requests and help decide what resource requests will be sent to Congress as part of the president ’ s budget.
Pentito ( Italian: " he who has repented ", pluralised pentiti ) designates people in Italy who, formerly part of criminal or terrorist organizations, following their arrests decide to " repent " and collaborate with the judicial system to help investigations.
The Arverni and Sequani decide to get help in their struggle from German mercenaries from across the Rhine, led by a king named Ariovistus.
The rest of the crew members decide not to sign on for another voyage on the Glencairn and go ashore, determined to help Ole return to his family in Sweden who he has not seen in ten years.
The solutions given by the two lists may be different, in which case the solver must decide at the outset which list they are going to follow, or the solutions may be identical, in which case the straight clues offer additional help for a solver having difficulty with the cryptic clues.
They decide to keep her temporarily and use her to help pull off one of their fixed races, naming her the owner of the horse to be used in the race.
The MPAA rating system is one of various motion picture rating systems used to help parents decide what films are appropriate for their children.
In response to the threat, the Roman Senate decide to send an army to help the allied city, under the command of consul Lucius Cornelius Maluginensis.
Enlil and Suen don ’ t reply but Ea and Shamash decide to help.
As the demand grows, they decide to start buying the drugs directly from Mexico with the help of a few minor Mexican drug lords.
Back at the hospital, Evelyn helps tend to the dozens of wounded who come in and must help decide who can and cannot be saved.
In a bid to help Debbie, her cheerleader friends Lisa ( Georgette Sanders ), Roberta ( Misty Winter ), Tammy ( Arcadia Lake ), Pat ( Kasey Rodgers ), and Annie ( Jenny Cole ) decide to accompany her to Texas.
Only after a request by the Governor of Motavia does he finally decide to help.
He was chosen as archbishop without consultation from the bishops, who normally claimed the right to help decide the new archbishop.
Spike cares for her, and the couple decide to travel to the Hellmouth in hopes that its energy will help to restore Drusilla's strength and health.
Ultimately, the foster family who planned to adopt Lucy decide to return her to Sam, with an arrangement that Randy will help him raise her.
Many psychologists do some level of assessment when providing services to clients or patients, and may use for example, simple checklists to osis for treatment settings ; to assess a particular area of functioning or disability often for school settings ; to help select type of treatment or to assess treatment outcomes ; to help courts decide issues such as child custody or competency to stand trial ; or to help assess job applicants or employees and provide career development counseling or training.

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