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inquiry and who
But to return to the main line of our inquiry, it is doubtful that Utopia is still widely read because More was medieval or even because he was a martyr -- indeed, it is likely that these days many who read Utopia with interest do not even know that its author was a martyr.
But when a board of inquiry was called to look into the charges of cowardice made against him, the men who had seen Reno leave the battlefield and the officer who had heard Reno suggest that the wounded be left to be tortured by the Sioux, refused to say a harsh word against him.
Jacob Klein was one student of Husserl who pursued this line of inquiry, seeking to " desedimentize " mathematics and the mathematical sciences.
This much had already been confirmed by former cabinet secretary Lord Hunt, who concluded in a secret inquiry conducted in 1996 that " there is absolutely no doubt at all that a few, a very few, malcontents in MI5 ... a lot of them like Peter Wright who were rightwing, malicious and had serious personal grudges – gave vent to these and spread damaging malicious stories about that Labour government.
It is meant to be an extraordinary, rarely used power to ensure that those who should be brought to trial are in a timely manner or where an error of judgment is seen to have been made in the preliminary inquiry.
It has been said, however, that the influence he exerted on those who attended his lectures was not beneficial in this respect, that his opinions were delivered so dogmatically, and all who differed from him were disparaged and denounced so contemptuously, as to repress instead of stimulating inquiry.
The validity of the dating methodology has subsequently been called into question, and the age of the shroud is still the subject of much debate despite the existence of a 1389 Memorandum by Bishop Pierre D ' Arcis to the Avignon Antipope Clement VII mentioning that the image had previously been denounced by his predecessor Henri de Poitiers ( Bishop of Troyes 1353-1370 ), stating " Eventually, after diligent inquiry and examination, he discovered how the said cloth had been cunningly painted, the truth being attested by the artist who had painted it, to wit, that it was a work of human skill and not miraculously wrought or bestowed.
Metaphysics as a discipline was a central part of academic inquiry and scholarly education even before the age of Aristotle, who considered it " the Queen of Sciences.
They are the result of a life of inquiry & reflection, and very different from that anti-Christian system imputed to me by those who know nothing of my opinions.
An inquiry after the disaster revealed that Arthur Jell, who oversaw the construction, neglected basic safety tests, such as filling the tank with water to check for leaks.
* Provides information to, or testifies before, any public body conducting an investigation, hearing or inquiry into any violation of law, or a rule or regulation issued under the law by the employer or another employer, with whom there is a business relationship, or, in the case of an employee who is a licensed or certified health care professional, provides information to, or testifies before, any public body conducting an investigation, hearing or inquiry into quality of patient care ; or
Berengar of Tours ( c. 999 – January 6, 1088 ) was a French 11th century Christian theologian and Archdeacon of Angers, a scholar whose leadership of the cathedral school at Chartres set an example of intellectual inquiry through the revived tools of dialectic that was soon followed at cathedral schools of Laon and Paris, and who disputed with the Church leadership over the doctrine of transubstantiation in the Eucharist.
In a subsequent press release, Dembski asserted that the committee had given an " unqualified affirmation of my own work on intelligent design ", that its report " marks the triumph of intelligent design as a legitimate form of academic inquiry " and that " dogmatic opponents of design who demanded that the Center be shut down have met their Waterloo.
A per se violation requires no further inquiry into the practice's actual effect on the market or the intentions of those individuals who engaged in the practice.
Most shires were visited by a group of royal officers ( legati ), who held a public inquiry, probably in the great assembly known as the shire court, which was attended by representatives of every township as well as of the local lords.
To Busby and his select students the Anglican Church was a framework to support the spirit of inquiry into God's work, those who were able were destined by God to explore and study His creation, and the priesthood functioned as teachers to explain it to those who were less able.
A private investigator ( often abbreviated to PI and informally spelled private eye ), private detective or inquiry agent, is a person who can be hired by individuals or groups to undertake investigatory law services.
This was denied by the US State Department, who responded that " the Greek terrorist organization ' 17 November ' was responsible for both assassinations ", and asserted that Grivas's central piece of evidence had been a document (" Westmoreland Field Manual ") which the State department, as well as a Congressional inquiry had dismissed as a Soviet forgery.
They're the ones who called the inquiry.
In writing to George Devine, who directed the Old Vic production, Beckett suggests thatthe inquirer ( light ) begins to emerge as no less a victim of his inquiry than they and as needing to be free, within narrow limits, literally to act the part, i. e. to vary only slightly his speeds and intensities .” But the role of the light is even more ambiguous, for it has also been seen as “ a metaphor for our attention ( relentless, all-consuming, whimsical )” and a way of “ switching on and switching off speech exactly as a playwright does when he moves from one line of dialogue on his page to the next .” Neither of these analogies conflicts with the more popular views where the spotlight is believed by to represent God, or some other moral agent tasked with assessing, each character's case to be relieved from the binds of the urn by having them relive this relationship, which has ruined all their lives.

