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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 175
from Brown Corpus
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raise and out
How in the world had he formerly found time to build up a business, raise a family, be on half a dozen boards, work actively on committees and either go out in the evening or plow through the contents of a bulging brief case??
For expository purposes, this is best treated as a model which spells out the conditions under which an important industry affected with the public interest would find it profitable to raise wages even in the absence of union pressures for higher wages.
If you want to raise feed or carry out some enterprise on a larger scale, you'll need more land.
The seal of Christian Science is a cross and crown with the words, " Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons ," and is a registered trademark of the church.
Etymologically, the word " education " is derived from the Latin ēducātiō (“ A breeding, a bringing up, a rearing ") from ēdūcō (“ I educate, I train ”) which is related to the homonym ēdūcō (“ I lead forth, I take out ; I raise up, I erect ”) from ē-(“ from, out of ”) and dūcō (“ I lead, I conduct ”).
Montgomery, likely not wanting the troublemaker in his camp, again sent him out, this time to raise a regiment of French-speaking Canadiens.
Therefore, earthquakes lower the Earth's available elastic potential energy and raise its temperature, though these changes are negligible compared to the conductive and convective flow of heat out from the Earth's deep interior.
As a hydrofoil-equipped watercraft increases in speed, the hydrofoil elements below the hull ( s ) develop enough lift to raise the hull up and out of the water.
It turned out to be Dixit's last movie as she took a sabbatical from films in order to raise her children.
Police officers initially had to operate out of the ruin, until the Nevis Island Administration managed to raise the resources to re-house the police.
For instance, when a player has a small pocket pair he may raise a large amount simply to knock out other players because typically a small pocket pair is about 50 – 60 % likely to win an all-in pot in a heads up situation, but less likely when facing multiple opponents.
Quilting can make a project thick, or with dense quilting, can raise one area so that another stands out.
After each shot, a user was advised to raise his revolver vertically while cocking back the hammer so as to allow the fragments of the spent percussion cap to fall out safely.
After firing a shot, the user would raise his pistol vertically as he cocked the hammer back so as to let the fragments of the percussion cap fall out and not jam the mechanism.
Diagnosed with bone cancer which resulted in the amputation of his leg, the 18-year-old kinesiology major set out to cross Canada on a grueling run called the Marathon of Hope to raise funding and awareness about cancer.
Stephen was also rapidly running out of money: Henry's considerable treasury had been emptied by 1138 due to the costs of running Stephen's more lavish court, and the need to raise and maintain his mercenary armies fighting in England and Normandy.
As those who can move, do so, the responders then ask, " anyone who still needs assistance, yell out or raise your hands "; this further identifies patients who are responsive, yet maybe unable to move.
Religion and God being used as a self-motivating factor for people to believe in and raise themselves out of difficult situations.
He was one of four who lit the cauldron at BC Place Stadium during the opening ceremony ( although one was unable to due to technical difficulties with one of the cauldron's " arms " which failed to raise ) and then jogged out of the stadium, where he was then driven by police escorts through the streets of downtown Vancouver to light a second, outdoor cauldron near the Vancouver Convention Centre located in the city's downtown waterfront district.
When a backers ' audition failed to raise any money for West Side Story late in the spring of 1957, only two months before the show was to begin rehearsals, producer Cheryl Crawford pulled out of the project.
Before major construction could begin Judah traveled back to New York City to raise funds to buy out The Big Four.
Hot flashes can be so strong that they raise the body temperature multiple degrees in a very short period of time ; this extreme temperature differential can cause the sufferer to feel weak and break out in heavy sweating.
The husbandman was bound to carry out proper cultivation, raise an average crop, and leave the field in good tilth.

raise and personal
Among measures in anticipation of crisis are plans to inject into the turmoil as assistants of key decision makers qualified persons who are cognizant of the corrosive effect of crisis upon personal relationships and are also able to raise calm and realistic voices when overburdened leaders near the limit of self-control.
Assessors in Rhode Island are charged not only with placing a valuation upon real and personal property, but they also have the responsibility to raise by a tax `` a sum not less than nor more than '' a specified amount as ordered by a city council or financial town meeting.
Henson attempted to purchase his freedom for $ 450, but after selling his personal assets to raise $ 350 and signing a promissory note for the remainder Henson's owner raised the price to $ 1000 ; Henson was unable to prove that the original agreement had been for a lesser amount.
Howerd's home, Wavering Down, is a tourist attraction and, in the summer, hosts concerts and opens regularly as a museum of Howerd's collection of memorabilia and personal effects such as his false teeth and ill-fitting toupee to raise funds for charities.
The French prisoners, whose main pastime was gambling, were accused by the British government of selling their clothes and few personal possessions to raise money for further gambling.
Explaining why he wanted to raise money for research, Fox described his personal experience of cancer treatment:
She also put in numerous personal appearances to hospitals, threw parties, performed at United Service Organizations ( USO ) shows and war bond rallies, to raise funds to support the war, on behalf of the Victory Committee.
Their king was a personal friend of Tostig, and Tostig's unpopularity made it difficult to raise local levies to combat them.
The industrialist helped found a businessman's fundraising club to raise money for Garfield's personal expenses in the campaign.
These organizations act as a support system for many neoconservative beliefs and help members of the movement draft policy papers, raise money and media attention, and lobby policymakers in order to protect their own political and personal agendas.
Additionally, the timing of Franco's announcement of the decision to create the monument suggests one side is being commemorated more than the other: on 1 April 1940, the day of the victory parade to celebrate the first anniversary of his triumph over the Republic, Franco announced his personal decision to raise a splendid monument to those who had fallen in his cause.
While he faced much opposition and personal difficulties, Ghaffar Khan worked tirelessly to organize and raise the consciousness of his fellow Pushtuns.
* Opportunities to build new skills that raise each child ’ s belief that he or she can succeed and receive recognition for personal accomplishments.
Pius IX took a personal interest in the case ( Kertzer confirms that the pope helped raise Edgardo ), and all appeals to the Church were rebuffed.
To ease the growing budget deficit due to falling tax revenues from cuts in corporate and personal income taxes and other factors such as the Iraq War and SARS outbreak, Lee proposed on 29 August 2003 to raise the GST from three percent to five percent, a change which took place in January 2004.
Part of the funds were in the form of " tax transfers " whereby " the federal government agreed with provincial and territorial governments to reduce its personal and corporate income tax rates, thus allowing them to raise their tax rates by the same amount.
However, he played a leading role in fashioning " a radically new tax code that will raise business taxes by some $ 120 billion over five years — and lower personal income taxes by roughly the same amount.
In order to raise funds the ' Act for the sale of the personal estate of the King, Queen and Prince ' was promulgated and trustees were appointed to value the jewels and sell them to the highest bidder.
House Republicans have told Chocola that he must fend for himself, given his personal wealth and his ability to raise large amounts of money ".
Keating ran in the London Marathon on 13 April 2008 to raise money for Cancer Research, with a personal best time of 3hr 59min.
During the personal rule of the English King Charles I ( 1629 – 1640 ), one of the ways in which he attempted to raise money was through the granting of patents.
The legend goes in the Mayan Region of the Yucatán Peninsula that the kings and Caciques used to raise Pacas for their personal use, and if a servant ate one they would be punished harshly.
Soon after Hart met Lawrence at a rehearsal for a revue designed to raise funds for British War Relief, and he offered her the role of Liza Elliott, a magazine editor undergoing psychoanalysis to better understand why both her professional and personal lives are filled with indecision.
a NIR raise substantial data protection and personal privacy concerns.

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