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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 203
from Brown Corpus
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my and knowledge
If I am to speak the whole truth about my knowledge of love, I will have to stop trying to emulate the transcendant nightingale.
Nothing in all the preceding years had had the power to bring me closer to a knowledge of profound sorrow than the breakup of camp, the packing away of my camp uniforms, the severing of ties with the six or ten people I had grown most to love in the world.
They depend on my supposedly expert knowledge of a trade of which they themselves know little.
`` I might point out that your inability to report to my office this morning when you were instructed to do so has not ah limited my knowledge of your activities as you may have hoped ''.
They will not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain, for the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.
:" It is my conviction that intentional phenomenology has for the first time made spirit as spirit the field of systematic scientific experience, thus effecting a total transformation of the task of knowledge.
The exact year is also unknown ( on the first page of Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, he stated: " I have no accurate knowledge of my age, never having seen any authentic record containing it.
My understanding and sympathies were enlarged, and many of my social, political, and economic views were modified as a consequence of increased knowledge.
Craig A Evans states that although some scholars had in the past supported the Slavonic Josephus, " to my knowledge no one today believes that they contain anything of value for Jesus research ".
When asked by conductor Karl Reinthaler to add additional sectarian text to his German Requiem, Brahms responded, " As far as the text is concerned, I confess that I would gladly omit even the word German and instead use Human ; also with my best knowledge and will I would dispense with passages like John 3: 16.
As Crowley writes, " Illustration: It is my Will to inform the World of certain facts within my knowledge.
Sanger would sometimes end the story by saying, " I threw my nursing bag in the corner and announced ... that I would never take another case until I had made it possible for working women in America to have the knowledge to control birth.
Resolving to seek no knowledge other than that of which could be found in myself or else in the great book of the world, I spent the rest of my youth traveling, visiting courts and armies, mixing with people of diverse temperaments and ranks, gathering various experiences, testing myself in the situations which fortune offered me, and at all times reflecting upon whatever came my way so as to derive some profit from it.
To use Steiner's own words, the " experience culminated in my standing in the spiritual presence of the Mystery of Golgotha in a most profound and solemn festival of knowledge.
Tycho later wrote that when he was around age two, his uncle, Danish nobleman Jørgen Thygesen Brahe, " without the knowledge of my parents took me away with him while I was in my earliest youth to become a scholar ".
The KKM 57 ( the Wankel rotary engine, Kreiskolbenmotor ) was constructed by NSU engineer Hanns Dieter Paschke in 1957 without the knowledge of Felix Wankel, who remarked " you have turned my race horse into a plow mare ".
Then the crowning blunder came at the end of the speech when the Willkie clubs, without my knowledge, piped in an appeal for funds to the tremendous radio audience.
In it he writes of Isis, describing her as: " a goddess exceptionally wise and a lover of wisdom, to whom, as her name at least seems to indicate, knowledge and understanding are in the highest degree appropriate ..." and that the statue of Athena ( Plutarch says " whom they believe to be Isis ") in Sais carried the inscription " I am all that has been, and is, and shall be, and my robe no mortal has yet uncovered.
and that by my teaching, I will impart a knowledge of this art to my own sons, and to my teacher's sons, and to disciples bound by an indenture and oath according to the medical laws, and no others.

my and Lincoln
Many of my friends at the time thought that I had received a well-deserved condemnation when Lincoln Steffens denounced me in a review of one of my books as a perfect example of the obsolete man who could understand and sympathize only with the dead past.
" In response to an inquiry about his presidential intentions, Lincoln said, " The taste is in my mouth a little.
Frederick Douglass once observed of Lincoln: " In his company, I was never reminded of my humble origin, or of my unpopular color ".
In his journal for November 6, 1860, he wrote: " At Town House, and cast my vote for Lincoln and the Republican candidates generally — the first vote I ever cast for a President and State officers.
The house he built for himself in Lincoln, Massachusetts, ( now known as Gropius House ) was influential in bringing International Modernism to the U. S. but Gropius disliked the term: " I made it a point to absorb into my own conception those features of the New England architectural tradition that I found still alive and adequate.