inquiry and was
Without further inquiry, Pike jumped to the conclusion that Robinson was guilty, and, following the honorable route that would eventually lead to the dueling ground, sent a message to Robinson through his friends, demanding that he either confirm or deny his complicity.
The 1952 demographic inquiry in Ruanda-Urundi was directed by V. Neesen, a member of the IRSAC staff, though the inquiry was carried out under the auspices of AIMO, which has continuing responsibility for demographic statistics in this territory.
After this initial chemotherapeutic compound proved effective, others pursued similar lines of inquiry, but it was not until in 1928 that Alexander Fleming observed antibiosis against bacteria by a fungus of the genus Penicillium.
His primary interest was in applying the methodology of science to realms of inner experience and the spiritual worlds ( Steiner's appreciation that the essence of science is its method of inquiry is unusual among esotericists ), and Steiner called anthroposophy Geisteswissenschaft ( lit.
This was part of Kant's critical program of determining limits to science and philosophical inquiry.
However, although this approach — the " shift ... from the quasi-historical or legendary materials ... to the folktale line of inquiry ," was seen as a step in the right direction, " The Bear's Son " tale was seen as too universal.
It was reserved for his biographer Karl Benrath to justify him, and to represent him as a fervent evangelist and at the same time as a speculative thinker with a passion for free inquiry, always learning and unlearning and arguing out difficult questions with himself in his dialogues, frequently without attaining to any absolute conviction.
Initially, ice on the wings was blamed, but a later inquiry declared that slush on the runway had made a safe take-off almost impossible.
The government was cleared of wrongdoing, while the BBC was strongly criticised by the subsequent inquiry, leading to the resignation of the BBC's chairman and director-general.
" It was also claimed that officials at the Navy board of inquiry stated that the planes " flew off to Mars.
Following a 12-year inquiry, Saville's report was made public on 15 June 2010, and contained findings of fault that could re-open the controversy, and potentially lead to criminal investigations for some soldiers involved in the killings.
A second commission of inquiry, chaired by Lord Saville, was established in January 1998 to re-examine Bloody Sunday.
Lord Saville declined to comment on the Widgery report and made the point that the Saville Inquiry was a judicial inquiry into Bloody Sunday, not the Widgery Tribunal.
Evidence given by Martin McGuinness, a senior member of Sinn Féin and now the deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, to the inquiry stated that he was second-in-command of the Derry City brigade of the Provisional IRA and was present at the march.
The inquiry was expected to report in late 2009 but was delayed until after the general election on 6 May 2010.

inquiry and replied
When asked why he had fired at his friend by a board of inquiry the officer replied that his target had " looked just like a rock ape " in the half light.
Doris Mircea ( Romanian spokeswoman in Brussels ) replied to this in November 2007 in a letter stating " no person was kept illegally as a prisoner within Romanian jails and no illegal transfer of detainees passed through Romanian territory " and that that was the official finding of a committee of inquiry set up by the government to investigate the accusations.

inquiry and
The major idea of cooperative inquiry is to “ research with ’ rather than on ’ people .” It emphasizes that all active participants are fully involved in research decisions as co-researchers.
The Section ’ s mission is to advance our understanding of consciousness, to bring scientific research on consciousness closer to other traditions of inquiry into the nature of mind, and to explore how this research can be used to improve the quality of life ’.
In his speech at the close of the British Wreck Commissioner's inquiry into the sinking of the RMS Titanic, the Attorney General called for more life saving devices at sea, including lifeboats, and regulations that would apply to the vessels of all countries ’ to enforce this request.
At that parliamentary inquiry ( 17 July 2008 ) the chairman of the House of Commons ’ Select Committee on Universities condemned the Agency as a toothless old dog ’ and declared that the British degree classification system had descended into farce .’ Alderman himself gave evidence to the Select Committee, whose report ( 2 August 2009 ) amounted to a strong endorsement of his views.
His 1986 ABC radio documentary series Nazis in Australia ’ prompted the Hawke government ’ s inquiry into war criminals and formation of Special Investigations Unit.

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