Abraham Lincoln, the Whig leader in Illinois, was a great admirer of Clay, saying he was " my ideal of a great man.
/ A little sun-kissed blonde is comin ' my way / Just beyond the Lincoln Highway / I'm goin ' strong now, it won't be long now / Open up that Golden Gate.
When Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas gave speeches in Greenville in 1858 during a campaign for the United States Senate, Douglas said: " Ladies and gentlemen it gives me great and supreme gratification and pleasure to see this vast concourse of people assembled to hear me upon this my first visit to Old Bond.
Abraham Lincoln kept a copy of Euclid in his saddlebag, and studied it late at night by lamplight ; he related that he said to himself, " You never can make a lawyer if you do not understand what demonstrate means ; and I left my situation in Springfield, went home to my father's house, and stayed there till I could give any proposition in the six books of Euclid at sight ".
Lincoln described Sumner as " my idea of a bishop ", and consulted him as an embodiment of the conscience of the American people.
When she demands an explanation, Seven answers " That, Miss Lincoln, is simply my cat.
Galt wrote that, despite Lincoln ’ s assurances, “ I cannot, however, divest my mind of the impression that the policy of the American Govt is so subject to popular impulses, that no assurance can be or ought to be relied on under present circumstances .” Lincoln ’ s annual message to Congress did not touch directly on the Trent affair but, relying on estimates from Secretary of War Simon Cameron that the U. S. could field a 3, 000, 000 man army, stated that he could “ show the world, that while engaged in quelling disturbances at home we are able to protect ourselves from abroad .”
President Abraham Lincoln then offered Tod the post of U. S. Secretary of the Treasury, telling an aide, " He is my friend, with a big head full of brains ... he made a good governor, and has made a fortune for himself ".
I answer emphatically, as Mr. Lincoln has heard me answer a hundred times from every stump in Illinois, that in my opinion the people of a Territory can, by lawful means, exclude slavery from their limits prior to the formation of a State constitution.
I hope Mr. Lincoln deems my answer satisfactory on that point .</ BLOCKQUOTE >
" I was afraid to lay down a lot of things in my life ," Lincoln said.
Lincoln differentiates between " my view of official duty " -- that is, what he can do in his official capacity as President -- and his personal views.
But you know my relations with Lincoln, and if you do that for me, I can assure you that within six months I shall be a Major-General and you shall have a Brigadier-General ’ s commission and a satisfactory command under me .” Baker wrote to Lincoln on June 11, asking that he be given a command that would “ not make him second to everybody .” His efforts paid off ; on July 31, Lincoln sent the Senate names of men he was recommending for appointments as brigadier generals.

my and remains
One year I simply set the plants in the remains of a compost pile, to which a little sand had been added, and I had the most beautiful pansies in my, or any of my neighbors' experience.
My heart was not in it, but, oddly enough, it remains the most financially successful picture of my career.
Williams later said that the moment " remains to this day the most thrilling hit of my life ".
In his first major speech after he had lost his seat in the 1918 general election, Asquith said: " That is the purpose and the spirit of Liberalism, as I learned it as a student in my young days, as I was taught it both by the precept and the example of the great Liberal statesman Mr Gladstone ... that remains the same today.
Medal honoring Mendelssohn. It was after the breakdown of his health that Mendelssohn decided to " dedicate the remains of my strength for the benefit of my children or a goodly portion of my nation "— which he did by trying to bring the Jews closer to " culture, from which my nation, alas!
I would walk and hitch and sail away from this dark city to the bright spaces of the wet west coast, and there throw myself into the tall, glittering seas beyond Iona ( with its cargo of mouldering kings ) to let the gulls and seals and tides have their way with my remains, and in my dying moments look forward to an encounter with Staffa ’ s six-sided columns and Fingal ’ s cave ; or I might head south to Corryvrecken, to be spun inside the whirlpool and listen with my waterlogged deaf ears to its mile-wide voice ringing over the wave-race ; or be borne north, to where the white sands sing and coral hides, pink-fingered and hard-soft, beneath the ocean swell, and the rampart cliffs climb thousand-foot above the seething acres of milky foam, rainbow-buttressed.
* The story has also been briefly alluded to in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, both when Benedick states that Leander was " never so truly turned over and over as my poor self in love " and in the name of the character Hero, who, despite accusations to the contrary, remains chaste before her marriage.
" And now ... my mission is ended and I deliver into your hands ... the remains of this great benefactor of the United States .”
Currently the two tallest buildings in the capital are the Building EME built in 1988, the building measured 64 metres to the top floor, with my 75 spiral with the antenna 98 metres, has 17 floors, with 10 levels of parking at the street for a capacity of 1500 cars, this building houses offices mixed, it remains Building Muniz Werger 58 metres up the top floor, with the spiral 65 meters, with the antenna 80 metres and 15 storeys, with 2 elevators ( elevators ) its construction began in 1991 and finished in 1993 is considered the most modern building in the city.
She wrote instructions for her funeral during an illness in 1841 at Sudbury Hall: " I die in all humility ", she wrote, " we are alike before the throne of God, and I request therefore that my mortal remains be conveyed to the grave without pomp or state … to have as private and quiet a funeral as possible.
Nod becomes not a certain land but a state of self-forgiveness (" It only remains for me to leave, a ridiculous ' sorry ' on my lips.
Though the fat knight still remains " my old lad of the Castle ," the stage character has nothing to do with the Lollard leader.
Film critic Mark Kermode has written that the Phoenix Cinema " remains the single most significant cinema in my development as a bona fide cinema obsessive.
He remains a constant source of knowledge and inspiration in my life.
You should rather have borne the care that I should have the least possible anxiety in old age, that whatever you did you thought it sinful to do anything of major importance against my views, especially since so little of my life remains.
Soane wrote home ' my attention is entirely taken up in the seeing and examining the numerous and inestimable remains of Antiquity ...'.
: Your letter of yesterday is received & I hasten to answer as fully as I can -- Joseph Smith Jr first come to my notice in the year 1824 in the summer of that year I contracted with his father to build a fence on my property in the corse of that work I approach Joseph & ask how it is in a half day you put up what requires your father & 2 brothers a full day working together he says I have not been with out assistance but can not say more only you better find out the next day I take the older Smith by the arm & he says Joseph can see any thing he wishes by looking at a stone Joseph often sees Spirits here with great kettles of coin money it was Spirits who brought up rock because Joseph made no attempt on their money I latter dream I converse with spirits which let me count their money when I awake I have in my hand a dollar coin which I take for a sign Joseph describes what I seen in every particular says he the spirits are grieved so I through back the dollar in the fall of the year 1827 I hear Joseph found a gold bible I take Joseph aside & he says it is true I found it 4 years ago with my stone but only just got it because of the enchantment the old spirit come to me 3 times in the same dream & says dig up the gold but when I take it up the next morning the spirit transfigured himself from a white salamander in the bottom of the hole & struck me 3 times & held the treasure & would not let me have it because I lay it down to cover over the hole when the spirit says do not lay it down Joseph says when can I have it the spirit says one year from to day if you obay me look to the stone after a few days he looks the spirit says bring your brother Alvin Joseph says he is dead shall I bring what remains but the spirit is gone Joseph goes to get the gold bible but the spirit says you did not bring your brother you can not have it look to the stone Joseph looks but can not see who to bring the spirit says I tricked you again look to the stone Joseph looks & sees his wife on the 22d day of Sept 1827 they get the gold bible -- I give Joseph $ 50 to move him down to Pa Joseph says when you visit me I will give you a sign he gives me some hiroglyphics I take then to Utica Albany & New York in the last place Dr Mitchel gives me an introduction to Professor Anthon says he they are short hand Egyption the same what was used in ancient times bring me the old book & I will translate says I it is made of precious gold & is sealed from view says he I can not read a sealed book -- Joseph found some giant silver specticles with the plates he puts them in an old hat & in the darkness reads the words & in this way it is all translated & written down -- about the middle of June 1829 Joseph takes me together with Oliver Cowdery & David Whitmer to have a view of the plates our names are appended to the book of Mormon which I had printed with my own money -- space and time both prevent me from writing more at present if there is any thing further you wish to inquire I shall attend to it

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